Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report 11th December

There was a total entry of 5,466 store and breeding sheep were on offer with buyers in attendance from a wide area insuring another firm trade throughout.

Store Lambs (5,147);
Some of the longer term store lambs were perhaps easier than a fortnight ago but there were still a very pleasing overall average, considering a higher number of smaller types, of £85.24.

There were 5,147 store lambs which topped at £138 for Blue Texel x store lambs from Nicola Beardsley of Weston Underwood with other Beltex lambs from the same vendor at £122 and a third pen of Beltex at £119.

Texel lambs from Stephen Berrisford of Wildboarclough sold up to £119.50 with £118.50 being paid for a pair of Texels from Stuart Mycock of Warslow and £114.50 for a pen of Texels from Carrie Sharpley of Wildboarclough.

The same price was paid for another pen from Messrs House of Congleton with a second pen from Stuart Mycock of Warslow at £114. Robert Belfield and Family of Upper Hulme received up to £112.50 for Texel x lambs with several other pens of Texels selling in excess of £100.

Suffolk x lambs from Mark Rowlinson of Ramshorn were well sold up to £118.50 with a pen from Messrs Turner of Longnor at £115 and another pen from Stephen Berrisford of Wildboarclough at £112.

Charollais lambs from Clive Grindey of Adlington sold up to £117 with two pens from Stephen Pye of Swythamley £113 each. Another pen of Charollais from I Proctor of Brown Edge sold up to £113 also with Aberfield x lambs from Robert Belfield & Family of Upper Hulme at £111.50.

Cheviot lambs from Michael Wain of Brassington sold up to £100 with Aberfield Mule lambs from Andrew Maynard of Rainow up to £100 also with Lleyn x lambs from P & R Griffin of Butterton at £98.50. Other Mule lambs from Andrew Henshaw & Family of Fairfield sold up to £98 with Gritstone lambs from S Williams of Quarnford at £96 and Mashams from Messrs Brown of Hope at £93.50. Other Mule Wether lambs from Ian and Robert Smith of Ilam sold at £93.

Breeding Sheep (319);
A small entry as to be expected for the time of year but what a superb trade for breeding sheep this week.

A genuine dispersal of in-lamb Texel x Shearlings & Ewe Lambs from Reg Critchlow of Grindon attracted numerous purchasers with top prices of £245, £242 and £232 for three pens of shearlings with his ewe lambs selling up to £170 and £162.

Other Ewe Lambs sold up to £162 for a pen of Texels from Andrew & Roger Tomkinson, Thorpe with another pen at £128 for R Jones of Whaley Bridge.

Shearlings sold up to £146 for a pen of 7 Suffolks from S Ruff, Wildboarclough, with other Suffolks (in-lamb) at £134 and £128 from O Baskerville, Macclesfield. Texel Shearlings sold for £145 for a pen of 17 from M J Cooper, Bradbourne. Jacob Shearlings sold for £110 from S Ruff, Wildboarclough, and Woodlands to £112 from Tracey Wood, Longnor.

In-lamb aged ewes sold to £140 for Mules from O Baskerville, Macclesfield who also sold Texels at £136 and £128.

Young Mules ewes which have been running with a Suffolk ram sold for £122 and £102 from FP & ST Sykes, Rainow with others at £98 and £90. A cheviot sold at £120 for C Wain, Upper Hulme who also sold grazing ewes at £95 and £52.

Fit grazing ewes generally £60 – £80 and leaner, hill types between £24 – £50.

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