Market Report 3rd May

The May Bank Holiday Tuesday saw another strong entry of stock in most sections, including the herd dispersal on behalf of W J Oakes & Partners, Lach Dennis, which drew an excellent crowd of buyers, selling up to £2380.

A good show of sheep this week, albeit a few less than last weeks bumper entry. Lambs back slightly on the week, with the best today to 359p/kg and £161.55/head. Hogget’s still in strong demand, with the best to 346p/kg and £152.75. Cull ewes sold up to £173.

Barren cows continue to sell at a strong trade, with a top price of 196p/kg and £1426 per head, to average 160.74p/kg.

A good entry of pigs sold well, topping at 136p/kg for cutters with plenty of fat pigs in the 120 – 135p/kg bracket.

A strong trade for calves with the best up to £440 for Blue bulls and heifers to £282.

Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
A few less than last week but a strong trade throughout with a top price of 196p/kg for a 620kg Holstein from WSW Mills who also sold a 610kg Holstein for 191p/kg. Herefords sold up to 187p/kg for a 465kg cow from JH Thornhill, Lyme Park and 186p/kg for a 635kg Limousin from P Brook, Mayfield. Simmentals sold up to 186p/kg for a 695kg cow.
Other top prices;
184p 775kg Holstein – D & PW Kirkman, Alderwasley
178p 625kg Holstein – DG & JA Ball, Fulford
177p 635kg Limousin – P Brook, Mayfield
177p 635kg D. Shorthorn – B Goodwin, Upper Hulme
177p 585kg Limousin – P Brook, Mayfield
175p 620kg Angus – JH Thornhill, Lyme Park
174p 650kg Friesian – S & J Ryder, Dilhorne
174p 625kg Holstein – B Goodwin, Upper Hulme

Overall average of 160.74p/kg or £985.36 per head. Top headage price of £1426 for the 775kg Holstein from D & PW Kirkman, with Simmentals to £1292.70 and other Holsteins £1216.80, £1215.20 and Limousin’s up to £1181.10.

An entry of two Red Poll bulls which sold at 184p/kg for a 435kg bull and 157p/kg for a 410kg bull, both from DA & LM Moss, Rushton Spencer.

DAIRIES (199);
Selling time – 11:30am
Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)
A great entry forward including the herd dispersal on behalf of the Oakes family saw 199 sold and a strong trade throughout.

Topping the commercials was a fresh Friesian heifer from Messrs Callwood at £2090 with others from Derek Davenport at £1980.

A fantastic crowd gathered for the sale of the flying herd on behalf of Wilf and Linda Oakes with a huge amount of local support given to the family.

The sale topped at £2380 for a fresh second calver by Marlie Article Fifty giving 30kg to Messrs Mellor of Dilhorne. Another fresh second calver by Teemar Shamrock Alphabet reached £2060 to Messrs Bailey of Brown Edge. Numerous were in that £1800 to £2000 bracket with the whole herd averaging just short of £1400.

PIGS (124);
Selling time – 9:15am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894).
A good entry of pigs this Tuesday and selling on a similar trade with cutters to 136p/kg for a pen of 83kg pigs from J & B Fentem who sold others at 134p/kg twice. Massie Farms also achieved 136p/kg twice for 80kg and 84kg pigs and also sold others at 134p/kg (x3) and 133p/kg (x2).

Bacon pigs topped at 135p/kg for 86kg pigs from Massie Farms, with 92kg and 86kg pigs at 134p/kg from PF & PD Parsons and 132p/kg for 90kg pigs from J & B Fentem. Bernard Minshull sold 99kg pigs at 129p/kg and also 126p/kg for 98kg pigs.

Cull sows topped at 83p/kg for a 238kg sow from P & N Allen, who also sold a 222kg sow at 81p/kg. others generally 70 – 80p/kg.
Pork Pigs (4); av 115p/kg or £81.08/head
Cutting Pigs (59); av 130.07p/kg or £107.91/head
Bacon Pigs (48); av 114.71p/kg or £105.51/head
Heavy Pigs (4) ; av 75.45p/kg or £90.35/head
Cull Sows (7); av 74.73p/kg or £160.56/head

Selling time 11:00am
Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)
A bigger entry seeing a steadier trade as reported elsewhere due to lack of demand from endusers and a number of abattoirs not back open after the bank holiday.

Best lambs well bid for topping at 359p/kg and grossing £161.55. Generally only the best at 300p/kg and better and an overall average of 316p/kg, which is inline on the day with other centres.

Sample prices;
355p 36.2kg R Brough & Son, Monyash
359p 45kg B Wardlaw, Astbury
358p 43kg B Wardlaw, Astbury
350p 39.5kg RG & AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks
331p 44.3kg RG & AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks

Still a very good demand for the right goods, seeing an excellent trade once again.

Best sorts at 346p/kg and plenty at 320p/kg and better.

A larger proportion of heavier weights today seeing demand but at lower prices. Heavies topping at 302p/kg and overweight’s at 250p/kg.

SQQ average at 297p/kg and 260p/kg overall. More best sorts at 37 – 45kg required!

Sample prices;
346p 38.3kg MJ & VP Oliver, Toft Green
338p 39kg A Shaw, Sturston
336p 39.2kg RA & KD Day, Cheddleton
335p 39.1kg MJ & VP Oliver, Toft Green
327p 43kg P Yates, Rugeley
320p 45.4kg P D Brittain-Cartlidge, Buxton
302p 46.2kg RA & KD Day, Cheddleton
296p 48kg D Williams, Basford
294p 48.8kg P D Brittain-Cartlidge, Buxton
250p 54.5kg D J Austin, Longford
248p 53.4kg C W Shenton, Adlington
235p 65kg J Brough & Son, Rudyard

Another good entry seeing trade back a little post festival, but generally still good. Best Texel’s to £172; Charollais to £169 and Suffolk’s to £158.

Overall average at £109.32.

CALVES (121);
Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)
Similar numbers and trade to last week with some super calves on offer and a very strong trade throughout.

42 Continental Bulls
Some excellent calves on offer including a couple of runs of stronger sorts (5-7 weeks) that was certainly appreciated by the buyers. Smart Blues topped at £440 for D S Harrison with another 6 better bred calvers over £330. Mediums £230 – £300 with smaller or plainer bred sorts under £200.
24 Blues av £258 to £440 – D S Harrison
12 Sims av £258 to £360 – D S Harrison
6 Lims av £271 to £390 – J G Curtis & Son

38 Continental Heifers
A similar story to the bulls with extra bidders looking for numbers. Blues won the day with the top 6 over £250 and up to £282 for Phillip Heath. Mediums and nice young makers £180 – £220 with smaller calves a little less.
24 Blues av £198 to £282 – Foker Grange Farm
8 Sims av £150 to £200 – H & J Smith & Sons
4 Lims av £180 to £205 – F Yates & Son
2 Char av £232 to £235 – F J Gould & Son

36 Natives
Very strong money like last week.
13 Hereford Bulls av £174 to £260 – P T Beswick
10 AA Bulls av £202 to £285 – K W Twemlow & Co
5 AA Heifers av £129 to £185 – AJ & T Myatt
6 Hereford Heifers to to £160 – D I Ball & Son

3 Black & White Bulls sold to £65.

Sale of 631 Store & Breeding Cattle – 10am
Catalogues Available Online
Also, Fortnightly Sale of Ewes with Lambs at Foot – Please advise of Entries
Sale of Store & Breeding Pigs – 10:30am Followed by Sale of Goats
Monthly Pedigree Dairy Sale
Also Including a Special Entry of 31 Pedigree Milkers on behalf of P K Brocklehurst, Oak Farm, Mobberley, Cheshire (Commencing ceasing milk production). 

Reserved for a Herd Dispersal.
Dispersal Sale of the Entire Milking Herd (111 Head) of the Shieldhouse Herd of Holsteins & A-Sheildhouse Herd of Ayrshires on behalf of Messrs Weston, Shield House Farm, Roston, Ashbourne, Derbys. (A hidden Gem of a Herd, one not to miss!)

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