Market Report 27th April

A prosperous Tuesday market, and trade unbelievable in a number of sections!!

Spring Lambs are in a very strong demand, with lambs up to 418p/kg twice and £175.50/head. Hoggs still above 300p and topping at 320p/kg or £182.60. Cull ewes were a solid trade, many dearer on the week, up to £176, to average £103/head.

Calves were an outstanding trade, and if you have calves to sell, get them to Leek! Continental bulls up to £455 for Simmentals, and Heifers to £320, and a particularly strong enquiry for Native’s.

Barrens were a cracking trade, with buyers competing strong for numbers, up to 190p/kg for OTM and cows to 151p/kg. Clean also selling well up to 218p/kg for Limousin heifers.

A mixed entry of Dairies selling on a more positive trade to the previous week, and plenty of buyers around the ring, topping at £1970 for heifers.

Pigs were in good demand and a new buyer in attendance, selling up to 134p/kg for bacon pigs.

Barren Cows (42);

Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
Another smashing trade this Tuesday with the overall average coming in at 124.52p/kg and leading prices of 190p/kg and 186p/kg for OTM heifers from G W Mycock & Sons, Alstonefield.

Cows topped at 151p/kg for a 790kg Holstein from E T Hanson & Sons, Hasthorpe, and a 660kg Holstein at 150p/kg from JA & AJ Coxon, Church Broughton. Charolais cows topped at 148p/kg for M & D Barber, Blore, and a 695kg Shorthorn sold to 147p/kg for G G Hall & Son, Croxden.
Other top prices include;
147p 685kg Shorthorn – J T Howard, Ford
145p 875kg Hereford – G W Mycock, Alstonefield
142p 760kg Holstein – D & G Tudor, Kingsley
140p 710kg Friesian – JA& AJ Coxon, Church Broughton 139p 680kg Friesian – J & L Macpherson, Barton
139p 705kg Holstein – RG & AS Williamson
Plenty of cattle 130p/kg with an average of 124.52p/kg or £789.34 per head.

Top headage price for cows at £1268.74 for a 875kg Hereford from G W Mycock & Sons, with Holsteins to £1192.90 and £1079.20.

A run of OTM steers & heifers from G W Mycock & Son topped at 200p/kg for a 33 month old 660kg Limousin steer, with a 670kg Simmental heifer at 190p/kg, 675kg Hereford heifer at 186p/kg and other steers at 156p/kg and 152p/kg, to gross a top price of £1320 for steers, and £1273, £1268.75 and £1255.50 for heifers.

There was a 870kg Limousin bull from David Kennerley, Betley which realised 146p/kg.

Clean Cattle;

Selling time – 10:45am approx.
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A small entry topped at 218p/kg for a 550kg Limousin heifer from Chris Barnsley, Morridge to gross £1199. Young bulls topped at 186p/kg, 185p/kg and 184p/kg for 530-580kg black & white bulls from J E Archer & Sons, Hilton, and a 595kg Hereford steer made 184p/kg for P Riley, Meerbrook.


Selling time – 11:30am
Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)

Another bouncy trade for milkers saw the best to £1970 and 10 pass the £1800 mark.

A smashing entry from David Brailsford of Alton, Chesterfield met a brisk trade with his best to £1970 and others to £1950 and £1900 twice over.

Malcolm Trevor-Jones saw his best to £1840 and showed a beautiful Guernsey heifer to £1800.

Nigel Cresswell of Yeaveley saw his best heifer to £1910.

Overall a much more buoyant trade with more active buyers in attendance.

Pigs (125);

Selling time – 9:15am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

An excellent entry of pigs and some good quality sorts forward, with plenty of buyers after stock.

Cutting pigs topped at 129p/kg for a trio of 82kg pigs from PF & PD Parsons, with a pair of 80kg pigs at 118p/kg from P J Bowers, Mow Cop and a 80kg pig at 112p/kg from D Goldstraw.

Bacon pigs topped at 134p/kg for a pair of 88kg pigs from PF & PD Parsons, who sold a run of pigs at 131p/kg, 129p/kg, 128p/kg, 127p/kg, 125p/kg and 124p/kg. J & B Fentem sold 95.3kg pigs at 127p/kg and 94kg pigs at 124p/kg.

Heavy pigs sold up to 100p/kg for a pair of 109kg pigs from MC & EA Beattie with a pair of 118p/kg at 90p/kg.

A good number of Sows forward selling up to 74p/kg for a 302p/kg, 72p/kg, 71p/kg (x2), 70p/kg (x2).

Cutting Pigs (10); av 114.17p/kg or £93.85/head
Bacon Pigs (102); av 111.41p/kg or £104.82/head
Heavy Pigs (5); av 92.16p/kg or £105.43/head
Cull Sows (8);av 69.08p/kg or £172.02/head.

Sheep Section;

Selling time 11:00am
Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652) SPRING LAMBS (183);

Nice to see more numbers forward and trade could only be described at blistering!!
Best lambs regularly 400p and above topping at 418p/kg for two vendors. Best sorts to £175.50/head.

Many more required each wee to satisfy orders!

Sample Prices;
418p 37.7kg – IE, M & A Wilson, Hollington
418p 39kg – R Brough & Son, Monyash
417p 37kg – IE, M & A Wilson, Hollington
414p 37.5kg – RG & AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks
404p 39kg – E A Sessions & Sons, Dalbury Lees
412p 39.3kg – RG & AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks
402p 42.4kg – R Brough & Son, Monyash
390p 45kg – RG & AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks

Butchers Hogget’s (346);

well bid for, topping at 320p/kg. a very large proportion
SHEEP EARTAG IDENTIFICATION Slaughter Tags are only to be used in sheep under 12 months of age. Ewes should be Double Tagged with a matching pair of tags, one being electric.
Numbers drying up and quality very mixed. Best hoggs of big hoggs in the entry but grossing up well and plenty at £150/head and better, topping at £182.60.

Sample Prices;
300p 37kg – MJ & D Needham, Ipstones
320p 44.4kg – FS & MJ Heath, Pipe Gate
315p 42kg – E A Sessions & Sons, Dalbury Lees
312p 45.3kg – D Williams, Basford
300p 45.1kg – MJ & VP Oliver, Toft Green
308p 46.7kg – S J Pace & Co, Congleton
292p 51kg – R & S Bailey, Cloudside
290p 53kg – E A Sessions & Sons, Dalbury Lees
264p 60.7kg – P D Brittain-Cartlidge, Staden
262p 68.7kg – L Klucznik, Cheddleton

Cull Sheep (191);

Trade very firm! Average back slightly on the week but a more mixed quality entry and in general most sorts dearer. Average still over £100/head at £103.01

Best Texel’s to £176 from Kirkham & Bourne, and plenty of good Texel’s at £150 +. Mules threatening the £100 barrier. Best Suffolks to £140 and horned ewes to £85 for very strong sorts.

Best Texel Rams to £161. More could have been sold!

Calves (113);

Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899);

A nice entry of calves today and trade absolutely amazing, and possibly the dearest I have ever seen.

30 Continental Bulls av £333.46
Look at the average!! Trade sensational from start to finish and many many more could have been sold. 6 better bulls topped £400 with a trio of strong Simmentals to £455, £400 (x2). Mediums £300 – £360 with just 5 under £300.

12 Blues av £333 to £445 – DW & P Hulme
7 Sims av £324 to £455 – TD & DA Higginson
10 Lims av £340 to £440 – PG Beswick & Sons
1 Blonde to £325 – B E Wain

26 Continental Heifers £215.50
Just like the bulls, dearer on the week with a gang of buyers but more calves needed. 5 better sorts over £260 and topping at £320. Mediums £200 – £230 with 8 smaller sorts under £180.
11 Blues av £221 to £320 – WE Turnock & Sons 4 Sims av £200 to £245 – G & E Critchlow
11 Lims av £215 to £300 – NG, JMH & H Mellor

46 Natives
Good numbers again with heifers ‘Trade of the Day’.
14 Hereford Bulls av £226 to £305 – W Millington & Co 11 Angus Bulls av £236 to £340 – W Millington & Co 12 Hereford Heifers av £183 to £232 – T Swinson
9 Angus Heifers av £199 to £265

11 Black & White Bulls
Stronger bulls over £100 with Brown Swiss at £135 and Holsteins to £108. Medium rearer’s £60 – £70 with smaller calves generally £30 – £50.

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