Market Report 27th July

A busy market on Tuesday with every section thriving. A large entry of dairies sold on a nice trade with a mixed entry but an excellent show of heifers again from the Johnson family of Longnor selling to £2300.
Another brilliant show of fat lambs and cull ewes saw spirited bidding up to 275p/kg and £133.77 per head, with ewes to £165.
More barrens about and sold on a solid trade, with a top of 165p/kg for a British Blue cow and Black & Whites to 146p/kg. Clean cattle were well sought after with the best to 243p/kg.
Pigs sold on a better trade this Tuesday with an additional buyer selling up to 148p/kg for cutters and bacon pigs to 137p/kg.
Calves once again being well sought after with some brilliant prices achieved up to £470 for a smart Blue bull calf, and heifers just as dear leading at £360.


Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
A few more about and another excellent trade with a top price of 165p/kg for a 710kg British Blue from J F Barber, Quarnford. Herefords sold up to 149p/kg for a 595kg cow from F J Dean & Son, Congleton, and a 855kg Hereford at 144p/kg for M Hall, Knypersley.
Black & whites sold to 146p/kg for a 790kg Holstein from D & G Tudor, Kingsley and a 750kg Montbeliarde at 143p/kg for R J Clowes & Sons, Kingsley.
Other top prices include;
142p 650kg Angus – J M Robinson, Swythamley
140p 750kg Hereford – M Hall, Knypersley
139p 760kg Holstein – DG & JA Ball, Fulford
138p 745kg Holstein – W Wood & Son, Rushton Spencer
138p 660kg Friesian – RG & AS Williamson
137p 715kg Blonde – D & A Stonier, Eaton
135p 660kg Angus – A Shaw, Sturston
Overall average of 122.4p/kg or £792.89.
Top headage price of £1231.20 for the 855kg Hereford from M Hall, Knypersley, with British Blues to £1171.50; Holsteins to £1153.40; Montbeliarde’s to £1072.50.


Selling time – 10:45am approx.
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
Cattle well sought after today selling up to 243p/kg for a 500kg Limousin heifer from Chris Barnsley, Morridge, selling for J W Ash Butchers, Leek. Other heifers sold to 216p/kg for a 500kg Blonde from J S Hine, Biddulph, and a 605kg British Blue heifer at 201p/kg for R J Critchlow, Grindon who also sold a 605kg British Blue for 194p/kg.
Steers sold up to 224p/kg for a 525kg Blonde from J S Hine, with a 505kg Blonde at 216p/kg, 510kg Hereford at 206p/kg and a 500kg Hereford at 198p/kg.
Young bulls topped at 209p/kg for a 675kg Simmental. Top headage price of £1216.05 for heifers, £1176 for steers and bulls to £1410.75.


Selling time – 11:30am
Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092);
88 DAIRIES – TOP OF £2300
A big entry in the Dairy Shed on Tuesday saw the Johnsons of Longnor dominate for a second week in a row topping at £2300, with others to £2160 and £2180. Quality overall was a little mixed with trade not as strong than in previous weeks.
Numerous sales have been booked which are detailed below with the other special entries in the pipeline that will be announced in due course. For Further Details Contact Meg Elliott on 07967 007049.
Dispersal Sale of the Entire Herd (Approx 200 Milking Head) on behalf of J B Plant, Stile House Farm, Bradnop, Leek, Staffs.
Dispersal Sale of the Entire High Yielding Pedigree Inkersall Herd (200 Head) on behalf of D I & M R Crooks & Sons, Inkersall Farm, Staveley, Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

PIGS (95);

Selling time – 9:15am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
A better trade this week and an additional buyer in
operation made way for spirited bidding and prices up on
the week.
Cutters sold well, up to 148p/kg for a pen of 76kg pigs
from J & B Fentem, who also sold others at 140p/kg,
132p/kg, 130p/kg, 114p/kg, and 109p/kg. a pair of 83kg
pig realised 137p/kg for J Davenport, Gawsworth.
Bacon pigs sold up to 137p/kg for a pair of 95kg pigs from
PF & PD Parsons, Whitchurch, who also sold 97kg pigs
at 134p/kg. 90kg pigs realised 134p/kg for J & B Fntem,
and 86kg pigs at 130p/kg for J Davenport. The Parsons
sold cutting pigs at 129p/kg, 128p/kg and 126p/kg.
Heavy pigs sold up to 118p/kg for a 108kg pig from the
Just one cull sow today made 67p/kg or £194.30 from R
Rowlinson, Ramshorn.
Two pens of weaners made £29 per head.
Cutting Pigs (28); av 123.18p/kg or £97.80/head
Bacon Pigs (46); av 112.76p/kg or £104.45/head
Heavy Pigs (3); av 102.15p/kg or £108.28head
Cull Sows (1); av 67p/kg or £194.30/head


Selling time 11:00am
Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)
Trade a little less but still very firm and in line with
national trends as to be expected. Some excellent prices
achieved and the mixed entry reflects in the average.
Leading prices of 275p/kg or £133.77 per head.
Please keep numbers coming forward to keep up with the
demand we have to offer at Leek.
Overall average of 248.34p/kg or £100.60 per head!
Good to see more forward this week and selling on a solid
trade with best Continentals to £165 and anything well
meated above £120, with Mules around £80 – £100.
Overall average of £89/head.

CALVES (151);

Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899);
Good numbers again and some super quality about and a
big ring of buyers looking for numbers.
34 Continental Bulls av £304.14 (Up £23)
Some lovely quality about and a fantastic trade
throughout. 10 best bulls topped £350 with Andrew
Hulme topping with a superb. 7 week old Blue at £470;
medium bulls £270 – £340 with just 5 under £250.
14 Blues av £317 to £470 – DW & P Hulme
13 Sims av £269 to £350 – GR & D Hawkins
5 Lims av £341 to £395 – H Hodgkinson & Sons
2 Char av £349 to £350 – D & G Tudor
43 Continental Heifers av £249.27 (Up £41)
Considerably dearer on the week with returning buyers
looking to secure numbers. 11 better heifers topped £300
with a stunning Limousin x from R J Salt, Rudyard at
£360. Mediums £230 – £270 with 8 smaller heifers under
20 Blues av £250 to £338 – H W Heath & Son
8 Sims av £251 to £300 – C V Whilock & Sons
11 Lims av £237 to £360 – R J Salt
3 Blo av £265 to £282 – EJ & VC Gilman
1 Char to £300 – D & G Tudor
43 Natives
Equally as dear if not better than recent weeks.
10 Here Bulls av £157 to £260 – DG & JA Ball
7 AA Bulls av £193 to £238 – V Moss & Sons
9 Here Heifers av £144 to £210 – P J Davies
17 AA Heifers av £129 to £180 – PJ & JR Boffey
31 Black & White Bulls
A couple of better rearer’s sold to £120 for a Friesian
Bull from F E Whittaker, Bosley. Medium rearer’s £50 –
£80 with smaller calves generally £20 – £40.
Sale of Store & Breeding Cattle
Entries to Close Friday 30th July
Next Sale Saturday 7th & 21st August
Special Sale of Early Lambing Shearlings & Ewes
including Early Rams
MV and Non MV Sections
Entries Close Friday 30th July
Monthly Sale of Store & Breeding Pigs.
Please advise of entries.
We can handle our calves and satisfy your
contracts. Please let us know if you are an Arla
Farmer and we will do the rest.

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