Market Report Tuesday 7th November

936 Lambs on offer this week with demand on the rise and trade looking very competitive overall.

Best Lambs topping at 330p/kg with an overall average of 277p/kg.


Pig numbers were on the rise today with a solid entry of 156 and trade significantly dearer across all sections.

Similar numbers to last week for the Calf section with 121 Calves on offer, seeing a storming trade, particularly for the best Bulls, with a high of £435.

Similar trade to last week in the Barren section with a top headage price of £1397.30 for a Brown Swiss Cow.


Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A similar trade for cows with a good company of buyers around the ring.

Top price of the day was 168p/kg paid for an 820kg Charolais Cow from C Wardle of Sandbach.

Other top prices included:

890kg Brown Swiss 157p/kg     RG & AS Williamson

716kg Angus Cow 155p/kg       NG & P Sidebottom

875kg Friesian Cow150p/kg      RG & AS Williamson

705kg Brown Swiss 147p/kg     E Morten & Sons

615kg Hereford Cow 148p/kg   ES Bennison

Top headage price of the day was £1397.30 for the Brown Swiss Cow for RG & AS Williamson with the Charolais Cow for C Wardle grossing £1377.60.


A 450kg British Blue Heifer, in need of further feeding, exchanged hands for 207p/kg.

PIGS (156).

Selling time – 9:15am

Auctioneer –Ed Groves (07964 510145)

More pigs this week and trade significantly dearer across the board. A good show of fats, with a few plainer coloured types mixed in, reflected in the averages, topping at 232p. Sows looked just as dear topping at 137p.

Porkers topped at 222p from J Davenport, Macclesfield. B&M Elkin,
Hilderstone topped at 203p.

Cutters sold to 232p from J&B Fentem who had others to 228, 227, 225
& 206 for boars. R&L Vernon sold pigs to 229 & 204 for boars.
B&M Elkin to 225.

Bacon Pigs sold to 232p x2 & 227p from J&B Fentem. S Bailey sold pigs to 231p x2. Massie Farms had a run to 231p x2, 230p x3, 229 x2. J Davenport sold pigs to 228p and R T Wilson to 226p.

Heavies included a few plainer pigs that were over fat and penalised as a result. Top price 166p for PF+PD Parsons.

Sows topped at 137p for J&B Fentem, 100p for R Watsons, Chester. Boars to 60p.

Porkers (7)            av 137.79p/kg or £88.38/head

Cutting Pigs (33);  av 207.93p/kg or £170.25/head

Bacon Pigs (95);    av 206.16p/kg or £193.95/head

Heavies (7)           av. 138.46p/kg or £126.77/head

Sows (5)               av   83.83p/kg or £214.61/head


Selling time – 11:30am

Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)

A mixed quality forward in the Dairy shed saw a top price of £1920 for a fresh Heifer from the Ellis Family.

In-Calf Heifers from the University of Nottingham reached £1300.

Next week we have the 90 Holsteins on behalf of D N Carter & Co (see advert below), these are superb cows that are well worthy of inspection.


Selling time 11:00am

Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)

LAMBS (936)

Nice to see a good entry, particularly with demand on the rise. Today’s entries were sold on a very fast and competitive trade throughout, many more could have been sold to the vendor’s advantage.

Best Lambs sold very well, topping at 330p/kg and big Lambs very good all through, topping at £173.60/head.

Commercial quality Lambs also much easier to sell, with them being 15p up on the week.

Overall average, an excellent 277p/kg or £118/head.

Sample prices:

270p    30kg    TN Staden, Brandside

320p    38kg    R & S Bailey, Rushton Spencer

318p    39kg    GA Titterton, Milwich

309p    40kg    D Machin, Rudyard

305p    40.7kg JJA Venables & Son, Macclesfield

313p    42kg    AJ Suppan, Stockport

313p    44kg    GA Titterton, Milwich

290p    46.2kg S & J Reeves, Edale

294p    46.2kg Bagshaw, Chelmorton

298p    47kg    Mosley & Son, Wormhill

330p    47.5kg Shirley & Boam, Longnor

288p    47.8kg Bagshaw, Chelmorton

290p    49.7kg Mosley & Son, Wormhill

281p    54.1kg Mosley & Son, Wormhill

279p    54.4kg G Jones, Macclesfield

284p    57kg    F Yates, Longford

280p    62kg    AE & B Smith, Uttoxeter


A good entry saw a sharp trade all through. Best Ewes were good to sell, with best Texels at £175 from Michael Turner of Grindon, closely followed by Mr Nicholls of Wetley Rocks at £164 and £158 twice.

Best Mules £100-£110/head with these looking better to sell on the week.

Plenty of leaner Ewes in the entry, with these seeing good bidding from grazers and processors.

Overall average at £95/head.

CALVES (121)

Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)       

Similar numbers and trade generally good for the best Bulls.


Bulls were a storming good trade today, particularly the best five British Blues reaching over £385, seeing a high of £435 for a British Blue Cross from Andrew Cotton of Tean with the Wilson Family at £425 and Ed Clowes at £395. Ten Best British Blues over £310; Medium £220-£290 with smalls less.

22 Blues av. £257-£435            FA & TM Cotton

5 Sims   av. £182-£288            GW & C Brassington

2 Chars  av. £185-£225             J Hughes


Harder work today for all but the best, but not a vintage show in terms of quality.
Best British Blues to £240 for Messrs Wilkinson of Great Budworth. Best generally £170-£240 with medium £100-£150 and smalls under £100.

18Blues av. £134-£240            R Wilkinson & Son

5 Sims    av. £121-£180            GW & C Brassington


The largest section today and the best trade by far.

16 Angus Bulls av. £137-£345  S & J Ryder

16 Angus Hfs   av. £72 – £250  S & J Ryder

5 Here Bulls     av. £179-£245  J & W Knight

12 Here Hfs     av. £140-£215  J & W Knight


Becoming a rare breed due to the use of sexed semen. A British Friesian made £138 and a Montbeliarde made £128, the smaller sorts £17-£50.




Forthcoming Dairy Sale

On behalf of D N Carter & Co, Olde Farm, Willoughby, Rugby, Warwickshire



A superb group of Heifers, 2nd & 3rd Calvers. Herd Average: 10927kg 4.56%F 3.56%P cc79. Bulk Sample: 4.70%F 3.58%P cc87. Cubicles & Herringbone. BVD Free (Also Tag & Tested), IBR Vacc. Johnes & Lepto Screened. Tremendous Type, Summer Grazed, No CONC in parlour. Lots of Fresh Milk.



Store & Breeding Cattle Sale

Closing Date for Entries Friday 10th November



Store & Breeding Cattle Sale

Closing Date for Entries Friday 24th November



Store & Breeding Cattle Sale

Closing Date for Entries Friday 8th December


Upcoming Sales


Herd Dispersal

11:00 am
Leek Auctions Ltd, Barnfields, Leek, Staffordshire ST13 5PY
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