Market Report 31st August

A quieter Bank Holiday Tuesday but some excellent prices achieved in all sections today.

An exceptional trade for butchers lambs and ewes today, with prices back up to 300p/kg and averaging a remarkable 249p/kg or £104.22 per head! Meated lambs were a pleasure to sell. Ewes were again, a remarkable trade reaching heady heights of £184 and an average of £114.47 per head speaks for itself!!

Less cattle about and barrens sold up to 147p/kg or £1007.50, with clean in good demand up to 230p/kg or £1748.

Pigs sold very well this week, with averages well up on the last few weeks, with heavy pigs leading the day at 164p/kg and bacon pigs to 164p/kg.

A small entry of dairies after lasts week bumper entry, but a lovely trade once again, selling up to £2080 for heifers.

Calves continue to sell better and better, with stores looking strong money, plenty of customers are coming forward to fill up on stock. Bulls sold up to £460 and £450 for strong Simmentals and heifers to £390 and £375 for Simmentals.

Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
A small entry due to the Bank Holiday and nice trade throughout to average at 125.87p/kg or £833.27. Top price of 147p/kg for a 655kg Holstein cow from G R Spink, Grindon, with a 695kg Aberdeen Angus at 142p/kg for D & S Rogers, Chinley.

Other Holsteins sold up to 140p/kg for a 685kg cow from R & T Clowes, Dilhorne.

Other top prices include;
140p 690kg Limousin – F & J Barlow, Froghall
139p 720kg Simmental – C H Ede & Son, Long Lane
136p 680kg Simmental – C H Ede & Son, Long Lane
130p 775kg Holstein – A & JE Goldstraw, Waterhouses
125p 620kg Ayrshire – S & J Ryder, Dilhorne

Top headage price of £1007.50 for John Goldstraw’s Holstein with Simmentals to £1000.80, Angus’ to £986.90 and Limousins to £966.

Selling time – 10:45am approx.
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
A decent entry sold on a good trade up to 230p/kg for a 715kg Simmental steer and also for a 760kg Simmental steer, both from Rushton Spencer, with a 630kg Friesian steer at 210p/kg.

Heifers topped at 220p/kg for a 585kg Simmental, with a 610kg Aberdeen Angus heifer at 209p/kg for Glyn Redfern, Onecote.

Top headage price of £1748, £1644.50 and £1323 for steers with heifers topping at £1287.

Selling time – 11:30am
Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092);
A smaller entry today but plenty of customers at the ringside and a solid price for all on offer. A very smart Pedigree heifer from the Sternmoor herd of Michael Wainwright topped the day at £2080 and selling locally to a Staffordshire farmer who also secured another heifer from Ernest White & family, Moscar at £1940.
Richard Lomas was also in the money with his newly calved heifer at £1920.

Cows topped at £1750 for a third calver from Messrs Charlesworth, Bradbourne.

PIGS (81);
Selling time – 9:15am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
A excellent trade for pigs this Tuesday with some excellent prices achieved. A single 70kg pig realised 144p/kg for David Goldstraw, Meerbrook who also sold cutters at 163p/kg for 84kg pigs and a trio of 84kg pigs from Steve Bailey at 150p/kg.

Bacon pigs topped at 164p/kg for a superb trio of 97kg pigs from Dave Goldstraw, with the Fentems selling 87kg and 96kg pigs at 146p/kg and 140p/kg. A pair of 90kg pigs made 139p/kg for PF & PD Parsons and a 87kg pig at 139p/kg. Plenty of bacon pigs 130p and above!!

Heavy pigs just as dear with a trio of 108kg pigs at 167p/kg for Dave Goldstraw. A 107kg pig realised 117p/kg for Bernard Minshull and a pair of 110kg pigs made 109p/kg for the Parsons.

Sows sold up to 64p/kg for a 255kg sow from P J Barker, Charnwood, who also sold a 287kg pig for 56p/kg. a 255kg sow made 57p/kg for Chris Hine and a 220kg sow realised 54p/kg for Alan Worth, Marton.

Cutting Pigs (6); av 156.49p/kg or £132.23/head
Bacon Pigs (60); av 125.45p/kg or £116.94/head
Heavy Pigs (7); av 134.45p/kg or £145.40/head
Cull Sows (6); av 53.71p/kg or £125.33/head

Selling time 11:00am
Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)
A reduced entry for the Bank Holiday Tuesday saw another exceptional trade for all the goods on offer and many many more could have been sold to the vendors advantage.

Best sorts in extreme demand up to 300p/kg and many pens at 280p plus regardless of weight.

Many many more meated lambs required every week to satisfy orders.

Overall average of 249p/kg or £104.22 speaks for itself!!

Sample prices;
286p 33kg JM & SK Slack Bros, Macclesfield
286p 36kg D A J Burton, Ipstones
286p 67.6kg M Lancaster, Congleton
284p 35kg I Walker, Stone
300p 42.5kg T & T Goodwin, Wetley Rocks
291p 42kg R Brough & Son, Monyash
289p 44kg R Brough & Son, Monyash
285p 39.2kg M Lancaster, Congleton
285p 42.3kg I G Forrester, Trent Vale
283p 43.2kg Miss E Southwell, Uttoxeter
274p 45.6kg G & JP Gibson, Rushton Spencer
272p 47kg Miss E Southwell, Uttoxeter
299p 53kg T & T Goodwin, Wetley Rocks

Orders for 400 + today but not enough about levelled to a mind blowing trade!!

Best Beltex ewes from Callum Banks at Clayton to £184 but the medium Texels looking very dear at £125 -£145 for pen after pen of ewes.

Mules seeing £125 for the best, lean ewes still difficult to sell unless they look bright enough to graze and improve.

Overall average of £114.47!


CALVES (90);
Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899);
A good entry for the bank holiday week and a fantastic trade throughout with additional buyers looking for numbers.

31 Continental Bulls av £302.61
Much dearer on the week with a new buyer looking for fill his trailer. A run of 6 Simmentals (6-8 wks) from Messrs Huxley sold to £460, £450, £430, £405 etc with fresh Blues to £390. Top 10 £350 +; medium bulls very dear £240 – £300 with smaller sorts under £230.
17 Blues av £286 to £390 – JA & HE Warrington
10 Sims av £334 to £460 – S & M Huxley & Son
2 Lims av £291 to £348 – N E Goodwin & Son
2 Blondes av £298 to £312 – F M Ottewell & Son

18 Continental Heifers av £271.94
Considerably dearer on the week. Two Simmentals from Andy Huxley’s run sold at £390 and £375 with young Blues to £310 with 9 over £290 today.
13 Blues av £264 to £310 – AJ & T Myatt
4 Sims av £290 to £390 – S & M Huxley & Son
1 Char to £300 – D & G Tudor

32 Natives
Just as dear as we have seen them recently.
11 Hereford Bulls av £199 to £295 – P T Beswick
10 AA Bulls av £181 to £272 – CS & J Prince
4 Hereford Heifers av £148 to £188 – DR & A Shuker
2 AA Heifers av £160 to £175 – CS & J Prince

9 Black & White Bulls
Friesians to £82; Big Holsteins to £102 with a Monty at £90 and Beef Shorthorns to £90.

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