Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report 12th November

There was a total entry of 7,032 store lambs and breeding sheep were on offer predominately being store lambs which were a much improved trade to a fortnight ago with the average being £78.65.

Store Lambs;
There was an excellent company of buyers who bid keenly for all types of lambs which saw top prices of £109 for Texel lambs from B & K Stevenson of Derby with other Texel’s at £105 from S J Varga, £102 from Graham Sidebottom with several other pens exceeding £90 per head.

The average for Texel lambs was a very pleasing £81.08.

Border Leicester lambs sold up to £108 from P Kirkham & I C Bourne of Werrington with Blue Texel x lambs from P & R Griffin of Butterton up to £112.50. Charollais lambs from R Wood of Bradnop up to £92, Masham wether lambs from TE & GM Storer of Wincle at £86, Lleyn lambs from P & R Griffin of Butterton up to £87.50 with Beltex x lambs up to £88.50 from Messrs Eardley of Macclesfield, Mule wethers up to £78.50 from David Torr of Ilam with others at £76 (twice) and £74.

Suffolk lambs from Ross Worthington of Edale, sold up to £100 with others at £92.50 from P & M Hayward & Son of Chapel en le Frith. Oxford x lambs from R & M Phillips & Sons of Buxton sold up to £88.50 with others at £84.50. Cheviot lambs from E Greenwood of Brandside sold up to £86.

Overall average of £78.65 per head.

Breeding Section;
There was a smaller entry in the breeding section with 254 breeding ewe lambs topping at £155 for Texel x from B J Painter of Alfreton with Charollais ewe lambs from John Goldstraw of Waterhouses up to £125.

Shearling ewes topped at £200 for Suffolk Shearlings from B Jones of Idridghay with Swale shearlings from Andrew Chadwick of Abney at £135, Texel shearlings from Messrs Lowe from Hulme End at £148 to average £127.23.

Full mouth ewes topped at £142 for two crop Texel’s from Messrs Wright of Hartington with broken mouth Texel’s up to £122 from the same vendor and Dorset full mouth ewes from Mrs Coates of Fenney Bentley at £128.

There was an entry of 58 breeding Rams with a good enquiry from a number of buyers looking for additional breeding rams. Top price of the day was £490 for a Charollais shearling from R & L Vernon of Uttoxeter with another Charollais shearling from the same vendor at £420.

Texel shearlings from R Bassett & Son of Hulme End sold up to £400 (three times) with others at £380 (three times), Beltex shearlings from R & L Vernon of Uttoxeter sold up to £400 with Suffolk shearlings from R Bassett & Sons of Hulme End up to £450, £410 and £400.

Next Sale – Saturday 26th November

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