Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report 3rd September

There was a total entry of 4,132 store and breeding sheep on offer with a mixed trade being experienced, with the best quality store lambs and breeding sheep meeting a decent demand, but the second quality were a steadier trade with several buyers holding off from buying store lambs or breeding ewes until the grass conditions improve.

Store Lambs (2,485);

There were 2,485 store lambs on offer which returned an overall average of £73.09 seeing a top price of £112 for a pair of Texel well shaped lambs from M & D Barber of Blore with other Texels up to £105 from Messrs Wains of Upper Hulme and £96 from J Naylor of Hulme End and £96 also from Mr Heathcote of Macclesfield.

Other Texels topped at £90 from Will Tompkinson of Calwich, £89.50 from L S Riley & Family of Longnor, £88 from Andrew Henshaw & Family of Fairfield and £86 from L S Riley & Family of Longnor.  Glynne Redfern of Onecote sold Texel lambs up to £85.50 as did Ian and Robert Smith of Ilam with Amy Seabridge of Stone receiving £85.

Charollais lambs topped at £100 for a pen from Messrs Rowson-Jones with Beltex up to £86 from M W Woodward of Whiston.

Suffolk lambs from Harold Wainwright of Pott Shrigley topped at £99 with others from the Wain Family of Upper Hulme at £95.50 and £95 again from Mr Wainwright.  Ian and Robert Smith of Ilam sold Suffolk ewe lambs up to £94.50 with Suffolk mixed lambs from P & M Hayward & Son of Chapel en le Frith, £85.50.

Ewe Lambs

A small entry met a solid trade given the circumstances.  Only running lambs on offer which topped at £118 for Texels from Waller Farms at Sutton.  Mashams sold to £101 from GA & SM Wainwirght and Suffolks from the same vendor at £98.

Show and Sale 17th September, entries close 9th September.

Shearlings (1304)

A good entry forward, with trade variable as predicted, with some failing to meet vendors expectations.  Having said that a number exceeded expectations and the majority traded successfully.

The show was kindly judged by Michael Turner, fresh from his success at Carlisle the previous day.  Thank you to Michael for his time and effort.

Texel Shearlings from E Morten & Sons sold to £179, £174 etc, with others from Messrs Brunt at £168.  Better sorts generally £140 plus.

Mule Shearlings saw some excellent runs forward.  Top price went to Andrew Torr at £172, closely followed by Andrew Cooper at £168.  Several other runs saw their best at £160 plus.

An excellent pen of Cheviot Shearlings from Philip Williams of Tean sold to £168, with others at £165.

Suffolk Shearlings topped at £142 from Mark Gardiner (twice).

Highlight of the day was a pen of pretty Herdwicks from Will Barton selling to £190.

Trade expected to improve as the season moves forward (hopefully).

Overall average £141/head.

Breeding Sheep

A small entry, with the highlight being a run of Pedigree Beltex ewes from Sam Hall of Longnor selling to £195, £185 and £175.

Texel 2 and 3 crop ewes from Brian Clarkson sold up to £130/head.

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