Store Sheep Report 14th November

A total entry of 4,757 store lambs and breeding sheep were on offer with store lambs being particularly well sold, averaging an exceptional £74.80 for the whole entry of lambs.

Store Lambs

There was 4,334 store lambs on offer selling up to a top price of £94 for Suffolk x lambs from Cyril Wain and Family of Upper Hulme with other Suffolk lambs up to £91.50 from K Turner of Buxton and £88 and £85.50. There was 6 other lots of Suffolk lambs selling in advance of £80/head including a packet of 80 lambs from P & M Hayward & Son of Chapel en le Frith which exchanged hands for £83.

Charollais x lambs from Clive Grindey of Adlington sold up to £93.50 and £90.50 with a pen from Ian Archer of Elkstones up to £88 and another pen from Clive Grindey at £86.50.

Texel lambs from Stephen Pye of Swythamley sold up to £90 with some more from DE & GM Storer of Wincle at £90 and £88.50 from Raymond Salt of Waterhouses. A pen from Mark Rowlinson of Ramshorn sold up to £86.50 with Robert Belfield receiving up to £85.50 for Texel x’s and £85 for another lot.

There were several other pens of Texels selling in advance of £80/head.

Cheviot lambs from R Bassett & Sons of Hulme End sold up to £80 with Continental x lambs from Des Alcock of Elkstones at £80 also. Oxford mixed lambs from Reg Phillips and Family sold up to £84 and £78.50 with Beltex lambs from Nicola Beardsley of Weston Underwood up to £88.50 and £88.

Mule wether lambs were dearer on the week selling up to £75 from R Bassett & Sons of Hulme End with another pen from M & D Barber of Blore at £74.50 and £73 from Graham Sidebottom and £70.50 from A & J Henshaw of Buxton.

Other top prices included £69 for Highlander lambs from Stuart Chapman with Gritstone lambs up to £66 from A T Cooper with an average of £74.79 being achieved for all lambs on offer.

Breeding Ewe Lambs

There were 317 breeding ewe lambs on offer with a top price of £88 for Texel ewe lambs from S & D Fearn of Wardlow Mires with another pen from the same vendor at £94 and a pen from S Lynam of Alsop in the Dale at £90.

Beltex ewe lambs from Nicola Beardsley sold up to £94 with Mule ewe lambs from Mark Jones of Montgomery at £90 and £84.

Suffolk ewe lambs from Brook Bank Farm Limited sold up to £82 with Cheviot ewe lambs at £92 from J Henshaw of Fairfield and Beulah ewe lambs from J Plant of Onecote at £90.

Overall average achieved for ewe lambs was £79.90.


There was only a small entry of Shearlings selling up to £170 for Suffolk shearlings from Pilkington Farmers of Hartington.

Breeding Ewes

There were 68 breeding and grazing ewes selling up to £72 to average £35.72, with the whole entry being older ewes and the vast majority being Welsh and Swale breeds.


Breeding rams topped at £300 for a Texel shearling from Pilkington Farmers with others from the same vendor at £220 (twice) with Charollais shearlings from the same vendors at £240 and Suffolk shearlings at £250 again from Pilkington Farmers.

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