Market Report 15th December

A phenomenal show of dairies this year, and what a trade, with the whole entry averaging £1981 and 30 over £2000. Thank you to all our customers for their support & patience with the pandemic this year. The Champion Dairy Heifer went to Sterndale Regiment Masquerade from the Nadin family of Earl Sterndale, selling at £2680. Reserve Champion was shown by Norman Mellor & family of Earl Sterndale with another superb heifer selling for £2450.

A strong trade for butchers lambs this week with a super entry forward, selling to 248p/kg and best quality selling over 230p/kg, with the entry averaging 212p/kg. Cull ewes were in big demand, topping at £150 for continentals and averaging £73 overall!

More barren cows this week, selling on a solid trade up to 148p/kg, and black & white’s to 125p/kg.
Another excellent show of fat pigs this Tuesday and some very good quality forward, with prices up across the board. Top prices of 168p/kg for cutters and bacon pigs to 160p/kg, with prices up 15-20p on the week.

Calf trade just as dear and some exceptional quality with a British Blue bull calf selling at £450 and heifers up to £306.

Barren Cows (51);

Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

Good to see more about this Tuesday and trade still strong for all qualities, especially the stronger cattle. Top price of 148p/kg for a 715kg Simmental cow with other Simmentals to 124p/kg for J Deaville, Bucknall.

Montbeliarde’s sold to 125p/kg for a 650kg cow from L Hadfield & Sons, Peak Forest with Friesians to 123p/kg for G & D Shuker, Whaley Bridge and 123p/kg for a 695kg Friesian from S L Seabridge, Stone and also for a 715kg Dairy Shorthorn from RD Kite & Son, Milwich.
Overall average of 104.17p/kg or £695.01.

Other top prices;
122p 800kg Holstein – A Povey & Sons, Doveridge
121p 740kg Friesian – G & D Shuker & Sons, Fernilee
120p 605kg Angus – A E Allcock, Waterhouses
119p 615kg Holstein – F H James, Stone
119p 700kg Friesian – D & G Tudor, Kingsley
119p 765kg Friesian – G & D Shuker & Sons, Fernilee
118p 605kg Holstein – BP & JR Needham, Heaton
Top headage price of £1058.20 for the Simmental cow with Holsteins to £976.

Clean Cattle;

Selling time – 10:45am approx.
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A small entry and no best quality cattle forward. Two black & white bulls sold to 164p/kg for a 550kg Friesian and 160p/kg for a 575kg Friesian from J E Archer & Sons, Hilton.

Dairies (96);

Selling time – 11:30am
Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)

Trade Beyond All Expectations!
Top of £2680 * 30 Over £2000 * Average £1981
No one can argue it’s been a difficult year but with the help of good staff and the understanding and co- operation of clients we have kept the job going.

Yesterday proved to be a fitting climax to 2020 with the trade for milkers exceeding all expectations.

Helped by an outstanding show of cattle which were very capably judged by John Minshall of Tean we saw a top of £2680, 30 pass the £2000 mark and the entry average £1981, probably the highest I have ever known.

The heifers forward were of the highest quality and it was a Sterndale Regiment daughter Sterndale Regiment Masquerade from the Nadin family of Buxton that caught the judges eye. Boasting 4 generations VG/EX she was pulled out first in the heifer class and then went on to take the championship.

Sold giving 36kg and after some very spirited bidding she was eventually clinched by Bill and William Bradbury of Buxton.

The Nadins also saw a second of their heifers Sterndale Chief Brenda, a 12 generation VG/EX heifer by Stantons Chief reach £2600 to Messrs Mycock of Flagg, Buxton. Another exceptionally well bred heifer Sterndale Nightime Brenda 12 gens VG/EX reached £2340 to Messrs Cope of Preece, Whitchurch The Nadins entry of 7 averaged an exceptional £2260.
Second in the heifer class and taking the reserve champion was Braemarhouse Fantastic Valerie 2 from the Mellor family of Earl Sterndale. Boasting an 11249kg dam, she was sold giving 30kg and went to a local purchaser at £2450.
Taking the honours in the cow class was regular vendors Messrs Easom of Oakerthorpe with their cow Broomhouse Bookem Beat 5037. She had given 12802kg in herd 3.

Fresh with her 4 and giving 52kg she went to Messrs Docksey of Meerbrook for £2220.
Topping the commercial section at £2200 was a fresh second calver from Freeford Farms of Lichfield. She went Messrs Davenport of Broomhall.
There were just so many highlights, too many to mention. Thank you to all vendors and purchasers for your continued support and for all the generous sponsors of the Show and Sale. We are business as usual on the 22nd and the 29th December so we hope to see you over the Christmas Period!

Topping the commercial section at £2200 was a fresh second calver from Freeford Farms of Lichfield. She went Messrs Davenport of Broomhall.
There were just so many highlights, too many to mention. Thank you to all vendors and purchasers for your continued support and for all the generous sponsors of the Show and Sale. We are business as usual on the 22nd and the 29th December so we hope to see you over the Christmas Period!

Pigs (146);

Selling time – 9:15am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A much improved trade for pigs this Tuesday with a couple of new buyers after stock, especially the best sorts.

Pork pigs sold to 122p/kg for 71kg pigs from J & B Fentem, Alsop en le Dale who also sold 74kg pigs at 112p/kg.

Cutting pigs topped at 168p/kg for a 79kg pig from J & B Fentem who sold a run of cutters at 158p/kg, 139p/kg, 136p/kg (twice).
An excellent supply of bacon pigs and good demand selling up to 160p/kg for 94kg pigs from MC & EA Beattie, Allostock, who sold others at 159p/kg, 158p/kg, 156p/kg (twice) and 154p/kg. A trio of 90kg pigs sold for 156p/kg for J Davenport, Gawsworth and 100kg pigs sold for 151p/kg for J G Belfield, Sheen and a trio of 102kg pigs realised 151p/kg for Bernard Minshull.

Heavy pigs topped at 148p/kg for 110kg pigs from PF & PD Parsons, Whitchurch with 148p/kg also paid for a 120kg pig from Chris Hine. Others heavy pigs sold at 126p/kg for a trio of 119kg pigs from J G Belfield and 118p/kg for 107kg pigs from the same home.

Cull sows sold to 68p/kg for a 292kg sow from CP Wardle, Elworth with 66p/kg paid for a 242kg sow from R Rowlinson, Ramshorn and 66p/kg for a 268kg sow from Chris Hine.

Pork Pigs (6); av 115.23p/kg or £84.31/head
Cutting Pigs (25); av 129.46p/kg or £102.17/head
Bacon Pigs (73); av 127.47p/kg or £121.43/head
Heavy Pigs (28); av 107.84p/kg or £122.63/head
Cull Sows (6); av 59.33p/kg or £141.80/head

Sheep Section;

Selling time 11:00am
Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652) BUTCHERS LAMBS (790);

A seasonal entry sold on another solid trade. Big lambs harder to sell on the week, due mostly to Tier 3 regulations coming into force in London damaging domestic trade.

Best sorts seeing spirited bidding to top of 248p/kg, plenty of best sorts at 230p and above. Best big lambs selling to 222p/kg or £125.40.

Lambs wanted next week. Market at Normal!!

Sample prices;
229p 39kg J Gilman & Partners, Bosley
248p 43.5kg Mycocks Agri Ltd, Flagg
245p 44kg Mycocks Agri Ltd, Flagg
236p 40kg J M Robinson, Swythamley
236p 40.5kg J M Robinson, Swythamley
234p 45kg G W Hicklin, Onecote
234p 42.6kg J M Robinson, Swythamley
246p 46.7kg R & S Bailey, Cloudside
240p 48.3kg R & S Bailey, Cloudside
238p 51kg R & S Bailey, Cloudside
234p 48kg D B Goldstraw, Meerbrook
222p 55.7kg D B Goldstraw, Meerbrook
197p 52.5kg A G Tomkinson, Thorpe
190p 66kg D B Goldstraw, Meerbrook

Overall SQQ average of 212.62p/kg.

Cull Sheep (399);

A bumper entry sold on a fast trade, particularly for the best Texel’s and the Mules.
Best Texel sold to £150 for Roger & Simon Bailey. Best Texels generally £120 and above.
Best Mules topping at £90/head.
Overall average £72.26 including a large run of Welsh ewes.

Calves (128);

Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899);

The calf trade remains very strong with all buyers present today and producing some remarkable results.

36 Continental Bulls av £255.72
A tremendous Blue bull 40 days old topped the market and sold for a staggering £450 from Andrew Hulme, Basford. 10 other better bulls topped £300. Mediums £220 – £290 with a few smalls around £200.

22 Blues av £256 to £450 – DW & P Hulme
6 Sims av £278 to £360 – C W Gibson
6 Lims av £238 to £350 – H Hodgkinson & Son

26 Continental Heifers av £157.15
Trade just as fast but a number of smaller calves in todays entry with only a few lest calves. A lovely Blue from the Cotton family, team made £306 with the top 5 over £220. Mediums £150 – £200 with a few smalls less.
14 Blues av £193 to £306 – FA & TM Cotton, Tean
4 Sims av £113 to £165 – Robinson Partners
8 Lims av £115 to £260 – E Moss

43 Natives
6 Here Bulls av £239 to £300 – S McCleavy
10 AA Bulls av £133 to £250 – R G Emmott 10 Here Hfrs av £102 to £190 – S M McCleavy
16 AA Hfrs av £94 to £195 – S & J Ryder

15 Black & White Bulls av £48.71
Big Holsteins 2 mths made up to £112 with four fresh Monty’s from £80 – £84. Smaller bulls generally £30 – £45 today.
8 Reared Herefords (7-8mths) sold to £270 for a bunch of 5 heifers from C P Wardle, Elworth.

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