Market Report 15th March

An excellent turnout for the monthly Pedigree Dairy sale with a superb trade for all. Top price of £2580 with 27 milkers exceeding £2000 & 100% clearance.

Barren cows are a strong trade with the best cows to 177p/kg or £1495.75 per head to average 144.09p/kg, the highest seen at Leek in a long time!!

Quality hoggs continue to sell at a premium, topping at 342p/kg or £151.33. Cull ewes an extremely good trade, with all types in demand, selling to £198.

Calves sold well, with the best to £418 for a British Blue bull with heifers to £315.

A much improved trade for pigs this week which is good to see. The best sold at 130p/kg with plenty of pens over 100p/kg.

Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
A very strong trade for barrens today with some good prices achieved. Top price of 177p/kg for a 670kg Shorthorn cow from G K Tunnicliffe & Son, Gradbach with Holsteins to 176p/kg for a 625kg cow from MJ & J Rhodes, Crewe and 172p/kg for a 770kg Holstein from T Swinson & Partners, Caverswall.

Other top prices;
170p 570kg British Blue – G Jones, Langley
160p 780kg Friesian – J & L Macpherson, Yoxall
159p 815kg Holstein – P F Gilman, Thorncliffe
159p 915kg Holstein – DJ & KL Leadbetter, Sudbury
157p 735kg Friesian –J & L Macpherson, Yoxall
156p 625kg British Blue – HS & A Callwood, Ollerton
155p 965kg Holstein – DJ & KL Leadbetter, Sudbury
155p 700kg Shorthorn – MJ, C & PM Reeves, Ipstones
155p 750kg Holstein – Brooklyn Farm Products

Overall average of 144.09p/kg or £968.87 per head.

Top headage price of £1495.75 and £1454.85 for Holsteins from DJ & KL Leadbetter, with others to £1324.40, £1295.85 and £1248.

DAIRIES (126);
Selling time – 11:30am
Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)
Top of £2580 ** 100% Clearance
In total 27 milkers passed the £2000 mark with the Pedigree entry averaging an outstanding £2032 and all milkers including commercials averaging out at £1824.

Just when you think you’ve reached the peak of the dairy trade, you get a trade like todays that surpassed all expectations. Admittedly our vendors did not disappoint providing an excellent selection of both milkers and youngstock for purchasers to choose from.

Cows topped at £2260 for a fantastic second calver from the Barmick herd of Mick & Barbara Hollins. By Scientific B Defiant, she was classified VG85 and was sold giving 48kg. she was clinched by Messrs Swindells of Chelmorton.

However it was a superb run of 10 fresh heifers from the Rowarton herd of Andrew & Carrie Sutton of Astbury, Congleton that stole the show. 9 out of the 10 passes the £2000 mark with a ‘Our-Favourite Ve Matia daughter leading at £2580 to Andrew Hulme of Basford. Hot in pursuit at £2400 was Rowarton Silvio Anita also heading to the same home. All 10 averaged a superb £2169.

Well bred bulling heifers also from the Barmick herd peaked at £1000 with a smashing run of weaned calves from Hankins Heys Farm of Crewe topping at £600 to average £523.

There was lots of interest for the commercial Guernsey herd sold on behalf of the Webster family. Trade topped at £1780 for a fresh Jersey x Guernsey heifer with a 5th calver close behind at £1720.

Next week we have an entry of 12 genuine herd sale cows from one home. We will also be selling a heifer kindly donated by Hayden Whitfield for the Ukraine Crissi. Leek Auctions will be matching the sale price. Many people have already kindly donated including Andrew Mills who gave £500 from the sale of his heifers yesterday and the Moore family who donated money from the sale of fodder.

PIGS (100);
Selling time – 9:15am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894).
A big improvement in trade this week, with averages up 10-15p/kg throughout. Pork pigs topped at 129p/kg for a pair of 72kg pigs from P J Saunders. 72kg pigs sold for 120p/kg for J & B Fentem, and 75kg pigs at 105p/kg for J Davenport.

Cutters sold up to 130p/kg for 85kg pigs from J & B Fentem, who also sold 76kg pigs for 128p/kg and 81kg pigs at 126p/kg. 82kg pigs realised 127p/kg for Richard Vernon.

Bacon pigs topped at 130p/kg for a 92kg pig from J & B Fentem with a pair of 90kg pigs at 129p/kg for PF & PD Parsons, Whitchurch, a 91kg pig at 129p/kg for Steve Bailey, 93kg pigs at 126p/kg for Bernard Minshull and a pair of 90kg pigs at 124p/kg for the Parsons. Other bacon pigs 109p/kg plus.

Cull sows in better demand selling up to 87p/kg for a 314kg sow from Steve Bailey and 2 sows at 68p/kg and 56p/kg for Bernard Minshull.

Pork Pigs (19); av 100.60p/kg or £73.18/head
Cutting Pigs (28); av 107.25p/kg or £85.80/head
Bacon Pigs (46); av 100.24p/kg or £94.22/head
Heavy Pigs (3) ; av 71.42p/kg or £85.95/head
Cull Sows (3); av 73.91p/kg or £167.05/head

Selling time 11:00am
Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)
A solid entry for the time of year seeing probably a sharper trade than expected. The best sorts are very much in demand and many more could be sold to vendors advantage.

Best selling to 342p/kg with plenty at 300p and better for best shaped hoggs.

Big lambs slightly firmer topping at £151.33/head or 280p/kg for overweight hoggs.

Best hoggs required every week. Thank you for your support.

Sample prices;
336p 36kg R J Shaw, Admaston
325p 36.8kg GW & MA Platt & Son, North Rode
342p 44.5kg R & S Bailey, Cloudside
330p 42.3kg JJA Venables & Son, Lower Withington
327p 43.5kg JJA Venables & Son, Lower Withington
318p 39.8kg GH & M Torr, Bradnop
318p 44kg R & S Bailey, Cloudside
311p 47kg R & S Bailey, Cloudside
299p 46.5kg FS & MJ Heath, Pipe Gate
280p 53kg FS & MJ Heath, Pipe Gate

A few less about seeing a fierce trade again, topping at £98 for Texel ewes from R & S Bailey with others at £194, £192 etc. Best Mules to £124; best Suffolks to £158 and Charollais to £170. Rough fell ewes to £98.

Best rams selling to £194 for an excellent Charolais from M & S Shimwell.

Overall average of £106/head. MORE REQUIRED!

CALVES (145);
Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)
A good entry of quality rearing calves and a few extra buyers at the ringside led to a good trade for all on offer.

43 Continental Bulls
Similar to recent good prices. The best are good to sell with a sky high price of £418 for a nice Blue bull from Phillip Heath, Foker Grange with the best 10 over £300. Mediums £200 – £280 with just a handful under £200.

22 Blues av £259 to £418 – Foker Grange Farm, Leek
11 Sims av £226 to £330 – D S Harrison, Kingsley
10 Lims av £174 to £300 – JC & D Hudson, Wetton

33 Continental Heifers
Good to sell but not a great deal of quality amongst the calves. GW & C Brassington had £315 for a strong and smart Simmental with another Simmental at £250. 8 best over £220; mediums £170 – £200 with smalls under £150.
21 Blues av £176 to £240 – Harehill Farms
6 Sims av £199 to £315 – GW & C Brassington
6 Lims av £146 to £235 – F Yates & Son

41 Natives
Certainly a good premium of Angus calves today.
24 Angus Bulls to £330 – S M McCleavy
3 Hereford Bulls to £285 – J & W Knight
11 Angus Heifers to £195 – Harehill Farms
3 Hereford Heifers to £140 – Foker Grange Farm

24 Black & White Bulls
Mainly smaller sorts today and generally £10 – £50.

4 Reared Steers
Blue steers to £490 and Fleckveih to £470.

********************************************* SATURDAY 26TH MARCH
Sale of Store & Breeding Cattle – 10am
Entries Close Friday 18th March
Also, First Fortnightly Sale of Ewes with Lambs at Foot – Please advise of Entries

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