Market Report Tuesday 2nd July

A successful day’s trading in Leek, seeing 100% clearance in all sections

Similar numbers in the pig shed with a top price of 232p/kg for fat pigs

A good day’s trade in the dairy section with the best heifers topping at £2200

764 head of sheep on offer with lambs to 380p/kg and Ewes to £192

Plenty of calves around with a top price of £390 for a British Blue bull and £370 for a Limousin heifer

Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
A small entry with many farmers busy at home.
Trade was very firm again to see a top price of 206p for a 665kg Charolais cow from S Kidd Farmers of Longnor with the same vendor selling a 760kg Charolais for 198p/kg.
A 545kg Dairy Shorthorn, from AM & JE Kirby of Rutland, sold for 188p/kg with a 640kg Shorthorn for Emma Trueman achieving 177p/kg and a 460kg Simmental cow from M R Beardmore at 165p/kg.
Top headage price was £1485.00 for a Charolais from S Kidd Farmers of Longnor, with others to £1369.90 and £1122.80.

PIGS (94);
Selling time – 9:15am
Auctioneer – Ed Groves (07964 510145)
Similar numbers to last week with trade a touch dearer on the week. Top price 232p/kg for fat pigs and 104p for sows.

Porkers topped at 210p from S L Seabridge, Sandon.

Cutting pigs topped at 228p from PF+PD Parsons. J&B Fentem saw 212p and JA&B Minshull to 210p.

Bacon pigs topped at 232p x2 from Massie Farms, who had others to 226p, 225p x2. PF+PD Parsons to 225p,

Heavies topped at 191p from M Gibbons, Preston who had others to 166p, 156p and 140p. S Harper sold pigs to 150p.

Sows sold to 104p or £237.12 from R Rowlinson.

Pig Averages:
Porkers (3) av 210.00p/kg or £142.80
Cutting Pigs (24) av 200.71/kg or £116.01/head
Bacon Pigs (52) av 204.81/kg or £189.84/head
Heavy Pigs (13) av 160.00p/kg or £184.12/head
Sows (2) av 91.59/kg or £164.41/head

Selling time – 11:30am
Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)
15 Dairy Cows & Heifers & 22 Youngstock
A great day in the dairy shed with a third of the entry £2000 or above and a top of £2210 for Mike & kay Hulse at Consall.
Both milky cows and strong heifers in demand with the best heifers £2200.
The sale commenced with 22 Friesian and New Zealand heifer calves from a Yorkshire vendor. Best calves £240 and £250 with bright well grown heifers, around 60 days old, up to £210.
In the milking section the Hulse family took top honours as detailed above with their two cows and two heifers topping at £2210 and averaging £2057.
Well bred Friesian heifers, from regular exhibitors the Kirby’s at Oakham, up to £2020 and local vendors Trevor & Pat Swinson, showing a smart heifer giving 27kg, selling at £2060.
Plenty of customers for X bred heifers with Norwegian Red crosses to £1580 and Flekvieh to £1710for Johnny Haynes of Hollywood Nr Stone.

Pedigree entries already arriving for the sale on 16th July with Herd sales to announce for August.

Selling time 11:00am
Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)
A decent entry and a full compliment of buyers.
Trade was just in front of the national average for the day and a total clearance was achieved with vendors being satisfied with prices.
As always, best Continental lambs sold to a premium to see a top price of 380p/kg for a pen of Texels from Frank Heath of Pipe Gate at 43.67p/kg.
Others sold up to 352p/kg for 43.33kg Texels from CG Buckston of Sutton on the Hill and 348p/kg for 45kg Texel lambs from Phillip Nadin of Meerbrook.

Other top prices:-
342p 42.5kg CG Buckston, Pipe Gate
336p 43kg J & GJ fryer, Horton
333p 41.3kg J & GJ fryer, Horton
342p 45.2kg D Williams, Basford
336p 46kg EA & DM Stubbs, Coppenhall
342p 46.5kg CG Buckston, Pipe Gate
336p 48kg A Porter, Cauldon Low
338p 55kg EA & DM Stubbs, Coppenhall

Lighter lambs achieved up to 328p/kg for 37kg and 38kg lambs.

Overall average 298.53p/kg with a top headage price of £185.90 for lambs from EA & DM Stubbs, to average £124.26/head.

A larger show of ewes and trade similar to last week on the whole. More meated types on offer met with a firm trade, plainer sheep attracted brisk bidding with a few grazing buyers in operation.

Top price for ewes £192 from M&C Hall, Sheen for texels. F Taylor, Mickleover saw £190 for texels.

Continental types generally £150-£170
Strong Mules £125-£140
Plain Mules £100-£120
Hill types and feeding sorts £70-90.

A pleasing overall average of £126.40

Tups topped at £196 FS&MJ Heath, to average £170.90

CALVES (141)
Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)
Double the number of calves after last week’s hay making market.
Very few best calves on offer but what was there were very dear. The second and third quality look the best sold of all. Best British Blue bulls sold at £390 for a pretty calf for Messrs Gilman, Buglawton. Best £350+, mediums £290-£330 with smalls under £270.
19 Blues av £264 to £390 EJ & VC Gilman
5 Sims av £293 to £335 R J Clowes & Sons
11 Lims av £210 to £382 F Yates & Son
The same story as the bulls, with the smallest looking the dearest. Best sold to £370 for a smart Limousin for Messrs Woodward with all the better sorts over £300. Mediums £230-£280 with smalls under £200.
18 Blues av £226 to £315 HW Heath & Son
2 Sims av £245 to £320 TD&DA Higginson
20 Lims av £162 to £370 SH&CJ Woodward
Possibly the dearest on the day.
13 AA Bulls av £214 to £325 PE Holmes & Son
8 Her Bulls av £171 to £185 GR Spink
14 AA Heif av £132 to £202 PE Holmes & Son
4 her Heif av £125 to £135 R Wain & Sons
Dearer, with better rearers to £170 and the majority £40-£80.
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