Market Report 22nd December

A quieter sale day being the last sale before Christmas Day but what a trade throughout, in particular the Dairy section and the Butchers


A lovely show of dairies sold on another exceptional trade, topping at £2430 for a heifer from Malcolm Trevor-Jones, Oswestry with 14 milkers over £2000, and the entry averaging £1843.

Sheep vendors were very well rewarded with most hesitant with the current export situation but what a superb trade, selling to 258p/kg and the whole entry averaging £101/head.

Calves were on fine form also, with a buoyant trade topping at £395 for Blue bulls and weaned heifers to £495.

A smaller show of barren cattle this Tuesday with the stock on offer selling well, to top at 147p/kg.

A strong trade for pigs this week, especially handier weight sorts, selling to 156p/kg twice.

We are open as Normal next Tuesday!!

Barren Cows

Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
A small entry of barrens this week and a good trade throughout with a top price of 147p/kg for a 760kg Simmental with 142p/kg for a 750kg Simmental and another 790kg Simmental cow at 138p/kg, from Rushton Spencer.

Black & white’s sold up to 126p/kg for a 890kg Holstein from WG & J Clark, Bradnop with a 695kg Brown Swiss at 105p/kg for G & D Shuker & Sons, Whaley Bridge.

Angus’ sold up to 107p/kg for a 670kg cow from A E Allcock, Waterhouses who also sold a 740kg Angus at 100p/kg.

Top headage price of £1121.40 for the Holstein with Simmentals up to £1117.20 and £1090.20.

Dairies (33);

Selling time – 11:30am
Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)

*Top of £2430*
*14 Over £2000 – Av £1843*

A lovely entry of 33 milkers for the last sale before Christmas saw another blistering trade with a top of
£2430 and 14 passing the £2000 mark.

Topping the day at £2430 was Malcolm Trevor-Jones of Oswestry with an exceptional second calver giving 45kg. Close behind at £2330 was another second calver from Richard Thompson of Sudbury.

Two heifers from Richard Lomas of Calow both reached £2280 with two others also from M Trevor-Jones and R Thompson to £2220.
The overall entry averaged a superb £1843.

It is a normal market nest week with many entries already promised. If you have cows to get to sell, get in touch!
Wishing everyone a very happy & healthy Christmas. See you next week!

Pigs (104);

Selling time – 9:15am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A good trade again for pigs with buyers wanting stock for the Christmas period, especially for bacon pigs.
Pork pigs sold to 150p/kg for a 63kg pig from J Davenport, Gawsworth and a pair of 73kg pigs at 146p/kg for J & B Fentem.

Cutting pigs topped at 156p/kg for a 84kg pig from Bernard Minshull, Buxton and 146p/kg for a 77kg pig from J Davenport, Gawsworth. J & B Fentem sold cutters to 144p/kg, 138p/kg and 136p/kg.

Bacon pigs were in very good demand selling to 156p/kg for a 89kg pig from MC & EA Beattie, Allostock who sold others at 152p/kg twice and 150p/kg. A pair of 93kg pig from J & B Fentem realised 146p/kg with 146p/kg for 97.5kg pig from the Parsons family, Whitchurch, a 91kg pig from Bernard Minshull and also for a trio of 98kg pigs from MC & EA Beattie. Numerous others above 130p/kg.

A small entry sold to 100p/kg for a 107kg pig from EA Cooper & Sons.

Cull sows sold to 62p/kg for a run of sows from D J Pope Ltd, Thame who sold others at 61p/kg, 60p/kg, 59p/kg and 56p/kg.

Pork Pigs (5); av 147.21p/kg or £102.55/head
Cutting Pigs (21); av 113.61p/kg or £92.26/head
Bacon Pigs (63); av 121.70p/kg or £115.67/head
Heavy Pigs (6) ; av 81.28p/kg or £90.22/head
Cull Sows (9); av 58.78p/kg or £182.40/head

Sheep Section;

Selling time 11:00am
Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652) BUTCHERS LAMBS (232);

A very disappointing entry in terms of numbers with vendors clearly nervous about reports that lambs are not wanted due to exports being closed. In actual fact, lambs were very much in demand and the usual numbers could easily have sold!

Best lambs raced away to 258p/kg for Roger & Simon Bailey and plenty of lambs at 240p and above.

Heavy lambs slightly discounted but still a very firm enquiry topping at £139.23 or 248p/kg. overall average of 229p/kg.

Lambs required next week for regular butchers and wholesalers!!

Sample prices;
252p – 37kg – Smith & Wardman, Longnor
250p – 37kg – S Frith Ltd, Thorpe
258p – 40kg – R & S Bailey, Cloudside
252p – 44.5kg – A K Belfield, Sheen
246p – 40kg – Mosley & Son, Wormhill
248p – 47kg – Renshaw & Brassington, Church Broughton
241p – 46.5kg – A Williams, Basford
238p – 49.3kg – R & S Bailey, Cloudside
238p – 50.8kg – R & S Bailey, Cloudside
221p – 63kg – A K Belfield, Sheen

Cull Sheep (139);

A modest entry with trade not as fierce as might have been expected with many Mules generally £5 – £8/head back from last weeks flyer.
Best Texel’s very well sold to £160 with others at £58.

Best Mules at £86/head and Swales to £52.

Ewes will be wanted next week.

Calves (121);

Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899);

Good numbers for the last sale before Christmas and some definite Christmas spirit around the ring and a wonderful trade for the entire entry.

40 Continental Bulls av £243.42
Buyers galore and a wonderful trade with the top 14 over £300 with month old Blues at £390 for Andrew Hulme and strong 3 month old Simmentals at £395 for C W Gibson. Mediums £230 – £290 with some smaller, plainer or young bulls under £200.
31 Blues av £257 to £390 – DW & P Hulme 4 Sims av £248 to £395 – CW Gibson
5 Lim/Blo to £300 – EJ & VC Gilman

41 Continental Heifers av £186.56
Certainly look dearer with additional buyers looking for numbers. A part reared 4 month old Blue made £495 with fresh Blue heifers to £302 for one of a lovely run of Blue bulls & heifers from Halton Farms, Congleton. 11 best over £245; mediums £175 – £230 with a few smalls around £100 – £150.
29 Blues av £191 to £302 – Halton Farms
4 Sims av £233 to £292 – S & M Huxley & Son
6 Lim/Blo to £135 – G B Millington

24 Native Hereford & Angus
10 bulls topped at £212 for an Angus from Richard Emmott, Disley with a trio of Angus heifers from Steve Ryder at £220, £190 and £188.

16 Black & White Bulls av £31.71
Mostly smaller calves today with a few rearer’s at £68 – £80 and small calves generally £22 – £33.

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