Market Report 12th October

A busy Tuesday with good entries in each section, particularly in the sheep shed with 814 lambs and 516 cull sheep forward, they met a sold trade throughout, with lambs to 294p/kg or £141.39. Ewes topped at £158.

A strong entry of barren cows with 53 forward, selling on a steadier trade to 145p/kg or £1056 per head, with clean selling very well to top at 247p/kg or £1551.

Less Dairies forward, ahead of next weeks bumper Pedigree Sale including the Shorthorn Society Show & Sale. Top price today or £2120 for a second calver from the Easom family who also sold another at £1900.

Pigs a much better trade this Tuesday with a top price of 164p/kg and 158p/kg for 106-109kg pigs and 90kg-105kg pigs very much sought after.

A few less calves but they sold on a solid trade, with a super Limousin bull calf to £460, and strong heifers to £352.

Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
Trade a little less this week. Top price of 145p/kg for a 580kg Hereford cow from M Salt, Hollington, with a 720kg Charolais cow selling for 137p/kg from G Goodwin, Wetley Rocks. A 725kg British Blue cow made 136p/kg for DA & LM Moss, Rushton Spencer.

Black & Whites topped at 135p/kg for a 685kg Holstein from D & J Moseley, Caverswall.

Other top prices include;
135p 590kg Angus – DA & LM Moss, Rushton Spencer
133p 550kg Limousin – S A Allcock, Waterhouses
129p 590kg Limousin – C H Barnsley, Morridge
129p 540kg Sussex – CEA & JM Dale, Leek
128p 825kg Shorthorn – K C Parker, Hamstall Ridware
125p 735kg Friesian – N D Gibbs, Butterton
124p 685kg Shorthorn – K C Parker, Hamstall Ridware
120p 765kg Montbeliarde – Woodward Partners, Rudyard

Overall average of 110.04p/kg or £683.77 per head.

Top headage price of £1056 for the 825kg Shorthorn from Keith Parker, with Charolais to £986.40, British Blues to £986 and Holsteins to £924.75.

Two overage steers sold very well up to 205p/kg for a 640kg Simmental and 190p/kg for a 565kg Simmental.

Selling time – 10:45am approx.
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
A good trade for the cattle on offer topping at 247p/kg for a 540kg British Blue from FG, JM & TE Carnwell, Dilhorne, who also sold a 540kg British Blue heifer at 214p/kg. A 670kg Limousin heifer realised 235p/kg.

Steers topped at 220p/kg for a 705kg Simmental from Rushton Spencer, with Friesian steers to 200p/kg for a 550kg steer and 192p/kg for a 560kg Friesian, both from J E Archer & Sons.

Top headage price of £1551 for the 705kg Simmental steer with others at £1131.60 and £1116. Heifers topped at £1574.50 and £1333.80.

Selling time – 11:30am
Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092);
Another bumpy ride in the dairy ring with trade continuing to be unpredictable.

A lovely second calver from the Easom family topped the day at £2120 with a second from the same home reaching £1900.

Heifers topped at £1890 from Messrs Broadley.

A big Pedigree sale next week with a large entry of youngstock also features the Autumn Shorthorn Show & Sale. The catalogue is online to view.

PIGS (91);
Selling time – 9:15am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
A much stronger trade for pigs this Tuesday with averages well up on the week.

Cutting pigs topped at 143p/kg for 82kg pigs from J & B Fentem, who sold other cutters at 141p/kg, 138p/kg and 129p/kg. A 82kg pig from Bernard Minshull realised 134p/kg.

Bacon pigs sold up to 142p/kg for a 88kg pig from Bernard Minshull, who sold others at 138p/kg. 87kg pigs made 141p/kg for J & B Fentem, who sold others at 136p/kg twice, 134p/kg and 126p/kg. David Goldstraw sold a pair of 100kg pigs to 140p/kg.

Heavy pigs topped at 164p/kg for an excellent pair of 106kg pigs from David Goldstraw, who also sold a pair of 109kg pigs for 158p/kg. Others sold at 132p/kg and 125p/kg for PF & PD Parsons, Whitchurch.

Cull sows topped at 58p/kg twice for two 222kg sows from Bernard Minshull who sold another at 49p/kg. Other sows generally 38p – 45p/kg.

Pork Pigs (2); av 112p/kg or £82.86/head
Cutting Pigs (13); av 134.79p/kg or £111.46/head
Bacon Pigs (36); av 124.36p/kg or £118.69/head
Heavy Pigs (27); av 111.1p/kg or £126.57/head
Cull Sows (12); av 39.48p/kg or £98.15/head

Selling time 11:00am
Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)
Overall average of 247p/kg or £105 per head!
A seasonal entry but many many more could have been sold to the vendors advantage with trade very strong.

Best lambs in extreme demand topping at 294p/kg and plenty at 270p and better! Big lambs in strong demand, particularly 53kg and over selling to 259p/kg or £141.39. Numerous pens at £125/head and over.

Overall an excellent trade, and more required each week to keep orders coming.

Sample prices;
34kg 275p R Campbell, Dilhorne
37kg 275p J M Robinson, Swythamley
40kg 294p A J Gilman, Elkstones
40.8kg 284p DJ & P Smith, Rushton Spencer
41.2kg 282p DJ & P Smith, Rushton Spencer
41.2kg 281p J Gilman & Partners, Bosley
42.5kg 271p G Peacock, Martinslow
49kg 266p R J Critchlow, Grindon
46kg 265p J M Robinson, Swythamley
53kg 259p R J Critchlow, Grindon
56.3kg 251p A D Buxton, Bollington
55kg 245p J & W Knight, Horton

An excellent entry and very pleased to report trade remained strong to the very last.

Best selling ewes are meated and well shaped ewes, but not over fat. These topped at £158 for R & S Bailey, and also for G & A Peach, Clifton. Better ewes at £130 and better. Mules not as easy to sell but still £100 for the best.

Best Rams to £136.

Overall average of £94/head.

CALVES (99);
Selling time – 10:00am
Less calves on offer and with a warm, wet day a few less buyers around the ring.

34 Continental Bulls av £280.35
Some lovely calves on offer but also plenty of third quality sorts about. A superb Limousin bull sold at £460 from S A Allcock, Waterhouses. Best 10 over £340. Mediums £240 – £300 with smaller bulls under £200.
18 Blues av £279 to £405 – G W Jones & Son
4 Sims av £260 to £365 – Woodward Partners
5 Lims av £251 to £460 – S A Allcock
5 Char av £344 to £392 – FW & JF Brookes

28 Continental Heifers av £190.32
Similar strong to the bulls with an odd less buyer about and less trade overall. A trio of best Blues over £300 and up to £352 for a strong 3 month old sort with fresh calves to £302 for Messrs Handford, Birch Vale. Mediums £200 – £250 with smalls under £200.
19 Blues av £209 to £302 – J W Handford & Sons
4 Sims av £140 to £172 – N E Goodwin & Son
4 Blonde av £152 to £200 – B E Wain

17 Natives
Generally strong money today.
6 Here Bulls av £171 to £265 – K W Powell
1 AA Bull to £265 – C Jackson & Sons
4 Here Heifers av £119 to £185 – B E Wain
5 AA Heifers av £131 to £180 – C Jackson & Sons

20 Black & White Bulls av £51.18
Good money today with a odd better Holstein to £100 with the vast majority £35 – £60.

Catalogued Sale of 9,400 Store & Breeding Sheep
Catalogues Available Online
Next Sale – Saturday 30th October
Sale of Store & Breeding Cattle
Including Longhorn Society Show & Sale
Entries Close Friday 15th October
Next Sale – Saturday 6th November

Sale of Breeding Rams & MV Accredited Females – Entries Close Friday 15th October
Sale of Store & Breeding Pigs – 10.30am
Sale of Store & Breeding Goats – 11am
Fully Catalogued Sale from some of the Leading Herds in the Midlands and Surrounding Counties. A TREMENDOUS ENTRY already received from:
Alsopdale (6), Braemarhouse (2), Broomhouse (5), Deanbank (3), Havendale (23), Hollyhurst (5), Leaventhorpe (6), Littonfields (2), Millhurst (2), Moreben (3), Sternmoor (2), Timberlane
Incluidng 23 Youngstock from the Havendale Herd, 6 Youngstock from the Leaventhorpe Herd & 6 Youngstock from the Timberlane Herd
Stock Bulls Incl – Ped Dairy Shorthorn Bull, a Ped Beef Shorthorn Bull (18mths) & a Blonde Bull
Incl Shorthorn Society Show & Sale of 38 SHORTHORNS
Fantastic entries received for the Society Sale at Leek as follows:-
Amber (13), Cottonhall (2), Oxton (2), Twells (18), Weaverdale
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