Leek Auctions

Store Sheep Reports

A very pleasing entry for the time of the year of 4,857 store and breeding sheep on offer with another good company of buyers in attendance ensuring a firm trade for all types of store lambs and breeding sheep.

A total entry of 7,387 store and breeding sheep were on offer, with, an anticipated a high proportion of longer term lambs, which reduced the overall average to £54.73. Stronger lambs were a firm trade throughout.

A record entry of store and breeding sheep were presented for sale at Leek Auctions, with 9,410 animals being on offer, with a good firm trade throughout for all sections.

Another excellent entry of store and breeding sheep was on offer, with 8,307 being presented for sale.

8,133 Store and breeding sheep were presented for sale with new buyers in attendance and the trade for store lambs being firmer by approximately £2 per head than two weeks ago, with long term lambs being particularly well sought after.

Tues 23rd January
Dispersal of

On behalf of
Mr G Fletcher,
Spring Hill Farm,
Homebred Herd
Comprising 69 Cows
& Heifers In-milk
& In-calf, 22 In-calf &
Served Heifers & 35 Youngstock


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