Breeding Sheep Sale Report Saturday 6th February

A total entry of 1,848 store lambs and breeding sheep were on offer with the majority being store lambs which were again a very firm trade, producing a top price of £123 per head and a superb average of £88.73 overall including a large number of small and ‘end of the run’ lambs.
Store Lambs
The top price of £123 was paid for a pen of Charollais lambs from John Haigh of Hatton with other Charollais lambs up to £110 from Stephen Pye of Swythamley and £109 from John Goldstraw of Waterhouses.
Beltex lambs from Marcus Jones of Rudyard sold up to £108 and £102, Texel mixed lambs from Morson Brothers of Hartington topped at £120 with other Texels from Joe Gibbs of Hartington at £114, Andrew Henshaw also £114, Sam Galtrey of Matlock £113, H Salt & Son of Grindon at £110 and P & R Griffin of Butterton £109. Other pens of Texels above £100 per head.
Mule wether lambs from A & WA Sadler & Sons up to £106, and £90 being paid for a pen from Clive Grindey of Adlington. Suffolk mixed lambs sold up to £121 from J L & N T Walker of Matlock with other Suffolks at £114 from H Wainwright of Pott Shrigley, £107 from A Keeling of Tamworth. Continental mixed lambs from Jane Bonsall of Atlow sold at £119, £117 and £113.
Oxford mixed lambs from J Simpson & Sons of Grindon were well sold at £98 with Zwartbles up to £105 for a pen from J Haigh of Hatton with Lonk at £90 from Miss C L Henshaw of Fairfield and Masham wethers up to £85 from SP & DR Dawson of High Peak. Woodland ram lambs from George Belfield of Wildboarclough sold up to £102 with Lleyn mixed lambs from Clive Grindey of Adlington at £80. Blue Faced Leicester wethers from the same vendor at £85 and Herdwicks up to £70 from A Keeling of Tamworth.
Breeding Ewes and Lambs
Ewe lambs sold up to £116, Blue Faced Leicester ewe lambs from W Allen of Butterton at £116 and others at £110 and £88. Mule ewe lambs from Stuart Frith sold at £100 with Texels at £91 to produce an average for ewe lambs of £83.47.
Shearling ewes were in short supply with a top price of £210 for a pair of Cheviots from Clive Hidderley of Ipstones being in lamb, with Alan Belfield of Ipstones receiving £174 for another pair of shearling and a single Texel shearling from M Spencer at £142.
Breeding and grazing ewes topped at £150 for a pen of 4 and 6 tooth ewes, being scanned in lamb from Alan Belfield with another pen of Texel x ewes of mixed ages again scanned in lamb selling for £144 from the same vendor. Mule ewes being full and broken mouth from D Gosling of Parwich all scanned in lamb to the Texel exchanged hands at £132.
Thank you to all our customers & staff for your continued support over the season, and we wish to see you again later in the year!

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