Store Sheep Report 12th December

A total entry of 3,381 store lambs and breeding sheep were on offer with the majority being store lambs which were another firm trade although slightly steadier than a fortnight ago due to the uncertainty with regards to “Brexit”.

Store Lambs

There was a good company of buyers in attendance with a top price of £91 for Texel lambs from J B Rowlinson & Sons of Ramshorn, who also sold some more for £90.50 with other Texels from Malcolm Sowerby of Bradwell up to £89.50 and £88 from Geoff Nutter of Grindon. A pen from A & J Henshaw of Fairfield sold for £87 with another pen from Ben White of Bradfield at £85 and a pen from Alan Wilshaw at £84.

Other Texels from David & Claire Wilshaw of Meerbrook sold up to £83.50 with a second pen from Geoff Nutter at £83 and a pen from W E Turnock & Sons of Onecote at £82.50. There were several pens of Texels around £80 per head.

Suffolk lambs from Raymond Salt of Waterhouses sold up to £89.50 with £88 being paid for a pen from Graham Sidebottom of Marple Bridge and £79.50 for a pen from W E Turnock & Sons of Onecote. The same price was paid for another pen of Suffolk’s from C S Edge of Bollington.

Beltex lambs topped at £85.50 from Robin Smith of Cheddleton with other Beltex up to £81 from Alan Hague and £81 also for a pen from Nicola Beardsley of Weston Underwood. A pen from Ian Spendlove of Belper sold up to £79.50.

Charollais lambs topped at £84 from Clive Grindey of Adlington which Cheviot lambs from Miss J Henshaw of Fairfield at £79.50. Oxford lambs from J Simpson & Sons of Grindon sold up to £78.50. Mule whether lambs from A & J Henshaw of Fairfield sold up to £80. Gritstone lambs from Messrs Phillips of Winkhill topped at £74 with Beulah lambs from Sarah Lloyd of Ipstones at £73.50.

Overall average for store lambs was £67.25 including a high proportion of smaller long term lambs.

Breeding Ewe Lambs

There was a small entry of breeding ewe lambs which topped at £78 for Beltex ewe lambs from Nichola Beardsley who also sold some Texel ewe lambs at £74.

Breeding Ewes

In the breeding ewe section, Suffolk correct ewes from J Wilson of Hope sold up to £100 with another pen from the same vendor again Suffolks at £90. Broken mouth Mule ewes from the same vendor topped at £78 with Lonk x Gritstones correct ewes up to £74. Welsh correct ewes at £48.

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