Market Report Wednesday 27th December

A pleasing entry of Sheep and Pigs for the last sale of 2023 with plenty of buyers and vendors present.

Thank you for all of your support throughout the last year, we look forward to seeing you all in 2024!!


PIGS (70);

Selling time – 3pm

Auctioneer – Ed Groves (07964 510145)

A much reduced entry sold on a fast trade for those best white pigs, fat pigs to 219p. A few plainer boars and coloured pigs on offer today which are reflected in the averages 

Cutting pigs topped at 219p from R Brough, who had others to 176p for white pigs and coloureds to 160p & 140p. 

Baconers topped at 216p x2 from Massie farms, who had others to, 214px2, 207p x2, 206p & 205px3. C Hine saw 205p for a 100kg pig. 

One heavy pig from C Hine realised 162p weighing 109kg.

A big thank you to all vendors and buyers for your support in the pig shed this year !! 

Pig Averages.

Cutting Pigs (9);  av  169.44p/kg or £139.91/head

Bacon Pigs (60);   av  203.02p/kg or £184.37/head

Heavy Pigs (1)     av  162.00p/kg or £176.58/head



Selling time 3pm

Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)

LAMBS (654)

A very pleasing entry for a Wednesday afternoon sale and a very big thankyou to both vendors and buyers for their support.

Vendors were rewarded for their efforts with an excellent trade all through and many more could have been sold to the vendors’ advantage.

Best Lambs were very well sold, topping at 338p/kg with 15 vendors seeing 320p and better for their best pens.

Commercial quality Lambs generally 275p-290p depending on breed and finish. Big Lambs topping at £179.18.

Overall average at 302p/kg or £131/head.

Sample Prices:-

332p    35kg    B Shaw, Mayfield

319p    36kg    J Fernyhough, Swythamley

326p    37.7     I Walker, Stone

336p    38.6kg DB Goldstraw, Meerbrook

338p    41.5kg J Belfield & R Deakin-Gallimore

330p    42.3kg DV Holland, Blore

328p    42.5kg J Belfield & R Deakin-Gallimore

329p    42.8kg DV Holland, Blore

331p    43kg    DB Goldstraw, Meerbrook

310p    45kg    S Clowes, Cauldon Low

320p    47kg    AW Wilshaw, Meerbrook

334p    47.5kg R&S Bailey, Rushton Spencer

320p    50kg    R&S Bailey, Rushton Spencer

320p    51kg    J Gilman & Partners, Bosley

291p    54kg    J Belfield & R Deakin-Gallimore

298p    55kg    D & P Gibbs & Son, Butterton

289p    62kg    DV Holland, Blore

A full line up of buyers expected on Tuesday 2nd January and a good entry required.



A good entry sold on a solid trade, topping at £170/head for Texels, although no very best Ewes forward.

The entry was dominated by Mules again, and these are not easy to sell with large numbers forward nationally. Nonetheless, the best selling to £95/head with plenty at £70-£80 for meated types and half-meated around £55-£65.

Overall average at £89/head.



Store & Breeding Cattle Sale

Closing Date for Entries Friday 29th December


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