Market Report Tuesday 26th September

184 Calves on offer, with a good compliment of buyers around the ring, not as sharp as last week but a good trade non the less.

25 Dairies, seeing an unpredictable trade, mirroring the national trend.

Plenty of trade in the Barrens section with a good company of buyers seeing a top price of 169p/kg .

Pig trade slightly down on last week with Fats topping at 229p/kg

Another strong entry of Lambs today saw Best Lambs peak at 309p/kg.




Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

Plenty of trade with a good company of buyers seeing a top price of 169p/kg paid for a 680kg Limousin Cow for KL Potts of Mottram St Andrew.

A Fleckvieh Cow from J Haynes was well sold for 167p/kg and a 580kg Aberdeen Angus for D Beswick of Ipstones also selling for 167p/kg.

Other top prices:
165p/kg for a 685kg Black & White       JW Brandrick & Son, Beamhurst

164p/kg for a 645kg Charolais              C & EJ Whilock, Werrington

159p/kg for a 810kg Black & White      KW Twemlow & Co, Swinscoe

158p/kg for a 540kg Charolais              C & EJ Whilock, Werrington

158p/kg for a 840kg Simmental            D & A Stonier, Eaton

156p/kg for a 615kg British Blue          JF Barber, Quarnford

Top Headage price was £1327.20 for a Simmental Cow from D & A Stonier.

Black & White up to £1287.90 for KW Twemlow & Co.

Overall average was 138.73p/kg


A small entry, short of quality.

Top price was 230p/kg for a 510kg Heifer from GB Millington of Wincle and a 500kg British Blue Heifer from Rushton Spencer sold well for 210p/kg.

Top Headage price was £1173/Head.

PIGS (116).

Selling time – 9:15am

Auctioneer –Ed Groves (07964 510145)

Less pigs on offer this week and trade slightly less than previous weeks. Top price for fats 229p/kg. A clean gilt realised 140p or £324.80

Cutting pigs topped at 228p from J&B Fentems, others from the same home to 227 & 226. JA&B Minshull had pigs to 227p.

Bacon pigs topped at 229p x2 from Massie Farms, others from the same home to 228 x3, 227 x3. JG Belefield topped at 229p and the Fentems saw pigs to 228p. PF+PD Parsons topped at 227p.

Heavies topped at 204p from JG Belfield, who had others to 192p. PF+PD Parsons had 198p for a 112kg pig.

A 232kg clean gilt from PF+PD Parsons realised 140p or £324.80

Pig Averages.

Cutting Pigs (16); av 224.64p/kg or £182.80/head

Bacon Pigs (94)    av 220.44p/kg or £207.19/head

Heavy Pigs (5)      av 177.82p/kg or £203.42/head

Clean Gilt (1)          av.140.00p/kg or £324.80/head


Selling time – 11:30am

Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)


A very unpredictable trade in the dairy ring mirroring the national trend and the obvious reaction to the continued poor milk price.

Top call at £1920 went to the Easom family of Oakerthorpe for a 32kg heifer. Next in line was a more Friesian type from the Bennett family of Whiston at £1800.

The Phillip family of Winkhill saw two of their heifers reach £1710 and £1720 respectively.


Selling time 11:00am

Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)

LAMBS (1131).

Another strong entry saw competitive bidding throughout, particularly the best sorts seeing the strongest competition,.36-40kg Lambs were the best sold on the day.

Best Lambs peaked at 309p/kg and generally better end Lambs 275p/kg and better.

Commercial quality Lambs at 235p-250p/kg depending on weight, type and finish.

Overall average at 250p/kg or £104.88/Head with more lightweight Lambs in the entry.

Sample prices;

280p    39kg    M Wright, Hartington

289p    40.8kg DJ Cooper, Macclesfield

278p    43kg    MA Saxon, Tean

290p    45kg    NJ Williams, Newtown

309p    45.3kg R & S Bailey, Rushton Spencer

291p    47kg    M Jones, Rudyard

290p    47kg    WHI Mellor, Stockport

270p    51.3kg EA Sessions, Dalbury Lees

258p    55kg    J Gilman, Bosley

CULL SHEEP (458));

Again, a big entry and competitive bidding throughout to top at £158 for Texel Ewes and £165 for Texel Rams.

Best Mules around £100 generally.

More lean and hill bred Ewes in the entry bringing the average up to £85/Head.

CALVES (184);

Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)

A big entry after last weeks mega trade and a big line up of buyers to purchase today but generally not quite as sharp as last week.


Solid trade but not as dear as last week. 14 Bulls topped £300 with the best up to £385for a shapy Limousin from J Kirkham of Sutton. Mediums £240 -£280 with smalls
under £200.

35 Blues av £252 to £372          C Fernyhough & Son

7 Sims av £196 to £292             GW & C Brassington

7 Lim av £301 to £385              J Kirkham

7 Char av £112-£268                R & R Moss

2 Blon av £195-£205                EJ & VC Gilman

2 INRA av £242-£250              J Hughes


Similar to last week and possibly got dearer as the sale progressed. A tremendous British Blue from B Goodwin sold at £360 (36 days, Show Quality) and another
made £305 (27 days) from J Maydew. Best generally £220-£275; medium £160-£200 and small under £150.

28 Blues av £167 to £360          NE Goodwin & Son

9 Sims av £165 to £230             S & M Huxley & Son

4 Lim av £242 to £275              RG & AS Williamson

2 Char av £167 to £255           D&G Tudor


Similar money to last week with the Aberdeen Angus and Herefords wanted in Leek

15 Here Bulls to £190   A & R Needham & Son

8 Here Heifers to £112  DT Ball & Son

13 Angus Bulls to £325 S & J Ryder

11 Angus Heifers to £105 PWJ & S Wilson

1 Welsh Black Bull to £280 J Kirkham


One Cross Bred Friesian made £320 for RJ & KA Salt with the Black & Whites generally £20 -£50 today.


3 Blue Bulls (10wks) £350        JP & SR Slack

1 Angus Heifer (11wks) £425    P Nutty

2 Hols Bulls (3 wks)     £210    R Tipping & Son



If your farm holding is in an Edge or
Low Rish Area then cattle purchased onto that holding from a high-risk area (as
mapped at must be Post-Movement Tested. I.e.
Cattle must be Post-Movement tested 60 to 120 days after purchase on your
holding. If your farm is in a High Risk Area then you don’t need to post
movement test. For more details, please speak to our Market Office

Customers selling Livestock at Leek
Auctions must have fully completed movement forms which declare what TB-test
interval takes place in your parish so that we can pass this information onto
the purchasers.



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