Market Report 6th October

An outstanding trade for Dairies this Tuesday with cows reaching £2500 and £2460 with numerous best quality milkers past the £2000 mark, and a good attendance of buyers for the herd dispersal and youngstock.

More barren cattle about and trade still strong with Simmentals to 150p/kg and meated Friesians to 140p/kg, and clean cattle selling to 201p/kg for a British Blue heifer.

Lambs sold on a brisk trade, with the best quality selling at 247p/kg and heavy types to £108. Ewes were slightly less, but more buyers in attendance looking for stock!
Pigs were less on the week, but plenty of fat pigs on offer selling to 126p/kg for bacon pigs and £127.68 for heavy pigs.

Calves continue to sell very well, and more buyers around the ring, with a Simmental bull calf at £420 and heifers to £265.

Barren Cows (56);

Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

Similar trade again this Tuesday, and plenty of stock in to fulfil orders.

Top price of 150p/kg for a 790kg Simmental cow from Rushton Spencer, with black & white’s to 140p/kg for a 750kg Friesian from F J Gould & Son, Longnor and a 770kg Friesian at 139p/kg for SJ Biddulph, Hilderstone.

Other top prices include;
137p 760kg Holstein – ET & ME Pemberton, Cheadle
135p 805kg Limousin – C H Barnsley, Morridge
133p 745kg Angus – K Wainwright, Congleton
131p 840kg Angus – D & A Stonier, Eaton
130p 735kg Friesian – S J Biddulph, Hilderstone
125p 765kg Holstein – S J Hooley, Butley
120p 775kg Angus – S J Hooley, Butley
119p 695kg Friesian – R & M Green & Sons
119p 750kg Limousin – C H Barnsley, Morridge

Overall average 103.75p/kg or £676.68 per head.

Top price of £1185 for the Simmental cow with Angus’ to £1100.40; Limousins to £1086.75 and Friesians £1070.30 and £1050.
Overage steers sold to 140p/kg for a 790kg Hereford for K Tart ,Werrington and 129p/kg for a 505kg Angus from P J Simpson, Winkhill.

Clean Cattle (12);

Selling time – 10:45am approx.
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A small entry and some better quality forward, selling to 201p/kg for a 545kg British Blue heifer from J R Mosedale & Son, Longford, with other heifers at 188p/kg for a 535kg Charolais and 184p/kg for a 570kg Limousin heifer from James Gilman, Bosley.
Steers topped at 177p/kg for a 545kg Hereford from J S Hine, Biddulph and 175p/kg for a 610kg Hereford from Hambleton Bros, Calton and two British Blue steers (535kg & 575kg) selling for 174p/kg for P Partington, Burton.

Dairies (116);

Selling time – 11:30am
Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)
**DAIRIES TO £2500**

A phenomenal trade for the best end in the dairies at Leek which also saw a better trade for all qualities overall.

Two families, the Easoms and the Mellors each showed an outstanding group of cows and heifers that were much admired by all purchasers.
The decision to sell such quality was justly rewarded for both vendors with the Easoms seeing their second calver reach £2500 and the Mellors their second calver to £2460. The Easoms also had another second calver to £2340 with the Mellors seeing a fourth calver to £2300.

Two heifers reached £2000, the first from Michael Wainwright with his 28kg heifer and the second Ray Turner of Rownall.

In-calf heifers from Shirley & Boam reached £1610.

The herd dispersal on behalf of Leasow Partners at £1700 with the Limousin Stock Bull from the same home reaching £1980.

Youngstock were a solid trade with bulling heifers to £830 and yearlings up to £730.

Entries are invited for the pedigree sale in a fortnight which also includes the Shorthorn Society Show and Sale. Please get in touch if you have any entries.

Pigs (97);

Selling time – 9:15am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

Pigs were a little less on the week with pork pigs up to 118p/kg for 69kg pigs from PJ Barker, Shepshed, with a 70kg pig at 112p/kg for Roston Farms.

Cutting pigs sold up to 115p/kg for 82kg pigs from J & B Fentem, with others from the same home at 110p/kg and 108p/kg.

Bacon pigs topped at 126p/kg for an 102kg pig from JA & B Minshull, Buxton, with a pair of 103kg pigs at 125p/kg for J & B Fentem with PF & PD Parsons selling bacon pigs at 124p/kg (3 times) 122p/kg and 120p/kg with a pair of 95kg pigs at 122p/kg for Bernard Minshull and 120p/kg for 97kg pigs from S Bailey, Knypersley.

Heavier pigs sold up to 114p/kg for a 112kg pigs from PF & PD Parsons, who also sold a 115kg pig at 108p/kg and 108kg pigs at 106p/kg for J & B Fentem.

A 229kg cull sow sold at 68p/kg for Bernard Minshull. A pen of 6 store pigs sold at £54 and a similar pen at £42.

Pork Pigs (3); av 115.99p/kg or £80.81/head
Cutting Pigs (8); av 110.48p/kg or £90.18/head
Bacon Pigs (68); av 115.46p/kg or £106.20/head
Heavy Pigs (8); av 86.50p/kg or £112.45/head

Sheep Section;

Selling time 11:00am
Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652) BUTCHERS LAMBS (628);

A disappointing entry with half of last weeks numbers but perhaps not surprising with the number of breeding sheep
sales taking place and the 6-day rule.

A very buoyant trade from start to finish with a new buyer in attendance attracted by the strong numbers we have
been having over the past few months

Plenty of the best sorts at 220p plus, topping at 247p/kg for an exceptional pen from J & R Potts. Plenty of ‘weathered’ lambs forward, lacking meat and finish but still attracting brisk bidding but many could have made

Consistent numbers required each week please. If you
want to discuss please call Robert Watkins.

Sample prices;
229p 39kg F Swindells, Bosley
247p 42kg J & R Potts, Over Alderley
241p 40kg J & R Potts, Over Alderley
235p 40kg J & R Potts, Over Alderley
227p 43kg J A Hine, Biddulph
218p 46.7kg J A Hine, Biddulph
198p 52kg S J Varga, Congleton
190p 54.5kg J & R Potts, Over Alderley
185p 58.4kg J & W Knight, Horton

Cull Sheep (324);

More bidders in attendance but trade less, inline with other outlets but still very good for time of year.

No very best big Texel ewes forward today but best to £102 from S J Pace & Co, Mules generally back £10/head but best still £70. Few more grazing customers today
getting involved for the first time.

Overall average £62.08.

Calves (128);

Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899);

Less numbers throughout but an improved trade with new and returning buyers wanting the best.

31 Continental Bulls av £268.74
A better trade for the best with new and returning buyers looking for numbers. Just a shame we had less about. Trade peaked at the dizzy heights of £420 for a lovely shapey Simmental bull from Philip Holdcroft, Brown Edge. 12 best over £300; mediums £220 – £290 with a few smalls under £200.

15 Blues av £260 to £350 – DW & P Hulme
6 Sims av £316 to £420 – JJ & PN Holdcroft
8 Lims av £249 to £310 – NG,JMH & H Mellor 2 Char av £272 to £320 – D & G Tudor

22 Continental Heifers av £157.68
The best look well sold but a few smaller calves looked handy money. 7 better heifers sold over £215 and a top of £265 for a Blue from the Goodwin family, Upper Hulme. Mediums £150 -£200 with a few smalls a little less.

12 Blues av £158 to £265 – NE Goodwin & Son
6 Lims av £171 to £258 – ME & DJ Gregory
4 Blo/Cha/Sim to £215 – B E Wain, Siddington

35 Natives
Angus bulls topped at £228 for S M McCleavy with better sorts generally £200+. Heifers good money again with 9 of 15 heifers over £130 to a top of £185 for C Jackson & Sons, Butley.
38 Back & White Bulls av £33.27

A few rearer’s about and customers for them with a Monty at £160 and Friesian’s to £80. Smaller sorts generally £20 – £40.

2 Reared Calves
Hereford Bulls (5mths) topped at £435 for Robinson Partners, Rudyard.

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