Market Report 24th May

A quieter Tuesday this week but some good prices achieved throughout the auction. Dairies sold up to £2860 for the dispersal from James Harrison, Cheadle.

Barren cows just as dear this week, with the best to 186p/kg for a Holstein and average of 160.97p/kg or £1079.75.

New season lambs topped at 378p/kg and £162.18 with more trade about this week. Hoggs still selling well as numbers decline, with the best to 285p/kg or £163.80. Cull ewes topped at £177 this week and averaging £117 overall!!

Calves topped at £384 for a Simmental bull and heifers to £368 for a British Blue.

A much improved trade in the pig section with an additional buyer seeing the best quality up to 170p/kg.

Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
Another very strong trade for barren cattle, and topped at 186p/kg for a 660kg Holstein from WSW Mills, Ratcliffe on Wreake with a 790kg Shorthorn at 184p/kg for D Burton, Leadendale and a 555kg Holstein at 180p/kg for LAJ Turner & Son, Rownall.

Aberdeen Angus cows to 177p/kg for a 750kg cow from AE Allcock, Waterhouses who also sold a 765kg Angus for 177p/kg.

Other top prices include;
177p 835kg Holstein – W E Turnock & Sons, Onecote
177p 760kg Holstein – E Morley & Sons, Kirk Langley
175p 805kg Holstein – E Morley & Sons, Kirk Langley
172p 695kg Holstein – J C & D Hudson, Hollinsclough
170p 620kg Holstein – R & T Clowes & Son, Dilhorne
168p 665kg Friesian – RG & AS Williamson, Wetley
168p 590kg Hereford – M Beswick, Buxton

Overall average of 160.97p/kg or £1079.75.

Top headage price of £1477.95 for Holsteins with others at £1408.75, £1345.20 and £1264 with Shorthorns to £1453.60, Angus’ to £1351.05 and £1327.50.

A Limousin steer weighing 560kg sold for 231p/kg from J Gilman & Partners, Bosley.

Selling time – 11:30am
Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)
Another blistering trade in the Dairy Shed on Tuesday saw both cows and heifers soaring above £2800 again and 11 in excess of £2000. The whole commercial entry including a number with faults averaged £1737.

Topping the day in the Commercial Section was a superb heifer from the Meldamar Herd of the Shepherd family of Bakewell. A Westcoast Alcove daughter, she was sold giving 38.4kg and went to Andrew Hulme of Basford.

Another from the same home by Seagull-Bay MVP reached £2580 to J Bayley of Nuneaton who also took a second calver at £2180. Andrew Hulme went on to take another Alcove daughter at £2460.

The Riley family of Longnor saw their 31kg heifer reach £2360, with Messrs Platts of Hope Valley seeing their two heifers make £2140 and £2260 respectively.

The herd sale on behalf of James Harrison of Cheadle despite including a number of older cows sold exceptionally well. He topped the days trade with a third calver by Fontaine. Calved in April and giving 54kg she was eventually clinched by John Bayley at £2860 with another third calver by Mozzarella making £2500 to the same home.

The last lot of the day, an impressive second calver by Fontaine reached £2620 to A J Minshall, Tean.

Next week we have the very impressive Pedigree Herd of Holsteins and Ayrshires to sell on behalf of the Weston family. Head to the website to take a look at the catalogue.

PIGS (83);
Selling time – 9:15am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894).
Strong trade throughout this week with two more buyers in action and prices well up on the week and more quality forward. Pork pigs sold up to 182p/kg for a 61kg pig from David Goldstraw, Meerbrook and 150p/kg for 73kg pigs from Intake Farm, Ipstones.

Cutting pigs topped at 166p/kg three times for 84kg, 85kg & 84kg pigs from J & B Fentem who sold others at 164p/kg twice, 138p/kg and 136p/kg. 152p/kg was paid for 80kg pigs from David Goldstraw.

Bacon pigs topped at 170p/kg for 103kg pigs from J E Critchlow, Longnor and 170p/kg for 88kg pigs from J & B Fentem, who also sold others at 166p/kg, 165p/kg, 161p/kg and 148p/kg. 146p/kg for 88kg pigs from David Goldstraw.

Heavy pigs topped at 119p/kg for 115kg pigs from H Kelsall & Son, Dean Row, and 118p/kg for a 136kg pig from J G Belfield, Sheen and 114p/kg for a pair of 108kg pigs from J & B Fentem.

Cull sows were sought after topping at 73p/kg for a 213kg sow from H Kelsall & Son, Dean Row with a 251kg sow at 72p/kg for R Rowlinson, Ramshorn and 70p/kg twice for 248kg and 288kg sows from Bernard Minshull.

A pen of 21kg store sold for £22/head from A Worth, Marton.

Pork Pigs (7); av 141.27p/kg or £98.49/head
Cutting Pigs (21); av 145.56p/kg or £120.05/head
Bacon Pigs (26); av 149.02p/kg or £142.14/head
Heavy Pigs (8) ; av 109.09p/kg or £131.86/head
Cull Sows (24); av 60.99p/kg or £129.36/head

Selling time 11:00am
Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)
A slightly increased entry selling on a faster trade with strong demand throughout. Best lambs seeing premium prices up to 378p/kg and plenty at 350p and better. Top headage price of £162.18.

Overall average of 341p/kg.

Sample prices;
368p 39kg IE, M & A Wilson, Hollington
360p 38kg RG & GC Moss, abbots Bromley
378p 40.3kg R Darlington, Hartington
372p 40kg IE, M & A Wilson, Hollington
369p 41.7kg M Turner, Waterhouses
364p 41kg R Darlington, Hartington
362p 40kg Archer & Bartram, Willington
360p 43.2kg R Darlington, Hartington
359p 44.7kg R Harrison, Runcorn

A much reduced entry selling on a steadier trade inline with other centres. Best shaped and best finished sorts still sought after to a top of 285p/kg or £163.80/head. Overall average at 231p/kg.

The smallest entry for some time saw a fast trade, topping at £177 for Charolais ewes from G & G Biddulph, Gawsworth with Suffolk’s from the same home at £176.

Overall average of £118/head.

CALVES (146);
Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)
A jump in numbers with 3 bigger lots of 10 + calves boosting the entry. Trade remains good throughout.
43 Continental Bulls
All bulls a good price again although a lot of smaller and younger calves about. A stunning Limousin bull from Richard Emmott, Lyme Park won the day and selling at £425 to a regular Yorkshire purchaser. 6 smart calves over £375; 12 more better sorts over £300; mediums £240 – £300 with only smaller sorts less.
18 Blues av £253 to £390 – P J Davies
13 Sims av £279 to £390 – TD & DA Higginson
12 Lims av £233 to £425 – R G Emmott
42 Continental Heifers
Not just as strong as the bulls but still plenty of life to the trade. A lovely Limousin was top call at £315 for E Moss, Cloudside with the top 15 over £200; mediums look good to buy at £120 – £170 with only plainer calves less.
17 Blues av £181 to £300 – J Bailey & Sons
11 Sims av £134 to £245 – D S Harrison
14 Lims av £170 to £315 – E Moss & Son
30 Natives
A little easier to buy this week.
3 Hereford Bulls av £149 to £170 – G & E Critchlow
12 AA Bulls av £165 to £200 – P E Holmes & Son
13 AA Heifers av £104 to £180 – DR & A Shuker
21 Black & White Bulls
Proper British Friesian bulls sold at £185 for Messrs Whittaker, Bosley, and £128 for Messrs Shuker. Mostly smaller sorts today from £10 – £58.
10 Reared Calves
A Blue heifer (4mths) sold at £400 from Andrew Hulme with a good run from A & C Sread, Repton all 4mths seeing a trio of Angus bulls at £400 and a pair of Holstein bulls at £250 with 2 more at £170.

Sale of 368 Store & Breeding Cattle – 10am
Entries Close Friday 13th May
Also, Fortnightly Sale of Ewes with Lambs at Foot – Please advise of Entries

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