Market Report 15th June

A hot Tuesday market including the monthly Pedigree Dairy sale. It was a bouncy trade with a mixed show of cattle, however plenty of buyers forward selling up to £2200 in the Pedigree section for a heifer, with commercials up to £2220.
A solid trade for barren cattle topping at 168p/kg and £1477.95 per head. More required each week!
Clean cattle sold to 210p/kg for a Limousin Heifer.
Some excellent quality for sale in the sheep section with more lambs about week by week, topping the day at 349p/kg and £173.04. Cull ewes a fast trade and topped at £150.
Calves are dear as ever with the whole entry selling extremely well for the variety on offer topping at £400 for Blue bulls and heifers to £342.
A few less pigs about this Tuesday with trade buoyant selling to 161p/kg for bacon pigs.


(29);Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
Another excellent trade for barren cattle with an average of 129.56p/kg or £878.76 per head. Top price of 168p/kg for a 780kg Simmental cow with other Simmentals selling extremely well to 167p/kg twice for 885kg and 690kg cows, with a 680kg Shorthorn realising 156p/kg.
Black & white’s sold to 155p/kg for a 740kg Holstein from DJ & KL Leadbetter, Sudbury who also sold a 925kg Holstein at 150p/kg, with a 800kg Fleckveih at 152p/kg from J G Curtis & Son, Basford.
Other top prices;
138p 675kg Dairy Shorthorn – R D Kite & Son, Milwich
138p 870kg Holstein – C J C Stone, Onecote
137p 810kg Simmental – T E H Bold & Sons, Cotton
137p 860kg Holstein – WG & J Clark, Bradnop
129p 670kg Dairy Shorthorn – R & T Clowes, Dilhorne
129p 720kg Ayrshire – B & B Partners, Lask Edge
129p 680kg Holstein – C J C Stone, Onecote
128p 680kg Holstein – W Salt & Son, Denstone
Top headage price of £1477.95 for Simmental cows with others at £1310.40 and £1152.30 with Holsteins to £1387.50 and Fleckveih to £1216.


Selling time – 10:45am approx.
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
A small entry topped at 210p/kg for a 490kg Limousin from Chris Barnsley, Morridge with a 590kg Limousin heifer at 207p/kg from N D Gibbs, Butterton. A 675kg Hereford heifer sold at 185p/kg for O R Prince & Partners, Hoar Cross.


Selling time – 11:30am
Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)
Despite the superb haymaking weather there was a strong buyer presence round the dairy ring on Tuesday who had undoubtedly come out to do business.
The Crooks family of Staveley, Chesterfield showed three cows and two heifers from their impressive Inkersall herd with two of the second calvers reaching £2080 to Messrs Stubbs of Stapleton and the Nevilles of Matlock.
However it was a heifer from their famous Rolls family by Pine-Tree Arbor-Red that really caught the eye with the hammer eventually dropping at £2200 to Neil Stubbs of Hilderstone.
A British Friesian second calver from the Collycroft Herd of Messrs Archer reached £2030 with two other heifers from the Broadleys Brundcliffe herd both making £2000.
A Shorthorn X heifers from the Howe family of Litton reached £1900.
However it was a second calver in the commercial section that topped the day at £2220. From Messrs Brown of Burton Overy she also went to the Nevilles. Others of note in the commercial section was a Fleckvieh X third calver from the Wilds of Fulford that reached £1700.
PIGS (84);
Selling time – 9:15am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
Trade back on last weeks flyer and a few less forward!
Cutting pigs sold to 122p/kg for 84kg pigs from Bernard Minshull with 82kg pigs at 120p/kg from J Davenport, Gawsworth who also sold 80kg pigs at 112p/kg. A trio of 83kg pigs sold at 120p/kg from J & B Fentem.
Bacon pigs topped the day at 161p/kg for 99kg pigs from David Goldstraw, Meerbrook, who also sold a pair of 96kg pigs at 128p/kg. Bernad Minshull sold bacon pigs at 130p/kg and 128p/kg with a 96kg pig at 122p/kg from J W Bailey, Cloudside. Numerous other pens 118p/kg plus.
Heavy pigs sold to 128p/kg for a 106kg pig from Bernard Minshull, with a 112kg pig at 116p/kg from J & B Fentem, with a 132kg pig at 105p/kg for J Edwards, Chesterfield.
Cull sows sold up to 70p/kg for a 163kg sow from Bernard Minshull, with a 250kg sow at 64p/kg for SJ Branson and a 353kg sow at 62p/kg for Robinson Partners, Tatenhill. A 220kg sow also made 62p/kg for B Rugg, Doveridge.
Cutting Pigs (18); av 116.21p/kg or £95.54/head
Bacon Pigs (43); av 115.62p/kg or £107.31/head
Heavy Pigs (15); av 90.40p/kg or £133.79/head
Cull Sows (8); av 57.42p/kg or £144.62/head


Selling time 11:00am
Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)

Numbers increasing slightly and some excellent quality lambs in the entry. Thank you to the vendors.
Best sorts still in good demand topping at 349p/kg for the Hall family of Marchington Woodlands. Plenty of the best types at 330p and better and many more of this quality could have been sold.
Generally, trade a little less but an overall average of 309p/kg or £124.80 shows a strong level of trade throughout.
Best big lambs in good demand topping at £173.04 and still plenty at £140 and better.
Sample prices;
342p 39kg B Wardlaw, Astbury
342p 38.5kg IE, M & A Wilson, Hollington
349p 41.5kg SR & A Hall, Marchington Woodlands
346p 40.6kg J M Robinson, Swythamley
338p 40.3kg J L Morris, Cresswell
337p 41kg B Wardlaw, Astbury
336p 51.5kg J M Robinson, Swythamley
A tail end entry of hoggs selling to 220p/kg or £130.50 per head.
A bigger entry selling on a fast trade. Best ewes to £150 for strong Texel’s. Best Suffolks to £130 and Mules to £118. Overall average £107.
Best Texel Rams to £140.

CALVES (93);

Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899);
A few extra about and an absolutely fantastic trade throughout, possibly the dearest I have ever seen.
29 Continental Bulls av £296.72
The best are dear but the 2nd quality are not so far behind and look the best sold on the day. Blue’s sold to £400 for Jim & Carol Hudson, Hollinsclough with the top 8 over £345, mediums £300 – £330 with a few smaller or younger a bit less.
11 Blues av £335 to £400 – J & C Hudson
6 Sims av £248 to £394 – NG, JMH & H Mellor
7 Lims av £270 to £348 – J B Plant
5 Char/Blo av £308 to £330 – EJ & VC Gilman
15 Continental Heifers av £267.40
Just about as dear as we have had them and many many more could have been sold. Top 7 over £295 and up to £342 for a Blue from Messrs Clowes, Dilhorne. Mediums £250 – £280 with just 4 smalls under £250.
11 Blues av £255 to £342 – R & T Clowes & Son
1 Sim to £298 – EB & BM Sutton
3 Lims av £302 to £322 – N E Goodwin & Son
33 Natives
Numerous bidders and a super trade.
2 Here Bulls av £281 to £330 – Foker Grange Farm
7 AA Bulls av £210 to £295 – O R Prince & Partners
11 Here Heifers av £176 to £230 – FW & JF Brookes
10 AA Heifers av £155 to £272 – W E Turnock & Sons
3 Welsh Blacks to £250 – W G & J Clark
15 Black & White Bulls
3 Monty’s sold to £295 and £285 for Messrs Goodwin. Holsteins saw second quality rearer’s £50 – £80 with smaller bulls £20 – £40.
We can handle our calves and satisfy your contracts. Please let us know if you are an Arla Farmer and we will do the rest.
Slaughter Tags are only to be used in sheep under 12 months of age. Ewes should be Double Tagged with a matching pair of tags, one being electric.
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