Sale of Goats Report 7th May

16 Goats on offer at the monthly goat sale, prices remain very high for goats, many more could have been sold, More goats required !!

Top price from A Sayer, Hilderstone for a Boer Nanny realsing £200. A Nanny kid from the same home realised £170

G Goodwin, had two 12 month Boer Nannys to £170/head.

D Cooper had a Boer wether kid to £132 and a Boer nanny kid to £105.

D Fairbank had 2 Nanny Pygmy x goats to £70/head and 3 Weather Pygmy x kids to £32 /head

L Woodward had 2 billy kids to £50 and 3 wethers to £55/head

The next sale of Goats in on

Enteries invited for advertising
Please contact Ed Groves – 07964510145

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