Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report 29th October

There was a total entry of 6,933 store and breeding sheep were on offer with a trade for store lambs being much improved on a fortnight ago with a good company of buyers in attendance from a wide area bidding strongly on all types of lambs especially the medium and stronger sorts.

Store Lambs (5,590);
There was an 100% clearance with 5,590 store lambs on offer with a top price of £102, paid for a pen of Suffolk x from Mr D W Fox of Buxton with other Suffolks up to £83.50 and £83 from Philip Hooley and P & M Hayward & Sons of Chapel en le Frith. There were 6 other pens of Suffolks which sold over £80 per head.

Texel lambs from Izzy Proctor of Brown Edge sold up to £94.50 with £93.50 being paid for Texels from Robert Frith of Ilam, £92 from Andrew Henshaw & Family of Fairfield, £92 from B Ditchfield of Calwich, £91.50 from TJ Storer of Longnor, £91 from S E Dean of Wincle, with other pens making over £80 per head.

Blue Texel lambs from Lockett Bull Hire of Heaton sold for £90 with Charollais lambs from D Perkins of Newtown at £78.50 and £77 from Ian Archer of Elkstones and also from John Price of Kettleshulme. Gritstone lambs from P & V Bennison of Stockport sold up to £61 with Lleyn lambs from ES Bennison of Stockport at £78.50, Herdwick x from Tom Fentem of Biggin at £66.50. Jacob lambs from Russell Campbell of Cellarhead sold up to £77 with Welsh mule wethers from Ian and Robert Smith up to £79.50.

Mule wether lambs up to £86 from Graham Sidebottom of Marple Bridge, £85 from Ian and Robert Smith of Ilam, £81.50 from J Burton of Ilam and £79.50 from LJ Melland of Stockport. Oxford x lambs from R & M Phillips & Sons of Ladmanlow were in good demand up to £79 with another pen from the same vendor at £78 with Beltex lambs from Alan Hayes of Alstonefield up to £72. Cheviot lambs from J Burton of Ilam sold up to £80.

Overall average was £72.28.

Ewe Lambs (439);
A good entry for the time of year, seeing Texel ewe lambs up to £141 for an excellent pen from Smith & Wardman, Longnor with other Texel’s at £121 for Alan Hayes, Alstonefield and £96 & £94 for D V Holland, Blore, £94 for TJ Storer, Longnor and £90 for Russell Jones, Whaley Bridge.

Charolais ewe lambs to £120 for JL & NT Walker, Matlock who also sold Suffolk’s to £96 and £88 for a pen of Border Leicester’s. Two pens of Dorset ewe lambs sold to £108 & £106 from M J Turner, Freehay.

Mule lambs to £88 from Philip Hooley, Wildboarclough and £84 from M & D Barber, Blore. £80 for Mules from C W Kidd and £80 for two pens from Mycock & Bright, Buxton.

Overall average of £82.19.

Shearlings (719);
Another strong number of shearlings forward this week, selling up to £163 for a pen of Texel’s from D Mycock, Friden, who sold others at £160, £154, £152 & £140. £160 twice for Texel’s from E Morten & Sons, Barmoor Clough who sold other pens at £152, £150, and £148. £160 for three from P M Sellers, Cauldon Low, and £145 for Texel’s from W Slack, Heald Green and £142 for F Smedley, Longnor. S Gould, Warslow sold Texel’s to £142 & £138.

Mules sold to £145 for Frank Wentworth, Elkstones, and £140 for Sir Bromley Davenport, Capesthorne and £138 for a pen from J Redfern, Onecote.

A pen of Cheviots realised £138 for Chris Wood, Cauldon Low.

Overall average of £130.13.

Ewes (185);
Less ewes about this week, selling up to £144 for a pen of 2 Shear Suffolk’s from PF Gilman, Thorncliffe and £130 for correct Charolais ewes from Frank Rushton, Pikehall, who also sold correct Black Texel ewes for £125.

Other Texel’s sold up to £125 for correct ewes from Karen House, Congleton, and £120 for Texel’s from JA Painter and £120 for Texel’s from VM & GW Hall, Uttoxeter.

Derbyshire Mules sold to £100 for F Smedley, Longnor with a pen of correct Mules at £92 for G V Matkin, Kirk Ireton, who sold similar at £85.

Next Sale;
Saturday 12th November
Entries Close Friday 4th November

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