Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report 5th February

There was a total entry of 2,313 store and breeding sheep were on offer with a very sharp trade.

Store Lambs (2,137);
There were 2,137 store lambs on offer seeing a top price of £150 paid for a single Dorset lamb from R Henshaw of Fairfield with a bunch of 3 from the same vendor at £143 and another Dorset again from the same farm at £129.

Charollais lambs from Clive Grindey of Adlington sold up to £136 and £119.50 for a bunch of 39 from Stephen Pye of Swythamley. Texel lambs sold up to £131 from ES Bennison of Stockport, £130.50 for a bunch of 4 Texels from Clive Grindey of Adlington, £130 for a bunch of 12 from Trevor Ede of Stramshall and also for a bunch of 4 from Andrew Henshaw of Fairfield. Other Texel lambs sold up to £129, £128.50 with several other pens over £120 per head.

Cheviot lambs from Tom Fentem of Biggin sold up to £129 and £118.50 from J Henshaw of Fairfield. Zwartble x lambs from JL & NT Walker of Matlock sold up to £97 a head with Lonk lambs up to £102 from CL Henshaw of Fairfield.

Lleyn lambs topped at £122 from Messrs Davenport of Leekbrook and £119 from Clive Grindey of Adlington. Mule Wether lambs from A & W Sadler & Sons of Oaken Hays Farm were well sold at £112.50 with others at £110 from JL & NT Walker of Matlock with Suffolks from Ross Worthington up to £109.50.

The small longer term lambs were particularly well sold with several buyers in attendance looking for this type of lamb.

Overall average a very pleasing £89.98.

Breeding Sheep (176);
There were 73 breeding ewe lambs topping at £125 for a pen of 9 Cheviot ewe lambs from Stuart Frith with Texel ewe lambs from Stuart Mycock of Warslow up to £124 and another pen of Cheviot ewe lambs from the same farm at £121.50.

Zwartble ewe lambs from Motteram Bros of Uttoxeter sold up to £107.

There were 31 Shearlings topping at £210 for Mule Shearlings having run with the Texel or Beltex Ram from Neil Richardson with Texel Shearlings from AS Johnson of Biddulph Moor of similar note at £202.

There were 72 older breeding ewes topping at £225 achieved for a 3 shear Cheviot ewe scanned to lamb in April from Clive Hidderley of Ipstones with a bunch of 5, 6 tooth and full mouth Cheviot x Texels from C Wood of Cauldon Low again scanned in lamb for April achieving up to £220 and £212.

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