Leek Auctions
A small entry for our first sale of Breeding Pigs at Leek Marker with the number of potential buyers exceeding the number of pigs from almost 10 fold, ensuring an excellent trade throughout.

Strong entries in most sections today at Leek, with a over 1040 head of sheep forward and 382 cattle..

A similar entry and a full complement of buyers resulting in a firm trade throughout comparing well with other centres.

A busy market with 98 dairy cattle on offer continuing to be a firm trade, with a decent number of buyers around the ring, seeing a top price of £2170 for a Black and White heifer from S Johnson of Longnor, with a Brown Swiss x heifer from James Bunting of Pikehall at £2020.

A busy market with the Monthly Pedigree Dairy sale seeing a good company of buyers with top prices of £2280 for a heifer from W Bunting & Co with the very best above the £2000 mark.


Tuesday 28th November
Dispersal of the entire
Autumn Calving Herd.
Cubicles & Herringbone
Averaging 23kg
On behalf of
D C Fletcher & Co
(T/AGrasslands Farming Ltd)
Polpars Farm, Much Wenlock,


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Tuesday Livestock Market:

  • Calves - 10:00 am
  • Barren cows - 10:00 am
  • Followed by Clean Cattle - 10:30 am approx
  • Dairies - 11:00 am
  • Sheep - 11:00 am