Store Sheep Report 17th October

A total entry of 7,892 store lambs and breeding sheep were on offer with a trade very similar to a fortnight ago with breeding sheep looking particularly well sold.

Store Lambs

There was 6,356 store lambs on offer with some excellent prices achieved, seeing a top price of £98 paid for Texel ewe lambs from Robert Frith of Thorpe with Beltex ewe lambs from Philip Heath of Bradnop at £89 and a pen of Texel ewe lambs from Charles Redfern of Onecote at £88.50.

Continental mixed lambs from Margaret Wentworth of Elkstones sold for £86 with Beltex mixed lambs from FG & JR Critchlow of Sheen at £85.50, Texels up to £85 from M C Wentworth of Leek and Continental x lambs from Peter Hill of Onecote at £83.50.

Robert Belfield of Upper Hulme sold Texel lambs up to £82.50 with Geoff Nutter receiving £82 for a pen of Texels and Robert Belfield receiving £82 for a further pen of 40 Texels.

Suffolk lambs from Messrs Brough of Onecote sold up to £81 with several other pens of Texel mixed lambs at £80 per head.

Other Suffolk mixed lambs from P & M Hayward & Sons of Chapel en le Frith sold for £79.50 with Cheviot mixed lambs from Brian Warrington of Onecote at £79.20 and Texel mixed lambs from Will Tomkinson of Calwich at £79.

Other top prices included £77.50 for a pen of 40 Charollais from M W Woodward of Whiston, Oxford x lambs from J Barber of Quarnford at £79 and Oxford x lambs from Reg Phillips and Family of Buxton at £77. Highland lambs from S Chapman of Taddington at £75, Mule Wether lambs from G Sidebottom sold up to £68 with a pen from E Coates at £67, £64 from G Tunnicliffe and Family and £62.80 from EJ & DC Kidd of Quarnford and £60 from S Edge of Ballidon.

Overall average achieved for store lambs was a very pleasing £67.97.

Breeding Sheep

There were 707 breeding ewe lambs on offer with some excellent prices being achieved with Mule ewe lambs from W Allen of Butterton topping at £150 with another pen from M Jones of Montgomery at £96 and £90 from G Tunnicliffe of Quarnford and also from LJ Mellor -Stones of Biggin.

Texel ewe lambs sold up to £114 from B Rowlinson of Ramshorn and £104 from the same vendor with S Rushton of Cheadle selling Texel ewe lambs for £102 and £98.

Suffolk ewe lambs from Frith Bros of Thorpe sold up to £85 with Cheviot ewe lambs from J Kirkham of Hartington at £94.

Overall average achieved for ewe lambs was £83.23.


There was 286 Shearlings on offer topped at £200 a piece being achieved for Mule shearlings from J & G Fryer of Horton who also sold other Mule shearlings for £190 (twice) with £152 being paid for a pen of Mule shearlings from Andrew Bowler of Ashley Hay.

Texel shearlings from TJ Storer sold up to £190 with E Morten & Sons of Barmoor Clough selling Texel shearlings up to £182, £168 and £165.

Suffolk shearlings from TJ & DE Wardle of Gayton sold up to £126 with Lleyn shearlings up to £140 from FW & RC Hodgkinson of Gawsworth to produce an average of £146.26.


There were 543 older breeding ewes with a top price being £180. Suffolk correct ewes from Robert Flower of Alstonefield sold particularly well for £180 with other Suffolk full mouth ewes from A Bowler of Ashley Hay at £152.

Blue faced Leicester correct ewes from I Hulme of Cowlow sold up to £150 and £148 with Texel correct ewes from J Naylor of Hulme End at £168 and £162.

Overall average achieved for ewes was £80.15.

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