Market Report 13th September

A busy market again this week in most sections, with the calf and pigs sections particularly busy, and both still enjoying very strong demand for the increased numbers. 

Calves topped at £410 for blue bulls, and a strong trade for all types throughout. Continued strong numbers are required.

Pigs saw top prices at 188p/kg and a number of pens at 180p and better. Sows very dear, topping at 97p/kg and averages 83p/kg.

Barren cows continue to see excellent demand for all shapes and sizes, with best at 187p or £1431/head.

The sheep shed saw a quieter day, but still just under 1100 forward. Trade sharper in all departments, with best butchers lambs in short supply and topping at 284p/kg. Best ewes to £180. More required!

 A smaller entry of dairies saw an outstanding trade, with a top price of £2580, and almost half the entry over £2000! A bumper week in the dairy shed next week with almost 200 forward, and catalogues available online.


Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

More barren cows on offer this week with some good prices achieved for the cattle on offer with the best to 187p/kg for a 670kg Limousin from K L Potts from Mottram St Andrew. R W Potter, Yeaveley had a 600kg Longhorn to 187p/kg. A P Chaddock, Gillow Heath, had a 795kg Angus to 180p/kg

Other top prices per kilo;

187p 670kg Limousin – K L Potts, Mottram St Andrew

187p 600kg Longhorn – R W Potter Yeaveley

180p 795 kg Angus – A P Chaddock, Gillow Heath

179p 710kg Holstein – J Fernyhough, Swythamley

177p 695kg Dairy Shorthorn – A P Chaddock, Gillow Heath

Top Prices per head:

£1431 Angus – A P Chaddock, Gillow Heath

£1425 Holstein – J Fernyhough, Swythamley

£1318 Holstein – P T Beswick, Cauldon

£1302 Friesian – P T Beswick, Cauldon

£1277 Hereford – A P Chaddock, Gillow Heath

£1276 Longhorn – R W Potter Yeaveley

Overall average of 153.86p/kg or £993.98.


Selling time – 11:30am

Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)

What a trade!! The first through the ring from H Whitfield reached £2480 and that just set the trend

for the entire sale.

Time and time again animals passed the £2000 mark with a heifer from regular vendors Messrs

Bennett topping the day at £2580 with their other two reaching £280 and £2120.

Two heifers from Michael Wainwright both reached £2480.

A huge entry of milk next week including over 50 milkers already entered in the Pedigree Sale and in

addition to that we have the Herd Sale of 76 very milky Holsteins on behalf of Phillip Brocklehurst.

At the end of the day we have a SHORT NOTICE Herd Sale of 40 Holstein Friesians and Brown Swiss

from Messrs Rodmell of Beverley. Cubicles and Herringbone with services to the Aberdeen Angus.

Genuine little herd for the more commercial man.

IF YOU NEED MILK – Get yourself to Leek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PIGS (184);

Selling time – 9:15am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894).

A bumper entry of pigs this week. Those best shaped pigs still a strong trade, with a few plainer types about which is reflected in the averages. Sow trade on fire.

More Pork pigs this week with those best shaped pigs topping at 182p/kg for 71kg pigs from J & B Fentem, who also achieved 180p/kg and 178p/kg for 70kg pigs and a 69kg pig. A Worth, Marton had a pair of 73kg pigs realise 176p/kg and another 66kg pig to 175/p/kg

Cutters sold to 180p/kg for a pair of 85kg pigs from S Bailey, Knypersley. Massie Farms, Stafford also achieved 180p/kg for a pen of 4 gilts weighing 85kg. D J Pope Ltd, Buckingham had a pen of 3 weighing 85kg achieve 178p/kg.


Bacon pigs sold to 188p/kg twice for Massie Farms for 88kg pigs, who sold others from 180p/kg to 183p/kg. J & B Fentem sold a 93kg pig to 178p/kg and B Minshull, Buxton sold 92kg pigs to 177p/kg.

More heavy pigs this week with top price 122p/kg for a 145kg pig from M Leason, Sudbury. A Scott Knutsford sold a pen of 4 weighing 105kg to 120p/kg.

Sow trade on fire this week with very well meated and shaped sows on offer. Top price 97p/kg for a 282kg sow from PF & PD Parsons, Whitchurch who also sold sows to 80p/kg, 86 p/kg, 76p/kg and 70pkg. P Swinson, Uttoxeter sold a 205 kg sow to 81p/kg and a 190kg sow to 74p/kg.

One Boar on offer today realsed 40p/kg weighing 380kg from PF & PD Parsons.

Pig Averages;

Pork Pigs (34);               av 139.05p/kg or £97.09/head

Cutting Pigs (30);           av 164p/kg or £133.60/head

Bacon Pigs (94);             av 157.29p/kg or £145.43/head

Heavy Pigs (11);             av 104.78p/kg or £128.03/head

Boars (1);                      av 40p/kg or £152.00/head

Cull Sows (7);               av 82.62p/kg or £209.14/head


Selling time 11:00am

Auctioneer – Robert  Watkins (07929 946652)

LAMBS (707);

A smaller entry this week, which is disappointing given the level of trade we have been experiencing for larger entries, and the lift in the trade which we experienced this week.

Best sorts continue to be in short supply and sell at a premium, with a top price of 284p/kg for smart Texel lambs. Big lambs also in strong demand and plenty at £120 and better, to a top of £143.64.

Many more could have been sold to vendors advantage, and a very pleasing overall average of 238p/kg reported.

Sample prices;

255p     36.7kg  G W & S M Pattinson, Weaver

256p     39kg     J B Rowlinson & Son, Gawsworth

270p     41kg     T W & C M White & Sons, Shottle

273p     43kg     J Gilman & Partners, Bosley

276p     45.4kg  A J Gilman, Elkstones

284p     47.5kg  R Brough & Son, Monyash

280p     48.2kg  R Brough & Son, Monyash

264p     50kg     R Brough & Son, Monyash

253p     52.6kg  D V Holland, Blore

250p     57kg     N Beardsley, Muggington


Another strong entry and a solid trade, with probably a little more fire in the trade this week. A shortage of best ewes forward, but a strong Texel from Tony Gilman topped at £180 and others at £176 from Messrs Stafford, Ballidon. Best mules at £122/head and best horned ewes to £75 for very strong sorts.

Overall average at £88.55/head.

 CALVES (210);

Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)

Over 200 calves for the third week in a row and a quite unbelievable trade that goes against everything I am told. Plenty of bidders for all shapes and sizes with medium heifers looking best sold on the day.

43 continental bulls

The best easy to sell with the top 10 over £300, mediums look well sold also at £230-£290, with 13 smalls under £200. Two tremendous 5 week old blues topped the day at £410 and £375 for messers A & M Wheat, Addereluy. Other good blues at £375 for P F Gilman, Thorncliffe and £375 for R Wilkinson, Great Budworth.

30 Blues Av £246           Top £410 A & M Wheat

7 Simmental Av £202     Top £290 S + M Huxley

5 Limousin Av £189       Top £320 R J Salt & Partners 

1 Charolais to £285 H Hodgkinson & Sons

55 Continental Heifers

More heifers than bulls and the buyers were there for them this week, simmentals led the way with messers Robinson Partners selling to £285, £260 and £230. Messers Huxley at £240, £235 and £225. Top 5 blues over £245 10 best over £240. Mediums £160 – £210 look well sold on the day. Just 8 smaller plainer heifers under £100.

31 Blues Av £156           Top £285 P R Lawley

15 Simmental Av £200    Top £285 Robinson Partners

7 Limousin Av £149       Top £265 R J Salt

1 Charolais to £275 H Hodgkinson & Sons

70 Natives

The biggest show for several weeks with two big consignments from autumn calving herds

16 Hereford Bulls to £200 J + W Knight

17 Aberdeen Angus to £220 G W + C Brassington

15 Hereford Heifers to £210 J + W Knights

22 Aberdeen Angus Heifers to £105 W Millington + Co

37 Black and Whites

A Montbeliarde bull made £175 best Friesian to £80 with the majority £10 – £50

5 Reared Calves

Blue heifers 3 months at £260 and a trio of black and whites at £130



Catalogued Show and Sale of Pedigree Texel Sheep On Behalf of The Derbyshire  Texel Club 

Catalogues Available



Sale of Store and Breeding Sheep

Entries Close Friday 9 TH September

Next Sale: Saturday 1 ST October



Monthly Pedigree Sale. Entries Invited.

Including Dispersal of the Entre High Yielding Herd (47 Head) on behalf of P K Brocklehurst, Oak Farm, Mobberley, Cheshire.



Dispersal Sale of the Entire Head on behalf of the Boffey Family, Church Lawton.


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