Market Report Tuesday 18th June

It was good to have a little bit of long overdue summer weather in Leek today.

The pig trade moved up a gear to see fats at 219p/kg and 104p for sows.

Another firm trade in the Barren shed, seeing a top price of 189p/kg and a top headage price of £1436.50

The pedigree dairy sale saw a top price of £2620 and a pedigree Limousin bull topped at £2180, commercial entries saw a smart heifer topping at £2100

A British Blue bull topped the calf section at £400 with a British Blue heifer topping at £350

Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
A good firm trade again with plenty of competition.
Top price was 189p/kg for a 660kg Shorthorn from Rushton Spencer and 185p/kg for a 755kg Holstein for WE Turnock & Son. The same price of 185p/kg was paid for a 685kg Montbeliarde cow for John Harvey & Family of Waterfall.
A 765kg Holstein from JC & D Hudson achieved 179p/kg and a 665kg Shorthorn from Rushton Spencer sold for 178p/kg.
Top headage price of the day was £1436.50 for an 850kg cow from SJ Hooley with others at £1396.75 and £1369.35.
A 31-month-old Aberdeen Angus steer from Roston Farms at 580kg was well sold at 195p/kg.

A small entry with plenty of buyers around the ring, seeing a 630kg Shorthorn Steer achieving 215p/kg to gross at £1354.50 from Roston Farms Ltd and a 565kg Aberdeen Angus heifer from Messrs Jeffrey achieving 212p/kg.
A 625kg Shorthorn steer from Roston Farms sold to 200p/kg.

PIGS (92);
Selling time – 9:15am
Auctioneer – Ed Groves (07964 510145)
A few less pigs about than last week, trade moved up a gear in general with better pigs on offer top price for fats 219p and 104p for sows.

Porkers topped at 219p from S L Seabridge, Sandon and 196p for others from the same home. PF+PD Parsons saw 196p.

Cutting pigs topped at 215p for PF+PD Parsons who had others to 212p. Ben Vernon saw nice Peitrain boars to 212p. J&B Fentem to 209p & 203p.

Bacon Pigs topped at 211p from J&B Minshull, B Vernon saw 210p for another Peitrain boar. J&B Fentem to 208p and Massie Farms to 208p, 206px2 205p.

Heavies topped at 130p for a 142kg gilt from J&B Fentem. J&B Minshull saw 92p for an Iron Age boar.

Sows topped at 104p from Sam Harper who had another to 92p. R Rowlinson saw 72p.

Pig Averages:
Pork Pigs (7) av 205.17p/kg or £142.16/head
Cutting Pigs (19) av 200.77/kg or £166.74/head
Bacon Pigs (50) av 196.82/kg or £181.86/head
Heavy Pigs (12) av 111p/kg or £122.44/head
Sows (4) av 75.78p/kg or £144.74/head

Selling time – 11:30am
Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)
A small entry but a very good trade with all vendors well rewarded for their efforts.
Huddale Gander Amy topped the day at £2620 for John and Andrew Goldstraw of Waterhouses with a dam at 11,800kg, she sold fresh giving 34kg to the Holdcroft Family at Sandbach.
A feature of the sale was the milky cows from the Mellor Family at Braemar House with three cows topping their yields at 50kg to average an impressive £2046.
Power and scale with strong yields were a feature of the day with nearly 55%of the entry £1800 or above and well over a third of the total cattle entered £2000 or above.
A special; entry of in-calf heifers from Lymm vendor Mr Kieth Mather topped twice at £1810 for Summer calvers in-calf to sexed semen.
A really well grown warranted heifer calf from Dilhorne vendor Dave Clowes sold well at £250 at 27 days old.
In the pedigree section, stock bull trade was fast. Steven Wells topped the day at £2180 for his well-shaped pedigree Limousin, born December 2022 and a March 2022 pedigree Aberdeen Angus sold well at £1680.
Yet again, the commercial vendors exhibited some smart heifers with this section topping for £2100 for John and George Platts of Bamford. A Friesian type red & white heifer from Bill Waters sold well at £1800.

Selling time 11:00am
Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)
A reduced entry sold on a very firm trade, much firmer than expected, particularly given that some buyers were missing due to the festival.
Best lambs to 458p/kg and plenty of good shaped lambs at 410-440p/kg. A higher proportion of inside lambs forward, selling at lower levels but still looking well sold.
Overall average, a very pleasing 395p/kg.

Sample prices:
425p 38.8kg IE M & A Wilson, Hollington
410p 39kg ID & TJ Gregory, Peak Forest
429p 41kg ID & TJ Gregory, Peak Forest
434p 45kg D Williams, Basford
432p 46kg D Williams, Basford
458p 48kg D Williams, Basford
436p 50kg ID & TJ Gregory, Peak Forest

97 Hoggs forward, selling to 330p for the best or £194.70/head but a lot of tail enders and oddments trading at cull ewe prices.

A much smaller entry as expected given the festival. Best ewes topped at £180 for texels from GW Myatt.
Mules generally £100-120, with leaner types £70-£90, overall, a mixed entry of ewes met with a good trade.
Overall average £105.81/head

Tups topped at £162 from the Walkers of Meerbrook.
Overall average £121.75

A small entry of ewes with lambs at foot topped at £345 for a texel X ewe with 2 lambs. Overall average £104/life.

CALVES (117)
Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)
Similar numbers and trade with the smaller calves looking particularly well sold today.
The best, good to sell although there are less of them this week but the smaller they are the dearer they look. Best British Blues topped at £400 for Messrs Cotton, Tean. Five best over £350, mediums £300-£350 with smaller sorts under £300.
22 Blues av £304 to £400 FA & TM Cotton
3 Sims av £273 to £310 H&E Bailey & Prtns
4 Lims av £287 to £330 RG&AS Williamson
1 Pied to £292 FA & TM Cotton
Buyers for all but not enough to go round. Four best over £280 to a high of £350 for JR Johnson & Sons, Ipstones, mediums £220-£260 with smalls under £200.
13 Blues av £231 to £350 JR Johnson & Sons
1 Sim to £200 RG&AS Williamson
3 Lims av £246 to £260 K Goldstraw
Very dear with heifers looking best sold.
9 Her Bulls av £123 to £195 R Wain & Sons
14 AA Bulls av £165 to £280 KW Twemlow & Co
5 Her Heif av £161 to £205 R Wain & Sons
10 AA Heif av £120 to £222 R Wilkinson & Son
1 L/H Heif to £180 DI Ball
Friesian bulls topped at £264 with a better Holstein at £188 with the smallest looking dearest and generally £60-£70.
From five different vendors
BB Bull X3 (2-4mths) £390 Robinson Partners
BB Heif X2 (2mths) £325 JG Curtis & Son
Sim Heif (3mths) £310 J Lyon
Her Heif (2mths) £315 SJ Hooley
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