Market Report Tuesday 24th October

A buoyant trade throughout in Leek seeing some excellent entries and plenty of buyers.

The Barren trade is comparing well with national trends, seeing the market top at 176p/kg.

784 Lambs on offer with seeing some good quality and a very solid trade throughout.

The Dairy section topped at £1800 for a Friesian Heifer from the Howe Family of Litton.

Similar number of pigs to last week but a dip in trade overall.

A marvellous calf trade with plenty of  keen buyers.


Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A large entry and trade comparing well with the national trends topping at 176p/kg for a 580kg Shorthorn from Don Burton and an 860kg Simmental Cow for Renshaw & Brassington achieving 168p/kg.

Other top prices as follows:

Hereford 690kg to 166p/kg       BW Swindells

Friesian 635kg to 164p/kg         R Turner

Galloway 680kg to 160p/kg      J Elliott

Hereford 765kg to 158p/kg       BW Swindells

Charolais 585kg to 158p/kg       G Goodwin

Top headage price was £1444.80 for a Simmental Cow for Renshaw & Brassington and £1230.65 for a Holstien for HW Heath & Sons of Stone.
A 765kg Ayrshire Bull from D & JK Mellor of Onecote achieved 128p/kg.


A small entry but plenty of competition seeing a 655kg Limousin for AP Freeman of Rugeley achieving 226p/kg at 32 months of age.

A 720kg Limousin Steer from the same vendor sold to 198p/kg and a 670kg Limousin Steer in need of further breeding achieved 180p/kg.

Top headage price was £1480.30.

PIGS (155).

Selling time – 9:15am

Auctioneer –Ed Groves (07964 510145)

Similar numbers to last week but trade significantly less. Top price 200p/kg for fats and sows topping at 84p.

Porkers topped at 191p from J Sheard, Congleton with others to 170p from RA Hughes, Ilkeston.

Cutters sold to 184p from S Bailey and 180p. J&B Fentem sold pigs to 190p, 172p, 170px2.and R&L Vernon Sold pigs to 174p.

Bacon Pigs topped at 200p x2 from Massie Farms, who sold others to 198p, 194p x2, 192p x2.  PF+PD Parsons sold pigs to 193p x2

Sows sold to 84p twice from RA Watson and R Rowlinson.

11 Store Pigs from JLR Ball sold to £74/head.

Pig Averages.

Porkers (3)               av 184.52p/kg or £133.47/head

Cutting Pigs (34);    av 156.79p/kg or £128.29/head

Bacon Pigs (105);    av 171.31p/kg or £158.96/head

Sows (2)                  av  84.00p/kg or £228.48/head



Selling time – 11:30am

Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)

The Howe Family of Litton topped the day on Tuesday at £1800 for a Friesian Heifer giving 28kg to JC & D Hudson of Wetton.

Other Heifers reached £1720 from David Brailsford of Chesterfield to Mrs A Bailey of Brown Edge.


Selling time 11:00am

Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)

LAMBS (784).

A better show of quality forward generally, seeing a very solid trade throughout, seeing an improved trade on the week.

Best sorts at 300p/kg plus, topping at 310p/kg from Rob and Andy Williamson of Wetley Rocks, closely followed by Ben Robinson at 303p/kg. Best big lambs very well bid for with top headage at £160/head.

Overall average at 266p/kg or £116/head.

More required each week, thank you for your continued support.

Sample prices:

303p    38.5kg JM Robinson, Swythamley

302p    40kg    JM Robinson, Swythamley

295p    41.7kg JM Robinson, Swythamley

289p    42.3kg SFG Clowes, Rudyard

295p    43.8kg Bagshaw (Caxterway) Ltd

290p    45kg    JM Robinson, Swythamley

302p    47kg    JM Robinson, Swythamley

290p    47.2kg M Wright, Hartington

310p    49.5kg RG & AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks

308p    51.8kg RG & AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks


Another strong entry, selling up to a solid trade, topping at £158 for Texels from George Peach.

Mules generally £100-£105 for the better end and £75-£90 for half meated sorts.

Overall average up on the week at £95/head.

CALVES (126);

Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)       

A marvellous trade this week with a big line up of buyers wanting their numbers.


Very strong money this week with buyers present for the best as well as the second quality.  Three super Bulls topped £400 with Andrew Hulmes British Blue at £430: Andy Williams British Blue at £410 and James Maydew with a Limousin at £405. Eleven best over £325, medium £250-£310 with a few smaller Bulls a bit less.

19 Blues av £238 to £430          DW & P Hulme

7 Sims av £283 to £355             JW Campbell

8 Lim av £289 to £405              J & R Maydew

1 Char             to £365              D & G Tudor


A good bit dearer with buyers looking for numbers. British Blues led the way with Messrs Wilson’s run to £305, £285 and £280.Medium Heifers £170 – £200with small
British Blues from £140-£160.

20 Blues av £197 to £305          PWJ & S Wilson

1 Sim                   to £180          RJ Clowes & Sons

7 Lim av     £164 to £215          S Moss

1 Char                  to £290          D & G Tudor


Lots of Bulls today and trade on fire.

24 Angus Bulls av £177 to £285 FR & VA Sims

5 Angus Heifers av £76 to £160 FR & VA Sims

4 Here Bulls av £125 to £155    CH & JW Witham

1 Here Heifer to £128               GE Critchlow

1 Lincoln Bull to £140              Birch Bros


Dearer all through with a Montbeliarde realising £135 with the smaller Bulls £34 to £66.


2 Blue Steers £450 3-4mths       GE Brooks & Partners

Blue Heifer £295 3mths            GE Brooks & Partners

Blue Heifer £325 6mths            CP Wardle




Store & Breeding Cattle Sale

Closing Date for Entries Friday 27th October



Sale of 80 Holstein Friesians on behalf of DN Carter & Co, Olde Farm, Willoughby, Rugby.

Herd average 10,000kg+ 4.65%F, 3.57%P

Currently averaging 29.7kg daily.



Store & Breeding Cattle Sale

Closing Date for Entries Friday 10th November



Store & Breeding Cattle Sale

Closing Date for Entries Friday 24th November


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Herd Dispersal

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