Market Report 30th November

A quieter Tuesday following from a wintery weekend of Storms, Snow and Power Cuts! And an excellent trade seen throughout the market!

Lambs in strong demand this week with the best to 337p/kg and in particular a super trade for lighter lambs, and numerous pens 320p plus producing an overall average of 282p/kg. Top headage prices of £164.02 to average £119.70!! Cull ewes just as dear with a top price of £181 and plenty over £140.

Dairies sold on a lovely trade with some excellent prices achieved up to £2300 for heifers.

Barren cows sold on a solid trade with a top price of 146p/kg or £1007.40 and clean cattle were an excellent trade today topping at 270p/kg and £1547.60.

Less pigs about this week and selling on a much-improved trade again, with leading prices of 143p/kg and 144p/kg.

Calves sold on a similar trade to last with the best Blue bulls to £440 and heifers to £275.

Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
A few less this Tuesday but still a solid trade. Top price of 146p/kg for a 690kg Limousin cow from A E Allcock, Waterhouses with a 530kg Friesian at 139p/kg for E & DR Bennett, Whiston and a 730kg Shorthorn at 136p/kg from J G Tatton, Wetley Rocks.

Other top prices include;
132p 745kg Holstein – WG & J Clark, Bradnop
130p 605kg Limousin – A E Allcock, Waterhouses
127p 595kg Holstein – E & DR Bennett, Whiston
126p 645kg Holstein – GW & C Brassington, Kingsley
125p 640kg Shorthorn – J G Tatton, Wetley Rocks
124p 790kg Holstein – RG & AS Williamson
120p 735kg Angus – J R Bloor, Barnshaw
120p 680kg Angus – J R Bloor, Barnshaw

Overall average of 110.39p/kg or £745.40 per head.

Top headage price of £1007.40 for a 690kg Limousin from A E Allcock, Waterhouses with Shorthorns to £992.80 and Holsteins to £983.40 and £979.60.

Selling time – 10:45am approx.
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
A small entry sold on a strong trade with the best to 270p/kg for a 525kg Limousin heifer from C Barnsley, Morridge. Other heifers sold to 214p/kg for a 575kg Hereford from Mitchell & Murray, Wilmcote.

Steers sold up to 222p/kg for a 530kg Limousin from Mitchell & Murray, Wilmcote who also sold a 555kg Limousin at 217p/kg. A 730kg British Blue realised 212p/kg for M & M Heath, Rushton, and Herefords to 202p/kg for a 595kg steer from R E Green, Ash Bank who also sold a 665kg Hereford at 200p/kg.

Top headage price of £1547.60 for a 730kg British Blue steer with other steers to £1330 and £1204.35 with heifers to £1417.50 and £1230.50.

Selling time – 11:30am
Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)
There was a superb trade for dairies at Leek on Tuesday with more certainly needed to satisfy demand.

Top call was for a Monument Impression daughter from Michael Wainwright of Buxton at £2300. Giving 30kg she went to John Moss of Rushton Spencer.

Milky cows were very much in demand with a second calver from the Bradburn family of Wigan reaching £2110. The families entry of four second calvers averaged a fantastic £1940.

The first cow through the ring from Andrew Armett of Loughborough reached £2100 to Messrs Darwin of Oxspring, Sheffield.

Regular vendor Andrew Mills of Ratcliffe on Wreake saw his heifer to £2060 to Ed Clowes of Kingsley.

Please get in touch if you have dairies to sell and don’t forget there is plenty of prize money on offer at the Christmas Pedigree Show and Sale on Tuesday 21st December along with the usual hospitality. Get your entries in now!

PIGS (87);
Selling time – 9:15am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
Half the entry this Tuesday but sold on an excellent trade throughout. Pork pigs topped the day at 143p/kg for a pen of 75kg pigs from J & B Fentem, who also sold 75kg pigs at 116p/kg and 106p/kg.

Cutters sold to 144p/kg for 76kg pigs from J & B Fentem who also sold 81kg pigs for 130p/kg.

Bacon pigs topped at 133p/kg for 95kg pigs from J & B Fentem, with Massie Farms, Wood Eaton selling bacon pigs at 131p/kg, 130p/kg and 127p/kg twice. A 91kg pig realised 130p/kg for Bernard Minshull who also sold 97.5kg pigs for 126p/kg and a 103kg pig at 121p/kg for R & L Vernon.

Heavy pigs sold up to 110p/kg for 110kg pigs from H Kelsall & Son, Dean Row and also for 107kg pigs from D B Goldstraw, Meerbrook.

Sows sold up to 66p/kg for a 215kg sow from MC & EA Beattie who also sold a 292p/kg sow at 64p/kg.

Pork Pigs (11); av 126.45p/kg or £94.84/head
Cutting Pigs (7); av 139.82p/kg or £108.26/head
Bacon Pigs (56); av 117.53p/kg or £110.25/head
Heavy Pigs (7); av 107p/kg or £119.39/head
Cull Sows (4); av 63.35p/kg or £145.38/head

Selling time 11:00am
Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)
A much reduced entry as expected given the weekends weather sold on a very sharp trade. Best lambs very dear and light weight lambs of all qualities in strong demand also.

Best on offer selling to 337p/kg and numerous lots at 320p and better. Big lambs continue to sell well up to 308p/kg or £164.02/head. Overall average of 282p/kg or £119.70/head.

Christmas Show & Sale next week but a good entry of commercial lambs also required!!

Sample prices;
286p 31.3kg B White, Bradfield
337p 37kg M D Heath, Bradnop
331p 34kg M D Heath, Bradnop
331p 36kg Renshaw & Brassington, Ashbourne
330p 38kg A Shaw, Sturston
323p 33.8kg I Walker, Stone
322p 37kg D B Goldstraw, Meerbrook
331p 44.7kg R & S Bailey, Cloudside
322p 39.5kg Hough Park Farm Ptns, Ashbourne
320p 40.4kg D R Flower, Alstonefield
308p 45.7kg FS & MJ Heath, Pipe Gate
299p 49kg FS & MJ Heath, Pipe Gate
294p 51kg B Wardlaw, Astbury
278p 54.4kg D Williams, Basford

A good entry for the time of year, selling on a blistering trade. Best Texel’s to £181 from Ben Ditchfield with others at £170, £159 etc. Heavy continental ewes generally £130 plus, best Mules to £121 for very big types and horned ewes to £65.

Overall average of £102.73.

More required every week!

CALVES (90);
Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)
Just a few less about which is understandable with the weather over the weekend.

28 Continental Bulls
All shapes and sizes and well bid for but the changeable weather makes rearing calves a hard job. A super Bule from the Handford family, Birch Vale sold at £440 with other better sorts topping £300.
18 Blues av £264 to £440 – JW Handford & Sons
5 Sims av £235 to £285 – S & M Huxley & Son
4 Lims av £276 to £330 – F E Whittaker & Sons

22 Continental Heifers
Stronger money than the bulls with additional buyers at the ringside. A trio of best topped £270 with Blues & Charolais’ at £275.
14 Blues av £216 to £275 – W G Brown & Sons
4 Sims av £90 to £110 – D S Harrison
2 Lims av £109 to £168 – K W Twemlow & Co
1 Char to £275 – F J Gould & Son

30 Natives
Similar to last weeks strong price.
2 Here Bulls av £165 to £185 – F J Gould & Son
9 AA Bulls av £152 to £265 – C Heath & Sons
3 Here Heifers av £79 to £160 – T Swinson & Ptns
15 AA Heifers av £94 to £190 – AJ & T Myatt
1 Beef Shorthorn Heifer to £215 – WG Brown & Sons

11 Black & White Bulls
Better sorts £50 – £70 with smaller sorts £28 – £50.

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