Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report 15th October

There was a total entry of 8,875 store and breeding sheep were on offer.

Store Lambs (6,392);
There were 6,392 store lambs on offer which returned an overall average of £69.62. With not quite as many of good quality lambs this sale as in the previous fortnight, which resulted in the slightly reduced average.

Top price of the day was £99 paid for Texel mixed lambs from B & K Stevenson of Derby with other Texel mixed lambs from S McMahon of Buxton at £98.50 and £91.50 for a pen of 6 from Izzy Kluznick of Ipstones Edge. Other Texels sold up to £90.50 from Christopher Joyce of Thorncliffe, £90 from Mr D W Fox of Buxton and £86 from Sarah Lloyd of Ipstones.

There were several other pens of Texels making over £80 a head with Suffolks up to £93.50 for a pen of ewe lambs from P & M Hayward & Sons of Chapel en le Frith with another pen of Suffolk ewe lambs from the same vendor at £90 and a pen from D W & A N A Brough of Onecote at £85.50.

A pen of Suffolk whether lambs from P & M Hayward & Sons of Chapel en le Frith exchanged hands for £84 with a pen of 31 Suffolks from the Wain Family of Upper Hulme selling well at £83.

Beltex lambs from John Kirkham of Hartington sold up to £84.50 for good shaped lambs with other Beltex up to £79.50 from Messrs Eardley of Macclesfield.

Charollais lambs from Messrs Woodward of Whiston sold at £77 with Oxfords up to £76 from the Phillips Family of Ladmanlow, Buxton.

Mule whether lambs from J Burrows of Macclesfield topped at £73 with others at £70 from Kidd Brothers of Quarnford.

Ewe Lambs (796);
A mixed entry of ewe lambs sold up to £136 for a pen of 12 Cheviots from James Burton, Ilam, with Texels to £131 from Smith & Wardman, Longnor, £120 for a single from D A Stubbs, Bramshall, £118 & £110 for Frontera lambs from LR & MJ Lowe, Hulme End. £104 for Texels from DV Holland, Blore. Other strong Texels generally £90 – £100.

Suffolks to £100 for M J Burnett, Rowsley. Mules topped at £98 for AM Jones, Rorrington who sold others at £90. £94 twice & £90 for J Burton, Ilam.

Zwartle ewe lambs to £87 for E A Meakin, Elkstones and £85 for P J Davenport, Calton.

Average of £84 for ewe lambs.

Shearlings (1202);
Quality shearlings sold well but second & third quality harder to sell. Top prices of £201 & £190 for North Country Mules from Helen White, Snelston, and £179 for Mules from John & Gary Fryer, Horton, who also sold others at £168. £155 for Mules from Geoff Millington.

Texel’s sold to £168 for E Morten & Sons, Barmoor Clough who also sold others for £160 & £152. £160 was paid for two pens of Texels from C A Sharply, Wildboarclough, and £152, £150 & £148 from S Beresford, Wildboarclough. £150 for Texels from LR & MJ Lowe, Hulme End amd £148 for J Naylor, Hulme End.

Beltex Shearlings sold to £154 for A Chadwick, Abney, £146 for a pen from C Banks, Clayton.

Cheviots to £140 for J Wood, Macclesfield and Kerry Hills to £140 for P Hambleton, Alstonefield.

Swale Shearlings sold for £138 from N Richardson, Reapsmoor.

Average of £128.64 for shearlings.

Ewes (484);
Ewes harder to place with a mixed entry. Top price of £116 for a pen of Beulahs from Jack Plant, Onecote, with Texel’s to £100 for S K Davies, Sutton. Mules sold to £97 for 2 crop ewes from F Klucznik, Ipstones Edge

Mules from DF & A Wainwright sold to £96 for 2 shear ewes, £94 for 3 shear Mules, £91 for 2 shear ewes and 3 pens at £90 for 2 – 4 shear ewes. Frith Brothers sold one crop Mule ewes for £95.

A pair of Kerry Hill 2 shear ewes sold for £96 from P Hambleton, Alstonefield and Texels to £95 for Ben Ratcliffe, Calton. £92 for Texels from L Jackson, Lyme Green and £88 for PM Simpson, Grindon.

Jacob ewes to £80 for 4 year old ewes from E Brown, Hixon & Border Leicester ewes to £78 for Full Mouth ewes from JP & BJ Wayne, Ible.

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