Store Sheep Report 31st October

A total entry of 7,920 store lambs and breeding sheep. There was an excellent trade for all classes of store and breeding sheep.

Store Lambs

There was 6,459 store lambs on offer being a particularly sharp trade seeing a top price of £93.50 for a pen of Texel x lambs from Mrs Susan Henshall of Buxton with Will Tomkinson receiving £90.50 for another pen of Texel x’s with other top prices for Texels being £86 from J B Rowlinson of Ramshorn, £85.50 from Andrew Leeson of Ilam, £84.20 from A Wilshaw of Meerbrook, £83.50 from G V Matkin and J Naylor of Hulme End. There were several other pens of Texels around £80 per head with Beltex lambs selling up to £87.50 from Brian Simpson of Grindon and also from Martin Lancaster with £81 being paid for another pen of Beltex from T & J White of Sheffield.
Suffolk lambs sold up to £84.50 from K Turner of Longnor and £82.50 from W E Turnock & Sons with Hampshire lambs from D & R Grindey of Heaton up to £84.20.
Charollais lambs from S B Mellor & Sons of Bottomhouse sold up to £79.50 with others from N & AG Eardley of Macclesfield at £79 and £78.50 from J L & NT Walker.
Oxford lambs from Reg Phillips & Family of Buxton sold up to £77 with Charmoise from Mr R Hughes of Congleton up to £78. Lleyn lambs from M G Davenport of Leekbrook at £77, Cheviot lambs from A Thompson at £76 and £73 from A T Cooper of Sheffield.
Masham wether lambs from DJ & AM Storer sold up to £62 with Gritstones at £73 from J W Bassett of Hartington and £71.50 from T D Harding of Kettleshulme.
Mule wether lambs were particularly well sold this week with a top price of £79 from D F & A Wainwright with £69.50 being paid for a pen from George Ardern of Ashover, £68 from R Bassett of Hulme End, £65 from JD Goddard of Langley and £64.50 from Graham Sidebottom.
An overall average for store lambs was £69.82.

Breeding Ewe Lambs

There were 643 breeding ewe lambs with some excellent prices seeing top prices £160 for a pen of Texel ewe lambs from J L Morris of Cresswell and £150 being paid for another pen of Texels from Smith and Wardman of Longnor, £120 for a pen of Texels from S & D Fearn of Wardlow Mires with the same vendors having £118 for a second pen.
Scotch Half-bred ewe lambs from Pilkington Farms of Hartington sold up to £112 and £108 with Suffolk ewe lambs from J A Griffin of Osmaston up to £104 with £100 being paid for a pen of Suffolks from M J Wain of Brassington. Aberfield ewe lambs from Hough Park Farm Partnership sold up to £98 with Cheviots up to £96 from S Down of Hilderstone with an average of £81.50 being paid.


There was less Shearlings on offer with 226 exchanging hands seeing a top price of £198 for a pen of Texel shearlings from E Morten & Sons of Barmoor Clough with £180 being paid another pen of Texels from the same vendors and £170 for a third pen.
Texel shearlings from A & J Henshaw of Buxton sold up to £168 with Mule shearlings from the same vendor at £165 with John & Gary Fryer receiving £162 for another pen of Mule Shearlings with Suffolks from E Morten & Sons of Barmoor Clough at £150 and £145.
Overall average achieved for shearling was a pleasing £136.33

Breeding Ewes

There was 590 breeding ewes with the top price being £112 for Texel mixed ewes from J & J Spillane of Fairfield with Mule mixed ewes from the same vendor at £104 and Lleyn from Messrs Spencer and Jones of Butterton at £92.
There were a number of grazing sorts on offer with the overall average achieved being £47.15.

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