Market Report Tuesday 30th January

Barren Cows selling on a strong trade as January draws to a close, seeing the best to 202p/kg or £1255.85/head.

Another strong show of Sheep with over 1300 head sold to a solid trade.

Calves in short supply with many eager buyers around the ring seeing British Blue Bulls top at £430 and a Limousin Heifer to £300.

A strong trade in the dairy shed with a top price of £2200 for a third calver from the Easom Family.


Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A good sharp trade with plenty of competition, seeing a top price of 202p/kg being paid for a Holstein weighing 515kg from TG Adams & Son.

A young Charolais cow, from MJC & PM Reeves, at 665kg, exchanged hands for 189p/kg with an 805kg Holstein, from WE Turnock & Sons, achieving 179p/kg and a 560kg Holstein from R&E&DR Bennett realising 177p/kg.

Other top prices achieved were as follows: –

720kg Holstein 167p/kg           A & JE Goldstraw

705kg Mont     167p/kg           SC, FE & JA Harvey

700kg Mont     166p/kg           MN Bailey

625kg Angus    152p/kg           MJC&PM Reeves

655kg Holstein 164p/kg           Foker Grange Farm

Top headage price of the day was £1440.95 for Holstein, £1255.85 for Charolais and £1177.35 for Montbeliarde.

PIGS (104)

Selling time – 9:15am

Auctioneer – Ed Groves (07964 510145)

A much reduced entry as expected with 104 head on offer. Best fat pigs topped at 175p

Commercial types generally 160p to 170p.

Porkers sold to 161p from J&B Fentem

Cutters sold to 165p for J&B Fentem who had others to 160px2. RA Hughes Ilkestone had pigs to 162px2.

Baconers topped at 175p from PF & PD Parsons who had others to 165px2, 164p and163p.R Brough sold pigs to 174p.

Heavies topped at 156p from PF & PD Parsons

Pig Averages.

Porkers (6)                   av.161.00p/kg or £117.5/head

Cutting Pigs (27);          av 153.53p/kg or £121.80/head

Bacon Pigs (60);           av 156.19p/kg or £146.79/head

Heavy Pigs (4)              av 134.98p/kg or £147.13/head


Selling time – 11:30am

Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)



Despite having a very mixed entry trade was strong from the start for all qualities.

The Easom family of Oakerthorpe topped the day with a very milky third calver giving 47kg to Andrew Hulme of Basford. They also had a heifer to £2040.

Other heifers from Messrs Phillips of Winkhill reached £1880 and £1840.

Next week we have a special entry of 11 Procross fresh Cows and Heifers from Mick and Kay Hulse of Consall.
These are a really impressive group that have tremendous bags under them and are milking very well. Herd Average: 8859kg 4.11 3.38 cc134. Vaccinated IBR
& BVD and BVD tag and tested, Johnes monitored. Cubicles & Herringbone.
Inspection is thoroughly recommended!


Selling time 11:00am

Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)


Another solid entry with 887 Hoggs sold on a solid trade, Lambs back a touch on last week.

Lambs topped at 320p/kg for R&S Bailey and D Machin with JA Nicholls of Wetley Rocks with a Badger Faced Texel X at 292p or £160.60/head.

Overall average, at 277p/kg or £121.27/head.

Sample Prices: –

269p    30kg    M Wood, Longnor

306p    36.7kg PJ Bowers, Mow Cop

310p    37kg    JM Robinson, Swythamley

305p    38.2kg J Belfield & R Deakin-Gallimore

310p    38.9kg S Rushton, Cheadle

310p    41kg    JM Robinson, Swythamley

299p    42.3kg DJ&P Smith, Rushton Spencer

308p    43.8kg D Machin, Rudyard

320p    44kg    D Machin, Rudyard

320p    44.3kg R&S Bailey, Rushton Spencer

292p    45kg    K&A Smith, Longford

320p    46kg    R&S Bailey, Rushton Spencer

298p    48.2kg D Machin, Rudyard

289p    53.5kg D Williams, Basford

302p    54kg    AW Hulme, Basford

292p    55kg    JA Nicholls, Wetley Rocks



An increased entry was met with a similar trade to last week, seeing a top price of £188 for a Texel Ewe from JA Nicholls of Wetley Rocks.

A larger entry of hill types and Mules, which are harder to place, reflected in the average.

Heavy Mules £95+, medium sorts £75-£90 with leaner types £60-£70.

Overall average at £93/head.                            


Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)       

Where have all the Calves gone?

Such a shame as the buyers want your calves and are willing to bid a good price for them.

Today there were new buyers at ringside and returning buyers with improved orders, all looking for calves.


Very very dear for the small offering today which is a great shame. Just one best calf today, that being a lovely British Blue from Brian Goodwin that exchanged hands
at £430. Other good calves over £300, mediums and small look particularly dear today also.

12 Blues av. £259-£430    NE Goodwin & Sons

5 Lims    av  £239-£250    WH Townsend & Son

3 Blo      av  £205-£242    EJ & VC Gilman


Also, very dear and many many more could have been handled today. A lovely Limousin for Jim & Carol Hudson topped at £300 with the best eight at £240 +

12 Blues av. £196-£298      NE Goodwin & Sons

1 Sim     to           £240      RG & AS Williamson

4 Lim      av £232-£300     JC & D Hudson

4 Blo      av £189-&£240    EJ & VC Gilman


A fraction of the regular entry.

1 Here Bull       to          £225   BE Wain

2 Here Heifs     av £137-£165   BE Wain

3 Angus Heifs  av £102-£145   PN Holdcroft

2 W/Blk Heifs  to         £92     RE Poyser


Montbeliarde to £190; Friesians to £100 with the majority £20 to £50.




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