Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report 26th November

There was a total entry of 6,668 store lambs and breeding sheep on offer being a particularly good entry for the time of year with best quality store lambs being a very firm trade, although the smaller and second quality lambs were harder to place generally.

Store Lambs;
There were 6,334 store lambs which topped at £115 paid for Suffolk wether lambs from Philip Hooley of Wildboarclough with other Suffolk’s up to £94 from C S Edge of Ballidon, £90 from P & M Hayward & Sons of Chapel en le Frith, £90 also from Harold Wainwright of Pott Shrigley with several other pens of Suffolk’s over £85 a head.

Beltex lambs from Martin Lancaster of Congleton topped at £100 with lambs from Messrs Eardley of Macclesfield at £91. Texel lambs from W E Turnock & Sons of Onecote were particularly well sold up to £99 (twice) with another pen from Andrew Bowler of Ashley Hay at £99 also and Texel lambs from Geoff Nutter of Grindon at £97.50 and also from E Etches of Elkstones and £97 from DC & ME Andrews of Flash, £97 from Messrs Gibbs of Ashbourne, £96 from A W Taylor of Bollington. There were several other pens of Texel’s exceeding £90 a head.

Charollais lambs from Roy Harvey of Horton sold up to £108.50 and £100.50 from Stephen Pye of Swythamley, £95.50 from the same vendor. Blue Texel lambs from Robert Frith of Thorpe topped at £94 with Aberfield x lambs from Robert Belfield and Family of Upper Hulme at £89.50 and £89.

Gritstone x lambs from Jenny Dakin of Rushup Edge sold up to £78 with Lleyn mixed lambs from Clive Grindey of Adlington at £95 with Lonk lambs from J K Garlic of Buxton at £78, Mule lambs from J M Cottrill & Sons of Bamford sold up to £80, £77.50 from Alan Hayes of Alstonefield, £76 from J T Cottrell of Macclesfield Forest. Oxford Lambs from Peter Webster sold up to £96 with Continental x lambs from Alan Edgecox of Onecote up to £88. Cheviot lambs from Clive Grindey of Adlington at £94.

Overall average for store lambs was a pleasing £74.02.

Breeding Section;
There were 175 breeding ewe lambs with the top price being £125 for a Kerryhill ewe lamb from George Burton of Ipstones Edge with 3 more Kerryhill ewe lambs from the same vendor at £102. Mule ewe lambs from Broomhead Estates Farms up to £106, £105 and £104 with Cheviot ewe lambs from C Staples of Hollinsclough at £97 to average £87.46 overall.

There were only a few Yearling ewes on offer being a pen of Mules from C Pickford of Rainow which sold for £160.

Breeding ewes of which there was 131 topped at £138 for mule ewes from Colin Pickford of Rainow to produce an average of £58.57 which including a good proportion of small grazing sorts.

Breeding Rams topped at £400 paid for a Texel shearling from N Brocklehurst of Ashford in the Water who also sold other Texel shearlings for £380, £360 and £340.

Next Sale – Saturday 10th December

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