Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report 10th February

A total entry of 3052 Store and Breeding Sheep were on offer with the majority being Store Lambs, which were a tremendous trade throughout to produce an average of £95.83.

Store Lambs

Top price of the day was £151, paid for Texel Lambs from Glyn Redfern of Onecote, with other Texels at £150 from Messrs Stevenson of Derby, £150 also from Jane Barker of Onecote,and £146 from Joe Austin of Parwich with several other pens making in excess of £120.

Beltex Lambs, from Rob Pickering of Belper, sold up to £135, with Mule wether Lambs, from Jane Barker of Onecote, at £123, £116 from Robert Belfield of Upper Hulme, £110 from John Price of Kettleshulme and £100 for another pen from Robert Belfield.

Suffolk Lambs, from Joe Austin of Parwich, topped at £140 with £121.50 being paid for a pen from Jane Bonsall of Atlow, £120 from Rosie Watson of Fenny Bentley and £118 for Mr JT Cantrell of Macclesfield Forest.

Continental Cross Lambs, from Stephen Pye of Swthamley, sold up to £127 with Charollais Lambs, from RM Hughes of Congleton, up to £108, Gritstone Lambs, from Robert Belfield of Upper Hulme at £94, Lleyn Lambs, from Steve Edwards of Bottomhouse at £124, Herdwick’s up to £93, Dorset Lambs, from Jason Keeling of Whiston £102 and Swale Lambs, being particularly well sold, up to £89 for Michael Cooper of

Blue Texel Lambs from, CJ & CM Birch of Allport, sold up to £117 with Berrison from Peter Astle of Ashbourne at £128.


Breeding Ewes

In the Breeding section, the entry mainly included In-Lamb Ewes with £250 being paid for two Texel X Shearlings from Clive Hidderley of Ipstones, being scanned In- Lamb with another 2 shear Ewes from the same farmer, again scanned in-lamb, selling for £235.

Two shearlings, from AS Johnston of Biddulph Moor, scanned in-lamb to Beltex, realised £230 with 4th crop Ewes, from Steven Charles of Wardlow, scanned in-lamb to Beltex/Texel realising up to £175 and £170.

A special entry of Grey Faced Dartmoor In-Lamb Ewes, from M Hollingsworth of Upper Holloway, met with a good degree of interset and topped at £150 for a pen of four Ewes being scanned in-lamb.

A Ewe with two Lambs at foot, from S Galtrey of Wirksworth, achieved £215.

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