Market Report Tuesday 23rd January

A bit of a cold wet start to the day didn’t dampen the trade in Leek and spirits remained high.

Once again, over 1200 head of sheep on offer, seeing an improved trade throughout, topping at 341p/kg for a pen of 38.6kg lambs.

Over 200 head of pigs on offer which is a record for Leek, but prices were down a little, topping at 140p for fats.

The dispersal sale, for the Waller Family, in the dairy section gathered the crowds seeing a top price of £2080, other dairies topped at £2520.



Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A small entry but another firm trade with vendors being well pleased with the prices achieved.

Top price of the day was 194p/kg paid for a Shorthorn weighing 620kg from MJD Farms with the same vendor selling a 630kg British Blue for 180p/kg.

An 835kg Aberdeen Angus cow, from Hambleton Bros of Calton, achieved 171p/kg, with a black & white cow from WE Turnock & Son selling for 162p/kg at 820kg.

Other top prices:-

765kg Friesian 155p/kg           WG & J Clark

725kg Friesian 155p/kg           WG & J Clark

655kg Friesian 155p/kg           S & J Ryder

640kg Angus    152p/kg           Hambleton Bros

Top headage price of the day was £1427.85 for the Angus cow from Hambleton Bros.

£1328.40 for the black and white cow from W E Turnock & Son.


PIGS (230);

Selling time – 9:15am

Auctioneer – Ed Groves (07964 510145)

The largest entry to date!! 230 head of pigs on offer. Trade very much lack lustre in line with other outlets across the country with fat pigs 60-70p down on the week.
Hopefully this is not long term. Top price 140p for fats.

Porkers sold to 126p from N Turner. 

Cutters sold to 124p, 122p, 122p, 120p from J&B Fentem. GH Davies Denbigh sold to 120p.

Baconers topped at 140p from PF+PD Parsons. Massie farms to 134p x2, 132p, 130p. D Goldstraw sold pigs to 130p x 3.

Heavies topped at 130p for R Rowlinson x2.

Sows sold to 50p for R Rowlinson.

Pig Averages.

Porkers (6)                   av. 126.00p/kg or £54.60/head

Cutting Pigs (35);          av 118.04p/kg or £96.32/head

Bacon Pigs (136);         av 121.19p/kg or £115.33/head

Heavy Pigs (14)            av 126.19p/kg or £133.45/head

Sows (1)                       av 50.00p/kg or £144.50/head



Selling time – 11:30am

Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)

TOP OF £2520

A bouncy trade for dairies on Tuesday saw the best within the commercial section top at £2520 for a Wilton Dalliance daughter from the Needham family of Rushton with another fresh heifer from the same home at £2380 both going to a local purchaser.

A great crowd gathered for the Herd Dispersal on behalf of the Waller family of Bollington. Topping was a fresh third calver giving 28kg at £2080, heading to the Parker family of Haughton. They also took a fresh second calver at £2040.



Selling time 11:00am

Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)


A good entry sold on a solid, improved trade.

Best sorts regularly at 320p and better to top at 341p.

Most would be 20p up on the week and a little more in places.

Best big sorts at £182.40 from David and Joe Lovatt of Rushton.

Overall average, at 302p/kg or £129/head.

Sample Prices: –

326p    34.1kg A Edgecox, Onecote

332p    35kg    J Belfield & R Deakin-Gallimore

330p    35kg    DB Goldstraw, Meerbrook

326p    35kg    B Shaw, Ashbourne

330p    36.6kg DB Goldstraw, Meerbrook

321p    36.9kg FE Shenton & GW Shenton

340p    41kg    R & S Bailey, Rushton Spencer

321p    42.4kg J Gilman & Partners, Bosley

328p    43kg    M Jones, Rudyard

333p    43.4kg D Machin, Rudyard

340p    44kg    R & S Bailey, Rushton Spencer

328p    47kg    D Machin, Rudyard

308p    48kg    M Jones, Rudyard

315p    48.5kg J Belfield & R Deakin-Gallimore

323p    48.8kg D Machin, Rudyard

301p    49.6kg FJ Gould & Son, Longnor

320p    53.5kg DH & J Lovatt, Rushton

304p    55.5kg WJ Prime, Sudbury

298p    56.7kg W REA WD Sessions, Trusley

320p    57kg    DH & J Lovatt, Rushton



A good entry met a fast trade.

Best Ewes to £222 for Charollais from Jack Belfield.

Best Continental Ewes generally £150 and better.

Mules generally better at £100 + for the best.

More best Continental Ewes could be sold each week.

Overall average at £109/head.


CALVES (112)

Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)       

A few more on offer and a packed ringside of potential buyers led to an improved trade throughout with Calves pounds dearer than last week.



Better sold with more buyers looking to get calves back in the pens. British Blues topped at £390 for a smart calf from Brian Goodwin, closely followed at £385 for Hazel
Bailey. Ten best topped £330, mediums £260-£300 with smaller calves under £220.

21 Blues av. £275-£390    NE Goodwin & Sons

4 Sims   av  £315-£335    RG & AS Williamson

2 Lims    av  £270-£295    PF Gilman

2 Cha     av  £275-£360    J Hughes



Much dearer with more buyers looking for numbers. A smart red Limousin from Carol Hudson won favours and sold at £310 with the better end £240 +, mediums £180-£230 with a few smaller sorts under £150.

26 Blues av. £187-£258      Foker Grange Farm

4 Lim      av £233-£310     JC & D Hudson



Always good to sell at Leek.

6 Here Bulls     av £141-£170   WM,EM,WP Greaves

5 Angus Bulls   av £218-£250   DG & JA Ball

2 Here Heifs     av £87-£106     BE Wain

19 Angus Heifs av £92-£170     PE Holmes & Son



From £29 to £98 for a Holstein from D Davenport with an average of £53 overall.



Simmental Steers to £650, £610 and £580, all at 6 months of age for Pilkington Farms.

Simmental Heifers to £660 (x2) and £620, also 6 months of age for Pilkington Farms.

Beef Shorthorn Heifers to £300 at 3 months of age for G G Hall & Son.




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Entries Close Friday 26th January



Sale of Store & Breeding Sheep

Entries Close Friday 2nd February


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