Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report 18th September

There was 9,601 Store and Breeding Sheep on offer with trade very firm in all sections.

Store Lambs (6375);
There were 6,375 store lambs on offer with a total clearance seeing a top price of £114 paid for Suffolk ewe lambs from John Hine of Biddulph with a pen of Suffolk ewe lambs from Philip Holley of Wildboarclough at £113 and a pen from Frith Bros of Thorpe at £111. Another pen of Suffolk ewe lambs from Philip Hooley sold for £110 with Continental ewe lambs from Jenny Dakin of Rushup Edge at £110.

Texel ewe lambs from Robert Belfield & Family sold for £108 with Texel ewe lambs from Geoff Nutter of Grindon at £106 and £103.

Mixed lambs from Mr B Chadwick of Hilton, sold up to £102 for Texels with Texel mixed lambs from John Dale of Reapsmoor at £100 and other Texels from Brian Simpson of Grindon at £100 also.

Charolais mixed lambs from Mr Heathcote of Macclesfield sold up to £98.50 with a pen of Texels from Steve and Yvonne Fairweather at £98 and another pen of Texels from AR & HM Etches of Earl Sterndale at £98.

Other pens of Texels sold for £97 from David Johnson and Family of Winkhill, Cyril Wain and Family of Upper Hulme and Shirley Ridgeway of New Mills. Suffolk mixed lambs from DW & A Brough of Onecote sold up to £96.50 with others at £96 from AW Taylor of Bollington and £95 from DW Fox of Buxton.

Charolais mixed lambs from Clive Grindey of Adlington sold up to £96 with others from D & R Grindey of Heaton at £92.50. A pair of Beltex lambs from Messrs Slack of Macclesfield sold for £91.50 with another pen at £91.

There was a strong trade for all sizes both a short term and long keep lambs.

Mule Wether lambs from Miss R Rowlinson of Mayfield sold up to £84.50 with Oxford X from R M Phillips & Sons of Ladmanlow at £83.50 and the same price being paid for another pen of Oxford lambs from Raymond Salt of Waterhouses.

Cheviot lambs from H Wainwright of Pott Shrigley sold up to £78.50 with another pen from Adam Shaw of Ashbourne at £77.50 with Hampshire lambs from D & R Grindey of Heaton at £76.

Overall average for store lambs was a very pleasing £81.26.

Ewe Lambs (2465);
We had a bumper entry towards the Annual Show and Sale on Ewe lambs with some excellent quality on offer in all sections. The judge and judges were kindly undertaken by Mr Gary Fryer and Mr Rob Machin who placed the prizes as follows:

Texel & Texel X Lambs
J L Morris, Cresswell (1st Prize)
S Edge, Ballidon (2nd Prize)

G Critchlow, Snelston (1st Prize)
M J Burnett, Rowsley (2nd Prize)

North Country Mule
Mycock & Bright, Buxton (1st Prize)
RF & J P Critchlow, Hartington (2nd Prize)

Welsh Mule
M J Burnett, Rowsley (1st Prize)

Any other Breed
DE & G M Storer, Wincle (Masham) 1st
L Longden, Basford (Cheviot) 2nd

Trade was brisk for the best sorts throughout the sale with trade for the Mule ewe lambs being particularly strong. Leading the way was Messrs Mycock & Bright from Buxton selling their first prize pen of Mules at £170 closely followed by other pens from the same home at £168.

Mule ewe lambs from Ron Critchlow and Family of Hartington sold to £162 and £160 was achieved for the best forward from Mr Burton of Ilam. Generally Tupping lambs were £140-£160 with the best running lambs being £110 – £130.

In the Texels trade was led by Mr Morris of Cresswell with his first prize pen of 10 achieving £188, closely followed by a second pen at £160. Stronger Texel lambs were generally £120 – £140 with the better end of the running lambs at £100 plus.

In other breeds highlights were as follows:

Cheviot Mules sold to £150 from Mr J Burton of Ilam
Dorsets sold to £134 from JP & DN Maltby of Over Haddon
Zwartbles sold to £120 from M J Fox of Barthomley
Masham sold to £116 from DE & GM Storer of Wincle
Suffolks sold to £112 from G Critchlow, Ashbourne

Shearling Ewes (610);
Another decent entry of Shearlings sold on a much improved trade from a fortnight ago with some excellent samples forward. Pure bred Texels from JWA Jeffrey of Sudbury topped at £290 per head with their run averaging £285 per head. Texel mules sold to £200 from E Morten & Son, Higher Barmoor Clough and Texel shearlings from Paul Storer at Reapsmoor sold to £190 per head.

Best Mule shearlings sold to £175 from Martha Gilman of Bosley, closely followed by £170 for Andrew Torr of Bradbourne.

Blue Face Leicester shearlings sold at £185 and best Charolais shearlings sold to £160 from John Shemilt of Ipstones.

Generally speaking, best shearlings were £150 – £170 with the section averaging £153 per head.

Ewes (480);
Best breeding ewes from Callum Banks of Newcastle sold to £170 for Beltex X ewes and 2 year old Cheviot ewes from J & P M Makinson of Sutton selling to £152.

¾ crop Mule ewes topped at £116 from Andy Evans with better end Mule ewes generally achieving £90 – £110 per head.

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