Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report 1st October

A total entry of 6,710 store and breeding sheep were on offer with a majority being store lambs which returned an average of £72 a head an increase of £2 per head on a fortnight ago.

Store Lambs (4,413);
There were a decent company of buyers around the ring with increased orders particularly from South Wales seeing a top price of £111 for Suffolk ewe lambs from P & M Hayward & Son of Chapel en le Frith with the same vendor selling another pen of Suffolk ewe lambs for £108 with Philip Hooley of Wildboarclough selling Suffolk ewe lambs for £105, £104 and £100.

Texel ewe lambs from John Kirkham of Hartington sold up £96.50 with a pen from Sue Henshaw of Fairfield at £91 and a pen of Texel’s from Frith Bros of Thorpe at £91.

Mixed Lambs from Mr Goddard of Macclesfield sold up to £87 for Suffolk’s with other Suffolk’s from Ross Worthington of Edale at £82, £81 for Shirley Ridgeway and £79 for lambs from Philip Hooley and John Barber of Quarnford.

A pen of Suffolk mixed lambs from Wager & Son, Hartington exchanged hands for £78.

Texel mixed lambs from Tony Gilman of Elkstones sold up to £96 with a pen from Adrian Brough of Onecote at £90.50 and a pen from W & M Sherratt of Hartington at £89.

Other Texel lambs from Stuart Frith of Thorpe sold up to £87.50 and also from Frith Bros of Thorpe with a pen from the Wain Family of Upper Hulme at £85 and another pen from John Kirkham of Hartington at the same price. There were several other pens of Texel’s over £80 a piece.

Charollais mixed lambs from Messrs Clark of Hope Valley sold up to £84 with Beltex from John Kirkham of Hartington at £86 and another pen of Beltex from N & AG Eardley of Macclesfield at £80.50.

Oxford lambs from R & M Phillips & Son of Ladmanlow exchanged hands for £74 with Mule whether lambs from EJ & LE Williams of Coombs at £75 and Cheviot lambs from Harold Wainwright of Pott Shrigley at £73.

Overall average achieved was £72 a head.

Ewe Lambs (793);
Top price of £145 for Charollais lambs from James Ball, Cheddleton with Texel’s to £139 for T N Staden, Brandside, £122 for J B Rowlinson & Son, Ramshorn, who sold others at £114, £112 & £110 and £116 for Texel’s from SJ Kirkham, Hartington and £114 for M Heath, Bradnop. Other strong lambs generally £95 – £110.

Mule ewe lambs topped at £114 & £98 for J Burrows, Macclesfield Forest, with Blue Faced Leicester for £108 for Mycock & Bright.

Overall average of £86.27.

Shearlings (1179);
Another strong entry of shearlings with some good pens forward selling up to £182 for a pen of Mules from John & Gary Fryer, with other mules to £168 for David Klucznik, and £162 & £160 for Andrew Torr. Other Mules generally £140 – £155.

Texel’s topped at £178 for Anne Porter, Cauldon Low, £164 for E Morten & Sons, Barmoor Clough who had others at £162, £158 & £150. A pen of 16 at £160 for R Robinson & Sons, Upper Hulme, £160 for Andrew Torr, and also for a pen from C A Sharpley, Wildboarclough.

Beltex shearlings to £165 & £155 from C Banks, Trent Vale. Charollais to £145 for James Ball, Cheddleton and £145 for JTJ Hawkins.

Overall average of £140.08 for Shearlings.

Ewes (325);
A mixed entry this Saturday saw the best breeding ewes to £145 for two crop Texel ewes from B J Simpson, Grindon with a pair of 3 crop Blue Texel’s at £140 for RS Torr, Tissington and £140 for 2 crop Texel’s from BG Clarkson who sold 3-4 crop ewes for £130. £132 twice for 2 shear Texel’s from J Ashton, Abbots Bromley. Aberfield ewes at £129 for P & NJ Ashworth, Bicton. Suffolk Mules to £128 for Graham Jones who sold Mules at £124.

Full mouth correct Mules £70 – £95 and grazing types less.

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