Market Report Tuesday 10th October

Maybe the
last summer’s day of the year in Leek today seeing plenty of buyers around the

1025 Lambs entered, seeing a solid trade with well-bred sorts attracting strong bidding. Best big Lambs grossing £148/head.

Slightly less pigs around compared to last week with 117 on offer and trade a little sharper overall.

176 Calves on offer with trade outstanding for the best sorts and lots of smaller Calves looking well sold with four over the £430 mark.

A similar entry of Barren Cows to last week with more entries needed to meet demand.


Note to Vendors: All Cattle consigned to the Market must have two Eartags.



Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A decent trade comparing well with the national trends.

Top price was 210p/kg for a 41month old Hereford Heifer which weighed 745kg from Albert Chaddock with a 630kg British Blue achieving 177p/kg for John Barber and a 655kg Limousin for Geoff Nutter selling for 173p/kg.

Other top prices included:
665kg Hereford to 167p/kg       AE & K Simpson

605kg British Blue to 166p/kg   H G Nutter

790kg Holstein to 163p/kg        WE Turnock & Sons

Top headage price was £1564.50 for the Hereford from Albert Chaddock, £1287.70 for WE Turnock & Sons and £1256 for an 800kg Ayrshire from W wood & Son.

Overall average 142.65p/kg.


A disappointing entry with plenty of buyers, a 530kg Holstein Heifer was well sold at 178p/kg.


PIGS (117);

Selling time – 9:15am

Auctioneer –Ed Groves (07964 510145)

Less pigs on offer but overall quality better on the day with trade a touch sharper than last week. Fats topped at 235p, and sows topped at 105p. Averages look very healthy.

Only one porker on offer made 217p from J&B Fentem.

Cutters topped at 229p from J&B Fentem, who had others to 227 x2, 226, 225. S Bailey had a pig to 228p. J Davenport had pigs to 226p.

Bacon pigs topped at 235p from Welsh vendor GH Davies, who had others to 230p. PF+PD Parsons had pigs to 231p and 229p, Massie Farms had pigs to 228, 227×2, 226×2.

Heavies topped at 200p from R Rowlinson. H Kelsall saw 153p for 118kg pig and GH Davies saw 148p for 178kg gilt.

Sows topped at 105p from J&B Fentem. R Rowlinson had a sow to 696p and S Bailey to 93p.

Porkers (1);                  av 217.00p/kg or £136.58/head

Cutting Pigs (36);         av 218.87p/kg or £166.28/head

Bacon Pigs (64);           av 121.64p/kg or £181.47/head

Heavies (8);                 av.161.75p/kg or £174.28/head

Sow(6);                        av.  82.18p/kg or £190.47/head



Selling time 11:00am

Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)

LAMBS (1025).

Another good entry, selling on a solid trade. A lot more lightweight store Lambs in the entry, and whilst well bred sorts attracted good bidding, poorer sorts were proving harder to sell and inputting on the average.

Heavier Lambs by contrast better to sell and 45kg plus averaging 260p/kg.

Best sorts selling to 303p from Tony Gilman of Elkstones and better types generally 270p, with plenty at 280p and better.

Best big Lambs grossing £148/head.

More meated Lambs wanted each week for regular orders!

Sample prices:

282p    35.7kg AJ Gilman, Elkstones

271p    38.5kg TJ Storer, Longnor

282p    39.5kg GT Worsley & Son, Chapel

278p    41kg    JM & ADJ Hayes, Alstonefield

286p    42.7kg G & A Peach, Ashbourne

280p    44kg    TJ Storer, Longnor

288p    45.6kg EA Sessions & Sons, Dalbury Lees

286p    46.7kg S & J Reeves, Edale

303p    48.5kg AJ Gilman, Elkstones

297p    48.5kg EA Sessions & Sons, Dalbury Lees

283p    51.2kg D Edgecox, Onecote

253p    54.5kg J Gilman & Partners, Bosley

249p    59kg    C Somerville, Ashbourne



A solid entry sold on a similar trade with best Texels to £164 from Philip Richardson of Ilam.

Mules generally £77-£95 for better sorts. Best Suffolks to £140.

Overall average at £83/head which reflected the higher proportion of Hill bred ewes in the entry.


CALVES (176);

Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)

A bigger turnout of Calves this week with a couple of block calving herds with entries to bolster the numbers. Trade outstanding for the best with lots of smaller calves also looking well sold.


The best looked electric with four over £430, all Blues, with Andy Williamson at £485; Andrew Cotton at £450; and Andrew Hulme & Nigel Moss at £430, ten
more made £300 – £390. Medium Bulls generally £220-£270 look a good buy with younger or plainer bred Calves under £200.

34 Blues av £251 to £485          RG & AS Williamson

4 Sims av £256 to £335             F & R Brassington

6 Lim av £209 to £350              WH Townsend & Son


Just twelve Heifers sold over £200 with Brian Goodwin at the head at £260 for his Blue. Medium Heifers £120-£185 with smaller sorts £90-£120.

27 Blues av £136 to £260          NE Goodwin & Son

3 Sim av £198 to £240              F & R Brassington

12 Lim av £152 to £250            NE Goodwin & Son


Two big runs of Arla Calves but all sold at appropriate prices.

2 Here Bulls £135 to £136         Foker Grange Farm

27 Angus Bulls av £86 to £200  D & J Moseley

6 Here Heifers av £70 to £140  D & J Moseley

26 Angus Heifers av £49 to £92 Woodward Partners


Generally £30-£50 today but a few ARLA Calves sold less than £10.



If your farm holding is in an Edge or Low Rish Area then cattle purchased onto that holding from a high-risk area (as mapped at must be Post-Movement Tested. I.e. Cattle must be Post-Movement tested 60 to 120 days after purchase on your holding. If your farm is in a High Risk Area then you don’t need to post movement test. For more details, please speak to our Market Office

Customers selling Livestock at Leek Auctions must have fully completed movement forms which declare what TB-test interval takes place in your parish so that we can pass this information onto the purchasers.



Store & Breeding Cattle Sale

Closing Date for Entries Friday 13th October



Store & Breeding Cattle Sale

Closing Date for Entries Friday 27th October



Store & Breeding Cattle Sale

Closing Date for Entries Friday 10th November


Veterinary Attestation Rule for farmers to be introduced on 13th December 2023

If you are Red Tractor Farm Assured, you do not need to complete the veterinary declaration. However, if you are not Red Tractor Farn Assured you need to contact your vet to obtain a signed declaration that you have received a vet’s visit to your farm within the last 12 months.

One way to achieve this is to enrol on the Government’s Animal Health & Welfare Pathway Scheme which provides funding for a vet’s visit to your farm.

Alternatively, your vet may be prepared to sign a declaration when attending the farm to do TB tests.

If you have any questions, please speak to our Market Office who will be pleased to help.

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