Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report 13th January

Store Lambs

There were 3,004 Store and Breeding Sheep on offer on Saturday. The vast majority of the entry were Store Lambs, with 2,911 being presented for sale and a total clearance achieved, seeing a very sharp, much improved trade on the last sale before Christmas.

The top price of the day was £137 which was paid for a Mule X Wether Lamb, from DA Taylor of Hollington, with Charolais Lambs from, Clive Grindey of Adlington, up to £126 and Texels topping at £126 also, from B Pegg of Ashbourne, £123.50 from RS Torr of Tissington, £120 from the same farmer and £119.

Other Texel Lambs from, Clive Grindey of Adlington, sold up to £117.50 with several other pens of Texel X Lambs above £110.

Beltex Store Lambs, from S Galtrey of Matlock, topped at £112 with another Beltex from the same vendor at £111, Suffolk Lambs, from Joe Austin of Parwich, sold up to £111.50.

Other Suffolk Lambs, from Jane Bonsall of Atlow, sold up to £107.50 with Lleyn Store Lambs, from Clive Grindey of Adlington, at £107.50 also, Mule Wether Lambs, from R Rowlinson of Ashbourne, up to £107, Charollais, from Christopher Joyce of Thorncliffe, £106.50 with other Charollais, from Stephen Pye of Swythamley, at £105.

Cheviot Lambs, from RC & JM Torr of Macclesfield, were well sold at £100.50.

Overall average received was £89.


Breeding Ewes

There was a small entry of Breeding Ewes including In-Lamb Texel Ewes, scanned to the Texel Ram, from Michael Turner of Grindon, sold up to £179 with Mule Ewes, also scanned In-Lamb, to the Texel Ram, from the same vendor, at £174 and £170. A pen of Zwartble Ewes, again scanned In-Lamb to the Texel Ram, also sold for £170 with a Texel X Ewe with Double Lambs at foot, from S Galtrey of Matlock, achieving



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