Market Report Tuesday 6th February

A bit of a drizzly start in Leek but trade was good, and spirits were high from the off.

Pigs were back on stronger form today with fat pigs 20p up on the week and best pigs achieving the 212p mark.

All qualities of dairies sold well with plenty of buyers around the ring seeing a Swedish Red top the market at £2080.

Another bumper entry of Sheep on offer with just short of 1200 head on offer with a top price of 338p/kg.

The Calf section was on a blistering trade with some excellent prices achieved, seeing Bulls to £425 and Heifers to £312.


Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A very similar firm trade seeing a top price of 180p/kg for a 660kg Hereford X Cow from AJ Bailey of North Rode with a 720kg Friesian Cow, from W Carbutt of Macclesfield, achieving 174p/kg and a 775kg Friesian, from RG & AS Williamson, selling well at 170p/kg.

Other top prices achieved were as follows: –

640kg Friesian 168p/kg           RJ&DJ Clement

620kg Mont     164p/kg           SC, FE & JA Harvey

765kg Holstein 163p/kg           PR Lawley

705kg S/Horn   160p/kg           PJ Gilman

665kg Holstein 160p/kg           Nottingham Uni Farm

Top headage price of the day was £1317.50 for RG & AS Williamson’s Friesian and £1252.80 for W Carbutt’s Friesian.



A small entry but plenty of bidders with a 670kg, 31-month-old Limousin Heifer, from J Gilman & Partners of Bosley, exchanging hands for a pleasing 256p/kg to gross £1715.20.

A Holstein from Nottingham University, weighing 475kg achieved 183p/kg to gross £1180.35


PIGS (96)

Selling time – 9:15am

Auctioneer – Ed Groves (07964 510145)

A much-improved trade for fat pigs 20p up on the week, best pigs sold to 212p. A bumper entry of sows with the majority plain feeding sorts to 59p.

Porkers topped at 186p for J&B Fentem and 180p for RA Hughes.

Cutting pigs topped at 188p from PF+PD Parsons.  J&B Fentem to 186p, 184p & 180p.

Bacon Pigs sold to 208p from D Goldstraw. C Hine to 200p. PF+PD Parsons to 196p and 192p.

Heavies sold to 212p or £240/head from R Rowlison for 113kg gilts. D Goldstraw saw 204p for 105kg pigs. PF+PD Parsons to 188p.

Sows to 59p from Roston Farms. Sows generally around the 40p mark.

Pig Averages.

Porkers (7)                   av.181.18p/kg or £118.54head

Cutting Pigs (12);          av 178.77p/kg or £146.29/head

Bacon Pigs (39);           av 175.18p/kg or £166.87/head

Heavy Pigs (24)            av 167.63p/kg or £193.34/head

Sows (13)                     av 41.96p/kg or £85.83/head


Selling time – 11:30am

Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)

Top of £2080

A really bouncy trade again for dairies saw all qualities sell very well with plenty of buyers in operation.

Top call went to Mick and Kay Hulse of Consall who had a superb run off 10 Cows and Heifers in commencing their Herd Dispersal. A Swedish Red second calver by VR Abraham giving 33kg caught the eye of Andrew and Alex Townsend who eventually clinched her at £2080.

A powerful third calver by the same bull giving 44kg made £2000 heading to the same home. Their overall entry averaged a superb £1808.

Andrew Stone showed a lovely heifer giving 34kg she went Andrew Hulme of Basford at £2000.


Selling time 11:00am

Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)

LAMBS (827)

A good seasonal entry was rewarded with a very nice trade throughout. A lot of well fed Hoggs in the entry, attracting the best interest but also a lot of underfinished types which saw competitive bidding but at lower levels.

Best sorts at 320p and better to top 338p/kg. Best big Hoggs were well bid for, topping at £177.58 or 336p/kg.

Overall average, at 297p/kg

Sample Prices: –

319p    36.1kg F Potter, & Son, Yeaveley

325p    37.2kg S Bailey, Knypersley

312p    37.8kg AW Wilshaw, Meerbrook

324p    39.5kg M&M Heath, Rushton Spencer

325p    40kg    AP Leason, Ilam

330p    40.8kg SJ Pace & Co, Congleton

330p    42.3kg M Jones, Rudyard

334p    42.8kg GH&M Torr, Bradnop

326p    43.8kg J&JA Venables & Son, Macclesfield

334p    44.7kg D Machin, Rudyard

330p    45kg    AP Leason, Ilam

333p    45.6kg FS&MJ Heath, Pipe Gate

338p    46.5kg R&S Bailey, Rushton Spencer

320p    46.3kg H Hodgkinson & Sons, Derbys

336p    49kg    R&S Bailey, Rushton Spencer

312p    50.8kg H Hodgkinson & Sons, Derbys

336p    52.5kg H Hodgkinson & Sons, Derbys

318p    54.5kg D Machin, Rudyard


A good entry again and trade stronger generally with more best Ewes forward.

Best Texels generally £150 plus, topping at £172 from Dave Goldstraw of Meerbrook, closely followed by Andrew Leason at £170.

Better Mules generally £95 plus, with big sorts at £110.

Overall average an improved £114/head.

CALVES (104)

Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)

A few extras on offer and trade has found another dimension with all calves pounds dearer again and some remarkable results.


On fire form the start with no let-up in price throughout the sale. Seven best topped £350, including three over £400 and a top of £425 for a British Blue
from Brian Goodwin and £410 for another British Blue from Norman Mellor. Medium Bulls £250-£320 with a handful of smalls under £250.

17 Blues av. £281-£425    NE Goodwin & Sons

3 Sims    av  £390-£415    H&E Bailey & Partners

6 Lim     av  £293-£350    I&G Gregson


Possibly even dearer than the Bulls by comparison. Eleven topped £260 with four over £300 and a top of £312 and £310 for Limousins from Ian Gregson of Hanbury. Mediums £200-£250 with just a few under £200.

11 Blues av. £197-£300      NE Goodwin & Sons

2 Sim      av  £254-£290      H&E Bailey & Partners

11 Lim   av  £248-£312     I&G Gregson


An unreal price!

1 Here Bull       to           £215  J&W Knight

22 Ang Bulls  av    £170- £290  J&W Knight

1 Here Heif      to           £145  B&B Partners

16 Angus Heifs av £128-£232  PE Holmes & Son

1 L/Horn Heif  to          £188  E Leese


The average tells the story at £122.40. A Montbeliarde made £270, a Friesian to £158 and Holsteins to £138 seeing just two under £90.



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