Store Cattle Sale Report 16th December

263 Store and Breeding Cattle were on offer, with trade generally considered to be firmer than a fortnight ago, with good competition particularly for the stronger sorts.

Breeding Section

There was only a small entry of suckler cows with an Aberdeen Angus cow with a British Blue Bull calf at foot from Messrs Gabbott of Rainow exchanging
hands for £1310.

Young Bulls

An entry from Paul Brook of Mayfield, Ashbourne, topped at £1170 for a 12-month-old Purebred Bull with a 10-month-old Bull from the same farmer at £790 and a bunch of 5, Bulls, 3-5 months old from the same vendor at £650.

A 14-month-old Simmental Bull from Messrs Matkin of Idridgehay realised £760.  2 British Blue Bulls, from Messrs Gabbott of Rainow, were well sold at £800, at an age of 6-7 months.


There were 142 steers on offer with the top price being £1500 paid for an excellent shaped 22 months old Limousin Steer from M J D Farms of Alstonefield.  Other top prices included a bunch of 3, 17-month-old Longhorn Steers from Reg Potter & Co from Yeaveley, which achieved £1385 with Charolais Steers from Ross Worthington of Edale up to
£1340 at 17 months of age.

A British Blue Steer from Messrs Tomlinson of Longsdon were well sold at £1490 at 25 months of age with a 23-month-old Limousin from the same farmers at £1460 and a 22-month-old Angus again from the same farmer at £1400.

An Aberdeen Angus Steer at 20 months of age, from Richard Gould & Family of Longnor, selling for £1270,

A Shorthorn Steer from Messrs Nicholls of Hilderstone at 22 months of age sold for £1135, and a Shorthorn Steer from Albert Chaddock of Gillow Heath, at 19 months of age, achieved £1025. 

Hereford Steers from Roy Sant of Endon sold up to £1400 at 30 months of age.  Excellent shaped young Limousin Steers from Mrs K Goldstraw of Wetley Rocks sold up to £1160 at 8 months of age with a 6-month-old Limousin Steer from the same farmer at £1120.

Overall average for Steers was £948.59.


There were 98 Heifers on offer which sold up to £1440 for a 29-month-old Simmental Heifer from E Vaughan of Chesterton with a 26-month-old British Blue Heifer from the same farmer at £1225.

A 26-month-old Angus heifer from Messrs Kidds of Quarnford topped at £1235.  A bunch of 4, good shaped young Charolais Heifers at 10 months of age from Mick Reeves & Family of Ipstones were particularly well sold at £880.  14-month-old British Blue Heifers, from David Machin and Family of Rudyard, sold for £980.

The average for Heifers was £757.24 with a high proportion of smaller sorts.

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