Christmas Primestock Market Report 7th December

An excellent day for our Annual Christmas Primestock Show & Sale at Leek. Thank you to all our Customers for your continued support. 

In the Cattle section, the show was kindly judged by Robert Bowring, Mansfield. The Overall Champion was awarded to Ian Brown & Family of Werrington for a superb 535kg Black Limousin heifer which went on to sell for 690p/kg to gross £3691.50 to Peter Lymer of J W Ash & Son of Leek. 

A fantastic entry of butchers lambs this week with some outstanding quality in the show section. These were kindly judged by Karl James who awarded the overall Champion prize to Frank Heath of Pipe Gate for a pair of 50.5kg lambs which sold for 600p/kg to Lee Machin of Manifold Valley Meats.

 An excellent entry of pigs this Tuesday with the Show being kindly judged by Lee Machin, the Overall Champion was awarded to a pair of 104.5kg pigs from PF & PD Parsons, Whitchurch which sold for 300p/kg (£313.50/Head) to the Judge.

 Away from the show in the Dairy Shed, the Dispersal of the Tyringham Jersey herd attracted a large audience of buyers from far & wide which met an super trade with the top price of £1770 and £1600. The Commercial saw a smashing trade with numerous stock £2000 and above to top at £2170 for a heifer from the Broadley family, Hartington.

Calf trade hit another level after the last few steadier weeks, with buyers galore for all shapes, sizes and quality! Top price of £420 for Blue Bulls and heifers to £350. 


Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A good entry forward this Tuesday and trade similar to last week, in particular for stronger dairy types. Top price of 159p/kg for a 605kg Holstein from MJ & J Rhodes, Crewe, who also sold a 540kg Holstein for 143p/kg.


Angus’ sold up to 147p/kg for a 665kg cow from A E Allcock, Waterhouses, who also sold a 640kg Angus for 135p/kg.


Other top prices include;

130p 800kg Holstein – V Moss & Sons, Rushton Spencer

129p 815kg Holstein – V Moss & Sons, Rushton Spencer

129p 680kg Holstein – D & G Tudor, Kingsley

126p 695kg Jersey – W E Fearn, Buxton

126p 640kg Hereford – J Bailey, Stanley

126p 760kg Friesian – J & L Macpherson Ltd, Yoxall

124p 780kg Hereford – J Bailey, Stanley

124p 735kg Hereford – J Bailey, Stanley

124p 735kg Ayrshire – T G Adams & Son, Calwich

124p 790kg Montbeliarde – FA & TM Cotton, Tean


Overall average of 108.93p/kg or £712.97 per head.


Top headage price of £1051.35 and £1040 for Holsteins from V Moss & Son, Rushton, with other Holsteins at £1020.90, Montbeliarde’s to £979.60, Angus’ to £977.55 and Herefords to £967.20.



Selling time – 10:45am approx.

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A lovely show of cattle for the Christmas Primestock Show & Sale this year which was kindly judged by Robert Bowring of Sookholme, Mansfield.


This years Champion was awarded to Ian Brown & family of Werrington for a superb 535kg Black Limousin Heifer which went on to sell for 690p/kg to gross £3691.50 to local butcher Mr Peter Lymer of J W Ash Butchers, Leek.


Reserve Champion was awarded to DE & GM Storer, Wincle for a 640kg British Blue Steer which sold for 360p/kg to gross £2304 to the Judge Robert Bowring, Mansfield.


A 565kg Limousin heifer which took 2nd place from Wayne Smith & Family, Basford sold for 355p/kg to gross £2005.75 to Ian Meakin of H Meakin & Sons Butchers, Leek.


A 370kg Dexter Steer shown by Walter Machin, Grindon sold for 400p/kg which sold to Morgans Butchers, Telford to gross £1480. A 590kg British Blue Steer from Ian Brown, Werrington realised 300p/kg, selling to the judge.


A 550kg Limousin heifer from Chris Barnsley, Morridge sold for 300p/kg with a 500kg Limousin heifer selling for 270p/kg from Wayne Smith, Basford and a 545kg British Blue heifer sold for 260p/kg from M & M Heath, Heaton.


Mr Heath also sold a 595kg British Blue steer for £238p/kg and a 585kg British Blue steer for 200p/kg.


DAIRIES (187);

Selling time – 11:30am

Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)

Another fantastic days trading in the dairy section saw numerous of commercials over £2000 topping at £2170 and the Tyringham Jersey Dispersal peaking at £1770.


Top call in the commercials was a second calver giving 33kg from the Broadley family of Hartington. Hot in pursuit were two from the Broomhouse herd of Messrs Easom. A second calver and a heifer both reaching £2120. A strong Holstein heifer calf from Eric & Rueben Moss reached £340.


A large crowd gathered for the Tyringham Herd Dispersal of Jerseys which resulted in a fantastic trade with active purchasers from as far as Scotland, Wales and the South West. Topping the sale was an October calved heifer by Grazeland Lemonhead Devinci. Giving 15.8kg, she went to Messrs Manning of Minsterley, Shrewsbury to join their herd.


Three others reached £1600, two fresh second calvers by Cairnbrae Bontino both went to Messrs Gould of Ipstones with the third a September calved third calver heading to W S Farm Holdings, Stapleton.


Bulk buyers including Messrs Howie of Swindon and Messrs Pugsley of Holsworthy, Devon. In-Calf heifers topped at £1040 with week old calves to £370.

 PIGS (172);

Selling time – 9:15am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A fantastic entry for the Christmas Show & Sale of Pigs this year which was kindly judged by Lee Machin of Manifold Valley Meats. The Champion was awarded to a pair of 104.5kg Gilts from PF & PD Parsons of Redbrook Mealor, Whitchurch. They sold for 300p/kg (£313.50/Head) to the Judge.


An excellent trade away from the show as reported below. Pork pigs topped at 136p/kg twice for 72kg and 75kg pigs from J & B Fentem, Alsop en le Dale.


Cutters sold up to 172p/kg for the 1st place pair at 84kg from D J Pope, Thame who also sold a single 81kg pig at 160p/kg and a pair of 81.5kg pigs at 158p/kg. The Fentem family sold cutters at 134p/kg, 114p/kg and 111p/kg.


Bacon pigs sold up to 160p/kg for a pair of 90kg pigs from PF & PD Parsons, Whitchurch who also sold a pair of 94kg pigs at 160p/kg. A pen of 95kg pigs realised 158p/kg for D J Pope, Thame who also sold other pairs at 156p/kg and 155p/kg. A pair of 103kg pigs sold for 152p/kg from David Goldstraw, Meerbrook and a pair of 95kg pigs at 150p/kg from the Parsons.


Heavy pigs sold to 120p/kg for a trio of 114kg pigs from R T Wilson, who also sold 115kg pigs at 116p/kg and 109kg pigs at 112p/kg. a 106kg pig made 112p/kg for J & B Fentem and 109kg pigs at 110p/kg for the Parsons.


Sows sold up to 64p/kg for a 282kg sow which took 1sr place for D J Pope, with a 250kg sow at 52p/kg from Rosie Watson, a 350kg sow at 48p/kg for W Rigby & Son, Chinley who sold others at 43p/kg and 42p/kg.  



Pork Pigs (17);              av 120.27p/kg or £74.78/head

Cutting Pigs (19);         av 126.25p/kg or £104.39/head

Bacon Pigs (97);           av 129.12p/kg or £121.16/head

Heavy Pigs (17);           av 132.46p/kg or £147.74/head

Cull Sows (12);            av 42.37p/kg or £121.80/head


Selling time 11:00am

Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)


A solid entry for the Christmas Show week with around 40 pens of show lambs, together with a solid entry of commercial lambs.


Trade very sharp throughout from the show lambs and through the commercial types.


Regular vendor Frank Heath of Pipe Gate, Market Drayton won the Champion pen for an outstanding pair of 50.5kg lambs. The lambs saw competitive bidding and sold for 600p/kg to Manifold Valley Meats, Grindon. The other best end of the show lambs sold at 340p – 380p/kg, including some very strong headage prices. The show was kindly judged by Karl James of W James Butchers, Baddeley Green.


Commercial lambs generally 300 – 340p/kg for the best, particularly handy weights. heavy and overweight lambs in very strong demand to average an impressive £138/head and topping at £170.01. SQQ average of £287.36 and £125/head overall.


Good numbers required over the next three weeks!!


Sample prices;

324p    32kg    J Walker, Stafford

350p    37kg    I G Forrester, Trent Vale

340p    35.5kg E J Carney, Wolseley Bridge

337p    35kg    W Smith, Basford

329p    37.8kg C Naylor, Stanton

360p    42kg    E J Carney, Wolseley Bridge

350p    42.5kg D J & P Smith, Rushton Spencer

350p    40kg    T Fentem, Biggin

346p    42.5kg M Lancaster, Congleton

600p    50.5kg FS & MJ Heath, Pipe Gate

385p    46.5kg RG & AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks

316p    53.8kg A D Williams, Basford

280p    58kg    A D Williams, Basford

277p    53.1kg A G Tomkinson, Thorpe

 CULL SHEEP (229);

Clearly not enough forward as trade had found another level. Best selling to £184 for Texels from Ben Vernon and 5 vendors seeing top side of £160/head. The ‘average’ ewes are the dearest at the moment. Best Suffolks to £152 and best Mules to £136.


Overall average an eye watering £110/head for a mixed entry.


Best Texel Rams to £212.

 CALVES (124);

Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)

More on offer and an outstanding trade this week, pounds and pounds dearer than the last couple of weeks.


36 Continental Bulls av £317.75

A strong trade this week for the bulls with a very strong ring of buyers looking for quality calves. Top 10 over £380 including 5 best Blues over £410 from 5 different vendors. Nigel Gibbs, Butterton and Robinson Partners, Rudyard both topped at £420 with 3 at £410 for Messrs Myatt; Wilkinson and Hawkins. Mediums £270 – £360 with a few smaller or younger sorts under £250.

24 Blue Bulls av £325 to £420 – Two Vendors

3 Sims av £333 to £350 – Robinson Partners

8 Lims av £287 to £395 – P F Hulse

1 Char to £345 – F J Gould & Son


28 Continental Heifers av £220.03

Similar to the bulls with a number of retiring buyers working hard to secure a load. A trio of best Blues sold over £330 with Andrew Hulme topping at £350. Mediums £230 – £280 with smaller heifers under £200.

22 Blues av £220 to £350 -DW & P Hulme

1 Sim to £250 – P F Hulse

5 Lims av £214 to £298 – P J Davies


31 Natives

Very strong money again today.

9 AA Bulls av £163 to £275 – GR & D Hawkins

14 AA Heifers av £149 to £255 – C Jackson & Sons

2 Hereford Heifers av £214 to £298 – P J Davies


29 Black & White Bulls

Better rearer’s £80 Plus but an absence of best calves. Smaller calves generally £20 – £50 today.





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