Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report 30th September

Total entry of 7979 Store Lambs and Breeding Sheep were on offer with very firm trade in all sections.

A Particularly strong trade was experienced for the longer-term Lambs.

Store Lambs

There were 5610 Store Lambs on offer with a total clearance seeing top prices of £122 for two pens of Ewe Lambs from P Hooley of Wildboarclough with another pen of Ewe Lambs from G Sidebottom and Family of Marple Bridge at £118 and a third pen from P Hooley at £116.

Ewe Lambs from A Hayes of Alstonefield sold up to £116 and £112 with mixed Suffolk Lambs selling up to £99 from R Piper of Longnor, £97.50 from P Hooley of Wildboarclough, £96 from Wager & Son of Hartington and £95.50 from D Naylor of Glossop.

Average for Suffolk Lambs was £96.02

Cheviot Lambs from P & M Hayward & Son of Chapel en le Frith sold for £97 with Texel mixed Lambs, also from P & M Hayward & Son at £119 and £116 from S Berrisford of Wildboarclough and a second pen from the Hayward Family at £107.

Other Texel Lambs from J H Belfield of Macclesfield Forest sold for £104 and £99 for T Currington of Hartington.

Average for Texel Lambs was £86.74.

Blue Texel Lambs from A Henshaw of Buxton sold up to £94 with Wensleydales from N Hodkinson of Boundary at £87, Mule Wether Lambs from L Frith of Thorpe at £86 and £84.50 from G Tunnicliffe & Family of Quarnford with two more pens at £84.

Oxford mixed Lambs from The Phillips Family of Ladmanlow sold up to £90 with an overall average for Store Lambs of £84.94 with a number of smaller sorts on offer this week.

Ewe Lambs

1174 Breeding Ewe Lambs, these were a much sharper trade selling up to £154 for Texels from S & D Fearn of Wardlow Miers, £152 from S J Hudson of Ilam, £152 from A Hayes of Alstonefield and £150 from Messrs Lowe of Hulme End.

Several other pens sold over £140 each with the average for Texels being £115.15.

Charolais Ewe Lambs sold up to £124 for R Brown & Sons of Hixon with Mule Ewe Lambs in particularly strong demand up to £130 from J & D Kidd of Quarnford, with a pen from L Frith of Thorpe at £128 and a second pen from the Kidd Bros. at £128 also.

Two more pens of Mule Ewe Lambs for L Frith sold for £125 and £124, the average for Mule Ewe lambs was £120.84.

Suffolk Ewe lambs were in short supply and sold particularly well, topping at £154 from A Hayes of Alstonefield and £128 for three more pens to average £128.78.

The overall average for Ewe Lambs was £114.24.

Shearlings & Ewes

There were 890 Shearlings on offer with some excellent prices up to £235 paid for a pen of 6 Texel Shearlings from T J Jackson of Upper Mayfield with other Texel Shearlings at £210 & £205 from E W Moss & Son of Endon and also from E Morten & Sons of Barmoor Clough.

Other top prices included £208 (twice) for pens of Texel Shearlings from Messrs Lowe of Hulme End and £200 from S & Y Fairweather of Burton-on-Trent.

Several other pens of Texel Shearlings made over £190 producing an average of £167.46.

Dorset Shearlings from S J Kirkham of Hartington sold up to £200 with Lleyn Shearlings from C Grindey of Adlington at £158, Herdwick Shearlings form T Fentem of Biggin at £130 and also from I Hooley of Ipstones.

Mule Shearlings from D Klucznik of Longsdon sold well up to £190 with a pen from J Conway of Glossop at £188, £185 for a second pen form D Klucznik with several other pens selling for over £175.

Suffolk Shearlings topped at £152 from P J Pennigton of Hyde.


There were 304 Older Breeding Ewes, these topped at £152 paid for Suffolk X Ewes from R Critchley of Denstone with another pen of Suffolk correct Ewes from S Ridgway at £150 with Charolais Correct Ewes from L Mellor & Partners of Sutton at £140 with the same price being paid for a pen from K Bradbury of Onecote.

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