Goat Sale Report 8th October

Goats to £480!!!
Goats in demand today for all types. 55 head of goat sold today, More Goats Required!!

Top prices today for Pygmy Goats with Nannies to £360 and £210. A Nanny kid to £480.

Billy’s topped at £145 for a breeding Boer Billy from A Skinner, Matlock, with another Billy from the same home to £120. R Crtichlow, Flash had a Boer breeding Billy to £110 with younger Breeding Billy’s to £82 and £58.

Breeding Nannies were met with good demand, top price £115 for 3 Boer nannies from A skinner, Matlock who had others to £115 for a Red Boer nanny, £100 for 5 Boer nannies and £90 for 4 Shearling Boer Nannies.

Nannies with kids at foot to £200 for a Boer Nanny with a wether Texel Lamb and Nanny Kid at Foot from R Crtichlow, Flagg, who had other families to £190 and £160.

Anglo-Nubian Nanny kids to £50 for D Kinson, with others to £38 for B Robinson, Swythamley.

The Goat sale is
Entries invited for advertising purposes
Please contact Ed Groves – 07964510145

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