Dairy Report 16th March

A tremendously busy day in the dairy shed saw a total entry of 138 which comprised 86 Milkers, 50 Youngstock together with 2 Stock Bulls.

Numerous milkers passed the £2000 mark with an exceptional heifer from Andrew & Joanna Bunting of Bakewell topping the day at £2290. Hot in pursuit were Edward & Dianne Bennett of Whiston with their Seagull-Bay MVP daughter at £2240. John Stone of Onecote had a lovely run of 7 heifers in that topped at £2030 to average £1960. Cows topped at £2100 for a second calver from Messrs Palfreyman of Flagg.

British Friesians from Stephen Seabridge of Stone reached £1890 with a Jersey second calver from Messrs Phillips of Winkhill to £1410.

The trade continued within the commercial section which saw Malcom Trevor-Jones of Oswestry top with a heifer at £2180 with a second to £2080. He also saw his Norwegian Red X second calver reach £1960. Other heifers from Andrew Mills of Leicester and Messrs Bennett of Hope Valley at £2080 and £2000 respectively. Cows topped at £1970 for a third calver from Messrs Clark of Bradnop.

The special entry of youngstock from the Havendale Herd of Messrs Flower met a scorching trade which saw yearlings to £1090, 8 month old heifers to £890 and 3 months to £590.

Young calves were much sought after with a run of Friesian types from David Wrench of Henbury to £280. Two Simmental Stock Bulls 4 year and 27 months old sold well to £2050 and £1840.

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