Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report 11th November

A total of 6081 Store and Breeding Sheep were on offer, the majority being Store Lambs, with 5308 being presented for sale, seeing a very similar trade to a fortnight ago with plenty of buyers around the ring looking for all types of Store Lambs.

Top price of the day was £162 paid for a Texel Ram Lamb from Kirkham & Bourne of Werrington with another Texel Ram Lamb from the same vendor at £126, other Texel Lambs from Ian Forrester of Trent Vale sold up to £112 and £110, with a bunch of 45 Texels
from Alan Hayes of Alstonefield at £104.50 and a pen of ten from Joe Austin of Parwich at £103 with the same price being paid for a pen from Tony Gilman of Elkstones.

Several other pens of Texel Lambs made around £100.

Good shaped Bleu Du Maine Lambs, from Karen House of Congleton, topped at £104.

Twenty Beltex Store Lambs from Messrs Eardley of Macclesfield were well sold at £99 with another pen of Beltex from Andrew, Helen & Tim Carr of Waterfall at £93.

Suffolk Lambs from P & M Hayward & Son of Chapel en le Frith topped at £103 with 16 Suffolks from John Burton of Ipstones Edge at £102 and 10 from Joe Austin of Parwich at £99.

Mule Wether Lambs from Richard Piper at Longnor sold up to £96 with Jacob Lambs from P J Wardle of Stafford at £100.

Charolais mixed Lambs from Clive Grindey of Adlington sold at £91 with other Mule Wethers from Ron Critchlow & Family of Hartington at £88 and Woodland Ram Lambs from Rob Ford of Elkstones at £88 also.

Overall average achieved for Store Lambs was £80.93 including a number of long-term smaller sorts.


Ewe Lambs

There were 216 Ewe Lambs on offer, selling up to £145 from Messrs Walker of Matlock with Charolais Ewe Lambs from the same vendor at £130 and Cheviot Ewe Lambs from L Henshaw from Macclesfield at £125.

A pen of Jacob Ewe Lambs from PJ Wardle of Stafford exchanged hands for £105.

Mule Ewe Lambs from Mike Jones of Montgomery sold at £120 for four pens.

Average for Ewe Lambs was £103.16.



Shearling Ewes were in short supply, topping at £218 for a pen of Texels from J Simpson of Longnor, with another pen from Tony Gilman of Elkstones at £215, a pen of Mule Shearlings from A Hayes of Matlock at £190 and a pen of Mules from David Naylor of Glossop at £180.


Breeding Ewes

Older Ewes and Grazing Ewes sold up to £145 for a pen of 2 crop Ewes from John Painter of Alfreton with another pen from the same vendor at £140 and a pen from W Wright of Ashbourne at £141.

Kerryhill Ewes, being 4 and 6 tooth, from P Webster of Ashbourne were well sold at £142 with a pair of correct Texel Ewes from A Chadwick of Bosley at £125.


Breeding Rams

There were 53 Breeding Rams on offer with still plenty of demand, seeing Blue Faced Leicester Rams up to £480 from Mike Jones of Mongomery and Border Leicester Rams from Andrew Leeson of Ilam at £440.

Shearling Rams sold up to £420 for Texels from L Hadfield & Sons (twice), Charolais Shearling Rams from Pilkington Farmers of Hartington at £420 also.

An Oxford Shearling from Helen Wilson of Gayton exchanged hands for £300.

Suffolk Ram Lambs from June Sherratt of Meerbrook sold up to £310.


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