Store Cattle Sale Report 11th May

There was a total entry of 483 Store and Breeding Cattle on offer, a pleasing entry and another very firm trade throughout with an excellent company of buyers in attendance looking for all classes of stock.


Breeding Section

In the breeding section the highlight of the day was a 77-month-old Limousin cow from Tony Sayer of Hilderstone, which was scanned 6 months in calf to a Limousin, which sold for £2380 with its calf being an 8-month-old Limousin Heifer achieving an excellent price of £1260.

An entry of four cows and calves from Mary Rowlinson of Cotton, being part of a small her dispersal, sold up to £1380 for a South Devon cow with a Shorthorn heifer calf at foot with other similar outfits at £1350 and £1300.


Young Bulls

In the Young Bulls section, there was another small entry with a 22-month-old Hereford Bull from Springfields Partners of Bosley at £1230 and a pair of outlier Aberdeen Angus bulls from Ben Kidd of Wildboarclough at 13 months of age selling for £890.

An 11-month-old Limousin from J L Mellor & Partners of Macclesfield sold for £880.



There were 234 Steers on offer with some very pleasing prices, seeing a top price of £1665 for a 24-month-old Limousin from James Gilman & Partners of Bosley with another Limousin from Linda Wright of Hartington at 16 months of age, selling for £1470 and a 24-month-old Limousin from Messrs Greatbach of Wetley Rocks at £1445.

A bunch of three younger Limousin steers at 13 months of age from Messrs Bowyer of Cheadle, sold very well for £1410.

A pair of Aberdeen Angus 22-month-old steers from Messrs Blackburn of Lymm sold for £1555 with a pair of 21-month-old Aberdeen Angus from Messrs Carbutt of Siddington at £1555 also and a single 18-month-old Aberdeen Angus from J Elliott of Northwich at £1420.

Hereford steers from Messrs Seabridge of Hartwell, at 23 months of age, sold up to £1530 with British Blue steers from Messrs Carbutt, at 22 months of age, at £1495 and a single 24-month-old British Blue steer from Ken Gould of Thorncliffe at £1440.

A pair of Brown Swiss, at 22 months of age, again from Messrs Carbutt, sold for £1400 with Charolais, at 12 months of age, up to £1250 from D Tomlinson of Buxton for a good shaped beast with a 12 month old Blonde D’Aquitaine from Tom and Cate James of Eccleshall at £1270, Welsh Black at 21 months of age from K A Prins of Cheadle at £1240 and Holsteins, at 27 months of age, up to £1205 for
Messrs Shann of Sheen.

A bunch of four 11-month-old Hereford steers from Messrs Beech of Sandbach were well sold for £1060.


Overall average achieved for Steers was £993.78.                                                                                    



There were 221 heifers on offer, with a top price from Messrs Mellor of Rugeley, at 24 months of age at £1540 with another 24 month old Limousin from James Gilman & Partners at £1535 and a 26 month old Limousin, from Chris Lake of Stafford, at £1510.

Bazadaise heifers from Messrs Mellor of Rugeley at 26 months of age sold up to £1410 with a Blonde heifer, from Tom & Cate James of Eccleshall, at 13 months of age selling particularly well at £1390, a Holstein Friesian X Heifer, at 23 months of age, from Messrs Blackburn of Lymm at £1370 and a Hereford heifer from S Ollerenshaw of Bradwell at 21 months of age at £1370.

Aberdeen Angus heifers, from Messrs Gould of Waterhouses, at 22 months of age sold well for £1340 with a bunch of four British Blue heifers, from Messrs Carbutt of Siddington, at 22 months of age selling for £1360.

Younger Limousin heifers, at 13 months of age, sold up to £1230 for a bunch of three from Messrs Bowyer of Cheadle with a Shorthorn heifer, at 25 months of age, from Messrs Challinor of Dilhorne at £1135.

A single 11-month-old Charolais, from D Tomlinson of Buxton, sold for £1010.


The overall average achieved for Heifers was £898.


NEXT SALE: Saturday 25th May

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