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Over recent years Leek has become established as a recognised store & breeding sheep centre with sheep farmers supporting the sales from an increasingly wide area and buyers commenting on the good quality of store lambs on offer, being drawn from the Peak District and surrounding area.

Buyers attend from an extensive area including Shropshire, Wales and the Midlands, looking for both short and medium term store lambs.

During the 2020 season, 58,707 store lambs and breeding sheep exchanged hands through the live auction ring. The Sales which run on a fortnightly basis commence in early September and continue through the autumn and early winter period. Store Lambs and Breeding Sheep are sold through separate rings.

There are two dedicated Breeding Rams sales which are held in September and October. We also hold Fortnightly Sales of Ewes with Lambs at Foot through Spring, with usual entries of 100 – 200 outfits forward.

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